Gay Talk Podcast
Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcst #373

The boys are heated up for summer and talk about slapping virgins, Online Sex reality Shows, Colby Keller giving away everything he owns, including Instagram account and much more. Paulie reviews ”Turn it Up" from Falcon Edge and gives this 3 hour DVD 3 Splats and loves Chris Bines on the cover. David Reviews Master Bot Automatic Stroker and thinks not only the Lazy Masturbators will love this, but everyone will want to bust a nut. Make sure to check out our Facebook Photos of Las Vegas and Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #372

This week the boys are filling up with huge weiners between their buns and bring you a Memorial Day Podcast to entertain your weekend. They discuss the power of Love making Fred Phelps get ex-communitated. Don't dress in a flamboyant outfit at CNN and taking test make "you Homosexual as possible". Paulie reviews Raging Stallions "San Francisco Meat Packers Pt1" and give it 3.5 splats, there is so much meat in this DVD you will be starving for some Tube Steak. Boomer Banks cock is so large that it is like a hose unwinding to get it out of his pants and Angelo Marconi not only deep throats it like a pro but gets pounded rough andhard.. Lucky Bitch! David reveiws the new Rascal Sex Toy, Aron Ridge Superstar Cock FleshPhalix Dildo. Warning this is not for begginers with a whopping 9.5 inches long and 6" Girth. Make sure to have a hot weekend and stay Hard

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Gay Talk Podcast #371

This week the boys are back from Texas and ready to save a horse and ride a cowboy. They talk about "The smell of Sex Study" and how UK male athletes like to cuddle with their bros and the new Documentary "Do I sound Gay" (not while you are sucking my cock) and much More.


 Paulie reviews the new Orgy DVD from Raging Stallion "Into Darkness" where the luckiest bottom in the world gets every cast members cock in his nice ass at least once. One of the hottest orgy finales ever filmed, a must have - 4 Splats.


David reviews and love the name Bum Bum Beginner Vibrating Butt Plug and loves how portable it is, from trick to trick. Have a great Cinco de Mayo and make sure to ... stay hard!

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The Boys are finally back and boy are they "Blued Balled" from the back up. Who
knew jizzing in the studio could have caused so much havock but they are back Harder then ever (thank God for Viagra). This week the boys talk about bring back the dead after admitting affairs. They also discuss Federaly funded Penis Pumps and
the Missing Malaysia Plane. Paulie reviews the new Falcon "California Dreamin"
and gives it 4 Splats for its increadible Underwater Sex shots. "It will heat you
up on cold nights". David love the new Rascal Sex Toy line featuring Mitchell
Rock and Mike DeMarko dildos with Fleshphalix realistic feel. Make sure to have a
green beer and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are going to get you warmed up with news about a NY Bathhouse dead John on the john, Brokeback Mountain Opera, and the Baseball selfie King Sizemore. Paulie reviews "Plays Together" from Falcon Video and gives it 3.5 splats and thinks that the star of the DVD is the hairlesss Lance Luciano and the Group sex with Darius Ferdynand getting Double Fucked. David thinks you will fall in love with the super realistic new Dildos from Rascal Toys and the Brent Everett dildo will fill you up with pleasure. Make sure to keep warm and stay Hard!

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This Week the boys are back after a weekend at the MAL, Paulie smells of a mixture of Leather, Alcohol and Sex, but I think that is his signature cologne. Get ready for a jam packed porncast with Photoshop-gate, removing condoms from a porn movie, Why high schoolers should not do porn and 10 hints to take a good cock selfie. Paulie reviews Raging Stallion Studio's "Open Road 1" and "Open Road 2" and give both huge splats 4 and 4.25. A great erotic story of freedom on the road and have sex when and where you want, packed filled with the hottest men of porn like donkey dick Boomer Banks and the porn debut of Seven Dixon. Tony Orion has the best "Fuck Face in Porn, make sure to check out his "O" Face... it is fucking hot. David reviews the best selling sex toys over the decade new version "Robo Suck 3", Automatic Penis Pump and Masturbator. Make sure to have a warm week and Stay Hard!

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The boys are back for a New Year and tell you all about the Jizzy adventures they had over the Month. They discuss the Utah Marriage debacle, the man with 2 dicks and Clay Aiken considering a Run for Congress. Next week Paulie will be reviewing Raging Stallion's Open Road Part 1 and 2. Make sure to stay warm and Hard!

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This week the boys talk about "Black Friday" where Paulie doesn't understand that means shopping and not a line of black guys fucking him. They discuss the Shade of the Sound of Music, Christmas Lists and Bad Porn. Paulie reviews some great porn from Falcon "Alumni" where a high school reunion turns into one hot Sexcapade and gives it 4 Splats. David wants to give you a lift, Heads or Tails (Top or Bottom), One cock enhancing Thong or an open "Fuck Me" brief with open ass. Make sure to stay warm and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys get ready for "Gobble" day, not Thanksgiving, but the day they gobble up cocks, we call it Monday. The boys answer your questions and talk about strange myths about cocks. They also talk about exorcisms, Michael Jackson's penis leakage and much more. Paulie reviews the worst DVD ever made (he made all of us watch it, because we didn't believe him) and gave the bad, toothless acting 1 splat. If Cheesy, Campy Twinks are your thing, you are going to love this. David reviews the new line from Pipedreams, Anal Fantasy, The Deluxe Vibro Balls and thinks they will give you the Balls to the Walls orgasm. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Week and Stays Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #364

This week the boys are done with their Treating the Tricks and tell all about the dirty details. They answer your questions and talk about what's on the blog this week. Make sure to check out the new Extreme Roto Bator Ass Masturbator and Mouth Masturbator for some futuristic sex toys that will blow your mind with your cock.  Stay Hard!

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Help the boys "Bust a Nut" with October, National Squirrel Month. You don't want to know how many nuts I have seen in Paulie's Mouth at once. The boys answer your questions and discuss the first annual ex-gay dinner with only 60 attendees, the Anti Viagra for those who like it limp and Pat Robinson wants your money even if your broke. Paulie reviews the new Guys Like Us "He's Got the Moves" a DVD that show us how hot moving can be with guys who really know how to "Pack". David has a lump on his head from hitting the door with the Manbound over the Door Sling. This is the only "real" portable sling on the market and will have your legs up in the air faster then you can say "Fuck"  Make sure to bust lots of nuts this month and Stay Hard!

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The boys are just recovering from a weekend hangover but what else is new and bring us the first podcast of the Fall where they discuss the boycott of pasta, Jessie Colter's, mom won't let him fuck a woman for Straight for Pay (what a great mom) and get ready New Jersey you might be next for Gay Marriage. Bet the tanning booths are going to be packed. Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and they Stay Hard!

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This week we get the boys in Mid Celebration (that means Buzzed) of Labor Whore Day or as normal people call it "Labor Day" The boys discuss Pat Robinson's new ring choice and banning drag queens will cost you a bundle. Paulie reviews the dark agressive sexy new DVD from Raging Stallion "Heretic" starring Jessy Ares and gives it 3 Splats. David loves the new Adam Male Anal Butt Beads and thinks that it make you see stars. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and stayed Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #360

The Boys Are Back from Vegas and ready to tell All the lurid tails and tales. They answer your question about straight guys and anal sex and discuss the news about Grindr Photos for Art work, Gay Porn Studio to donate to Rusian LGBT's and Gay Marriage over 2000 years old. Paulie reviews and gives the new Raging Stallion "Hole 1" 5 Big Splats "This Voyeurtastic DVD reached new heights of hotness and will have you spurting cum for days". Wow you will want this one for your collection! David reviews the new masturbator "Genie Slip and Slide" not only will this give you a magical, cock pounding orgasm, but you will cream over the price. This is one hot masturbator that will get you off over and over. Make sure to catch up with the boys on Blogger during the week and Stay Hard!

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The Boys are back for a very hot Summer podcast where they discuss Pink Devil Mass on Westboro Church, the President of Zimbabwe thinks he is the Queen of Hearts.. Off with their Heads and From Russia with Love, (unless your gay). They answer your questions from the Email Bag about Love and Life. Paulie reviews the new Guys Like Us DVD "Rub Me Right" and thinks that there is lots of dirty sex talk but little rubbing. You will love the Pretzel Sex between Dominic Pacifico and Steve Stiffer and take some Yoga classes to try to emulate. David reviews and loves the new Rascal "The Initiator", 3 different sizes of anal toys that will help the tightest bottom ready for a gang bang. As always the boys hope that your summer lovin is going good and that you stay hard !

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GayTalk Podcast #358

This week the boys give you a bang for the 4th weekend and hope that you will see fireworks. They have awkward Sexting awards and discuss racist, homophobic Big Brother 15 and Porn Legend Joey Stefano movie. Paulie review the new Falcon Buck Naked and thinks that you will be enamored by Ryan Rose's perfect body, model looks and bottoming for the first time on camera... twice, in one of the hottest Flip Flop fuck scenes this year. 150 minutes, 7 guys 3.5 splats makes this DVD a must Watch. David is excited with the return of Rascal Toy Line and thinks the A2M Masturbator would be great alone but better with a friend, now you can choose if you want Mouth or Ass but if you are a real pig you will want both. Make sure to Share you photos and videos of how you like the new toy. Hope your weekend was hot, filled with fireworks and big hot dogs ... Stay Hard

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Gay Talk Podcast #357

This week the boys are all about Pride, and happy that the Vatican has a Rent Boy Ring. Proud of Bert and Ernie who are officially out by the New Yorker and Proud for  Cockyboys and their new video that will be at a Gay Film Festival near you. Check next week with a new podcast with Reviews and letters from the peanut gallery (or what we call the big nut gallery). Stay Hard!

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Come with the boys and celebrate pride week where they discuss Sodomy obsessed GOP, bad homophobic pranks and a Scottish Trans woman branded a witch. Paulie takes you to Spain with Falcon's "Madrid Sexy", 3.5 splats with 8 very hot European men and almost 2 hours long. Make sure to check out Esteban Del Toro's great "O" face where he does his best impression of the king of Naboo. David reviews the Stainless Steel Prostate Massager, where he thinks its perfect for the anal beginner or the pro alike. They answer your questions about acting "Butch" and much more. Make sure to have a Hot week and Stay Hard.

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The boys bring the Heat for Memorial Day weekend porncast with reviews on Squirting Dildos and New Line of DVDs Guys Like Us. Paulie gives the DVD Just for You 3 Splats and thinks that the sexual energy is off the hook with some new Cummers. David gets all wet with the new squirting Dildo "Thick Thomas" and knows you will love to get a warm wet load. They answer you questions about what to do with Rough Anal Sex and how to sit down the next day. They also discuss, The Boy Scouts, Drag Queen make-up and Porn Star retirements and hope you have a very Hard Weekend.

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Gay Talk Podcast #354

Get ready to celebrate Mother Fuckers Day... a day where you can say bad words and not get your mouth washed out with soap. As you can imagine, Paulie had his mouth washed out so many times as a kid, he has a favorite flavor of soap. Today the boys discuss Million Moms against Gay Days at Disney, The most desired job in history is out of this world and Ultra Tan Mom makes her First Gay Porn. David reviews the Renegade Vibrating Prostate Massager 1 and thinks you will love a mind blowing, hands free orgasm. The boys love and read Facebook messages from Gay Porn Talk's page, where all guys love to hook up. Make sure to have a great weekend and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are bringing you a Packed Podcast, filled with Parades, Superheroes and Porn. The boys delve into Boy Scouts, Vatican and Hilton Hotels this week and share photos on the Blog of the weirdest race you will ever see. Paulie LOVED the new Raging Stallion hit Behind the Big Top starring one of the most interesting men in Porn James Jamesson, who you will either Love or Hate, but you will never forget him. The DVD hit gets 4 Splats + for its great originality, Cougars, Bears, Huge Cocks... Oh MY! David reviews Nick Hawk, star of Gigolos Keyless Cuffs and thinks you can build a better mouse trap with these new re-designed restraints that can be used on ankles or wrists, get ready for some bondage fun. They answer you questions and comments about Cock Sucking, "I'm farting Rainbows... Bitches" and much more. As always.. Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #352

Ding Dong the witch is Dead is the theme of this weeks podcast, the boys talk about organ donation gone gay, The Vatican is the largest illegal downloader of Trans Bondage Porn and the Princess and Drag. The boys answer you question about Trans Questions and read you emails. Paulie reviews the new Jet Set Men Waxed and gives this 3.5 splats "the 5 ways orgy is worth the DVD alone". Daivd love the new ride from Lucas After Huors Vito Gallo Sensa Firm Cock. Make sure to laugh off you Tax sorness (after getting fuck from the IRS) and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are showing us all their "Cherry Blossoms" after a week of partying and drinking Cherry themed drinks and I am sure taking a few guys Cherries, they still have enough vim and vigor for a great podcast. This week they talk about Kathy Griffin, Armageddon Asteroid coming to you, and traditional Afirican Gay Weeding. They also answer your questions about travel with poppers on carry more. David reviews the new Vulcan Mouth Masturbators, both Tight and Wet Mouth for a very real releastic blow job for under $16 Bucks, a winner for your wiener and a winner for you wallet. We hope that spring has you sprung and that you Stay Hard.

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The boys are back after showing their support in DC and do they have a podcast for you. They talk about John Hamm's Massive Trouser Snake, New York teacher part time go-go boy and Jeff Stryker's stunt cock. They answer your question on when and how to ask someone about STD and if all Drag Queens are bottoms. Paulie reviews Part 1 and Part 2 of Raging Stallion's Woods and gives each 4 splats. "Great original sexy story line with really hot outdoor sex with some of the biggest cum shots you will see". David gets all "tied up" with his review of the new bondage Fucking Machine from Strict Leather, get strapped in and ready to go for a night of fucking. They read your mail and answer your questions and hope that your Easter Basket is filled and stay hard!

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This week the boys talk about Sinkholes and no we are not talking about Paulies ass-hole, though alot  of men have vanished there too. They talk about the most Gay Friendly Destinations... again, not  Paulie's sinkhole, and how to make 13 million dollars by getting wrongfully imprisoned. Paulie reviews the new Jet Set Men's "Sleeper" and thinks you will not snooze with this DVD and gives it 3 splats. David loves the new Italian Porn Star's Signature Cock Rocco Siffredi and will have you saying in your best Italian accent... thats-a-bigga Dildo at 6.5 width. Make sure to Spring forward and Stay Hard.

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This week the boys are sad that they can't call kids Cunts anymore, per the Onion, and wonder if bleach will get rid of demonic sweaters from Goodwill. They love that OJ simpson is prancing around jail being the King of Gays and are excited that now you can smell like Pizza Hut any time of the day. If you like horse meat not only will Ikea's Swedish Meatballs rock your world, but so will Paulies Review of Cock Craze, the Directorial Debut of monster cock Adam Killian. No "Pretty boys" here, just rough and tough "Real" men whos carnal hunger is rampant. The whole feel of the DVD feels new and fresh and dirty with great chemistry and hot guys. 3.5 Splats with 4 scenes and 127 minutes. David will get you off with the new Roman Heart Two Fisted Jack Masturbator. No longer will you have to debate mouth or ass, now you can have both or share with a new friend. The Two fisted Jack is an absolute fantasy worthy toy for Men. The boys hope your week goes good and.. stay hard.

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This week the boys are waiting for the 12 inches... of snow that is, in the first blizzard of the year. While they are waiting, they talk about twinks getting shocked in their asses, lap dances at the Magic Mike Musical and dumb Straight Guys watching lots of porn makes them more pro gay. Paulie reviews the new Raging Stallion / Monster Bang DVD "Stripped #2: Hard for the Money" and gives it 3.5 splats, you will love this stripper bar where the guys are hot and the only tips exchanged are cock tips in asses. Get ready for a very hot threesome filp flop fuck with cocks flying everywhere with Tomas Brand, Logan Rogue, Fabio Stallone and watch Zeb Atlas try to keep the beat as he dances. David got his fillings vibrated out with the new Risque Silicone 10 function anal plug, now you can find your favorite setting and ride your way to delight. They answer your questions about home anal bleaching for the guys who what to have their hole look 10 years younger. We hope you have a hot Valentines Day and poke someone you love... or at least like, so.. Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are ready for SuperBowl weekend, I don't think Paulie knows it's about football but thinks it a free Beyonce concert. To get you into the mood to watch to big men wrestling over a ball, the boys talk about Gay NFL player who is charged with attacking his ex-boyfriend, The 49ers not knowing they were in an anti gay bulling as. They also discuss a new study that shows Gays are just Gayer then straights and Grindr wants users to stop using Holocaust Memorial in profiles. Paulie reviews and loves the new Falcon Seduced and thinks porn star D.O. is a D.i.l.f. anyone would want to fuck and gives it 4 Splats, "get ready to be Suduced by the heat and lust of this DVD. David reviews and gives Tripled anal Bead Set a 6 out of 10 and thinks you will have a fun time trying them all out. As always, they answer your questions about "Straight Acting" Guys and ass stetching and bad drag. Have a great weekend and stay hard

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Gay Talk Podcast #345

The boys are back from Inaugural weekend and have "lipsynced" a great podcast for you. They answer you questions about PDA, and talk about Manti T'eo, Gay Museums in the Smithsonian and Star Wars making you "pay to be gay". Paulie reviews the new Jocks Studios Mountain Tops pt1 and thinks you will get wood just for cover boy James Ryder and loves the Flip Flop fuck of Tate Ryder and Sebastian Rossi in the woods and gives it 3 splats. David gets revved up with the Adammale P Spot Extreme Prostate Vibe, get it in the right position and get ready "to spurt some cum" and gives it two thumbs up your ass rating. They hope you are staying warm... and hard!

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This week the boys are all sore from the MAL leather conference but still give you a good podcast. Paulie doesn't know the difference between Willard Scott, Al Roker but thinks they are both "Shit". They answer you question about "Snowballing", and think it's a good way to share you love. Paulie reviews the new Jet Set Men Abduction and loves the Dark fantasy Bondage DVD filled with horse hung men and gives it 4.5 splats "This DVD takes all your dark, sexual fantasies and makes them real with some hot camera work that makes you feel like you are right in the middle." David reviews the new Vulcan Ripe Mouth Stroker Masturbator and thinks that you will get  alot of Bang for you Buck with the very realistic feel, that is just like a mouth. As always, they hope that they entertain you and that you ... stay hard.

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The boys are back for 2013 and even crazier then ever. They get down on the blog and talk about Myans, Maryland Marriage and Charlie Sheen. They also read some of the mail and love all the gay cock and hope your New Year is wonderful and that you ... stay hard.

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This week the boys are back from Vegas and there is no gambling that this is a hot podcast. Paulie review Jocks Studios Smoldering Hot with Paddy O Brian on the cover and thinks you will go ga-ga over this hit and gives it 3.5 splats. David loves the news about teen aged boys showing their junk on school yearbook and loss of Purple Dildo lawsuit. Make sure to catch us next week where the Mayan Countdown continues and we stay hard!

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This week the boys wonder if the government stops making dollar bills, can they stick up coins in the strippers?  West Point Chapel holds it first gay Marriage, we find out the cost of a medication turning you gay and  GOP State Rep Mick Fleck comes out. The boys answer your question about padding your package and what is the strangest gift you have gotten. Paulie reviews the new controversial DVD Scandal in the Vatican and thinks the only thing Controversial about it, is how mediocre it is at 2.5 splats, you will love the huge uncut twinks but not much more. David rides the new Neo Anal Butt Plug and loves the ride, not too big, not too small. We hope that you first week of December is hot and you ... stay hard!

Direct download: podcast120212.mp3
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This week they boys get stuffed, and then eat Turkey. Paulie thought "Black Friday" was something totally different and now walks funny. This week they bring you stories about Superheroes and DOMA, Elmo Quits after tickling some more under-aged guys and Ricky Martin gets your Bon Bons tingling and named Sexiest Man on Broadway. Paulie reviews and loved the New Jocks "More Than Ready" and thinks it has one of the best 3 ways that Jocks has ever filmed. Mostly filmed outdoors this DVD will have you wishing that you were a "Tight End" in this sports themed DVD. David reviews on of the largest toys ever on the podcast, Tom's realistic Cock and Ass, this 13 lbs will be ready for anything you give it, a hard ride or a pounding... you decide. David says "one of the most realistic fucks for a masturbator I have ever felt". They also answer listeners question about if a versatile guy is a better fuck and hope as always that you.. Stay Hard!

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This week the boys must have had a great time in the election booths, Paulie got confused and was toe tapping the guy next to him. They bring you a ton of news from UPS dropping the boy scouts, Elmo fucking a 16 y.o. to Dorthy's dress selling almost half a million dollars. How much would you pay for a Virgin? They answer that plus your question about "Dirty Bottoms". They also read you emails about odd porn and how they voted. David looks at the new tunnel butt plug from Perfect fit and thinks it looks like a thrill ride. Paulie reviews the new "Fucked Hard" DVD from Raging Stallion and gives it a rough 4 splats. "You would want to meet these guys in a dark alley". Make sure to check out the Blog for video clips and photos that will make you ... stay hard.

Direct download: podcast111212.mp3
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Hey Guys, The boys have been blown by Sandy and didn't like it (first time Paulie didn't like a blow). They are back this week with news about Trumps Rat Nest of Hair, Bad boy porn stars in Jail and is Grindr the best place to get your political news? If you have any sexy Halloween Pics make sure to share them with the boys and will be posted on the website and blog. Make sure to move your clocks back and Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast110412.mp3
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The boys are back this week and ready to Pump Kin, do you want to be their adopted brother? This week they are into Honey Boo Boo asleep at the interview, Is your iPhone Kosher (mine is made of bacon) and Jeff Stryker launches a new national tour. Paulie loves the new Jet Set Men Parody The Ultimate Top where the looser gets fucked, and gives this a "fighting 3.5 Splats". Make sure to see the 3 way with the lucky Jason Goodman where he gets it in both ends. David reviews the new designs of Titanmen Tools # 5 master series and loves the new shape and always loves the Antibacterial Sil-A-Gel material. They answer your questions about swallowing that slimy stuff... no not what you think, an oyster gives you a boast in your sex drive. They also read your letters and comments and always hope you stay hard.

Direct download: 102212_podcast.mp3
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This week the boys celebrated Columbus day by whacking off and doing a funny podcast. They discuss the first Price is Right Male model, Boxers and Weathermen are coming out and does wearing your dead lovers castrated balls as jewelry make you insane. Paulie reviews Body Shop from Falcon and gives it 3.5 splats, he dives in deep and explores all the tight spaces to give you this review of hot muscle blue collar men who can't keep it in their pants. David really must love the new Temperature sensitive material because he reviews another toy made from this space age material, The Colt Man Butt Masturbator. You can even hear him using it in the background he was so excited to review it. Make sure to catch the boys next week and Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast100712.mp3
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This week the boy heat up the last weekend of summer with tall tails of lust and sex. They won't eat shark soup after hearing about a shark rescuing a man stranded 106 days in a boat. The think ex porn star and boyfriend Nick Gruber is a little paranoid about his Calvin Klein's and loves that a San Fran Gym breaks ties from it's homophobic chain. Paulie reviews Falcon's Summer Lust and gives it a 4.5 splats and says "it is an instant classic", the best pool sex Falcon has done. David reviews the new Raging Stallion D.O. dildo, "this ain't for the faint of heart" at 7 inches around and they love the new temperature sensitivity feature that really makes it feel like a cock. Get ready for the ride you won't soon forget (and you may walk funny for weeks). The boys, as always, answer your questions about how hung is hung and read your mail about body odor and the new intro. If you have any suggestions (that are nice) or  segment sounds you would like us to play... make sure to send them to us and make sure to stay hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #334

This week the boys are back from Paulies Sea-men adventure. They tell you to beware of the beavers, like any of the listeners are not and X men marriage is on the rocks. They answer your questions about privacy in the locker room, "is it a cultural thing", they think not but how about you. The brilliant listener "Ross" adds to the intro and has the boys LMAFO. Paulie reviews the Raging Stallion "Insatiable" and gives it 3.5 Splats and thinks that you will like this pure, heavy pounding Sex DVD filled with tatted up Muscle Gods. David review the new Dr Joel's 5 Function Stroker (he only used 3 of the 5 functions) and thinks that it is perfect for both a bottom and a top and will make the perfect gift for the holidays. As always they read your feedback and comments and read some of the Facebook comments and hope that you Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast091712.mp3
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This week the boys talk about Karma, the nasty Homophobic Maryland Rep ramming his boat and injuring 6 and the mean pastor who yells at the Southern Decadence gets found guilty for jerking in his pants from getting horny at the muscle men. The Peter Twins come out as lovers and want to do porn for the next 70 years, plus they answer your questions about saying no to dating and read your emails. Paulie reviews the new "Couples" from Falcon where every day chores are made sexy with some great pairing and fantastic camera work 3.5 splats. David wants to add some bling to your nipple clamps with the limited edition Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Nipple Clamps, now you can sparkle under the disco ball. Hope you have a hot Labor Day and Stay Hard.

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This week the boys have a lot of news to catch up with including the news about new male price is right models, Chick-Fil-a fucking with American Idol and an Aussie Gymnast comes out as HIV+. They answer your questions if you should kiss your straight male friends (David thinks you should shake their cocks) and answer all your email and facebook comments. Paulie loves the Kristen Bjorn Casting Couch Vol 7 and gives it 4.5 stars. So much bang for you buck, you will be shooting for days after watching this, 21 of the hottest men from all over the world. David reviews the Blow Job Helper "Good Head" for the guy who wants a little help in the oral department. If you love to give head, but think the "job" is too big or too long, this one is for you. The boys hope your August is hot and you .. Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast081812.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:43pm EST

This week the boys are back from Holiday, Paulie stamped Hong Kong out like Godzilla and made all the villagers come with excitement. David spent romantic time at Maine eating crustaceans like they were candy. They boys tell us all about this and more with the news about Octomom, Elton John who's "sorry seems to be the hardest word", Black Marriage Ban and much, much more. Make sure to stay tuned for more DVD reviews and toy suggestions and stay hard.

Direct download: podcast080712.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:31pm EST

This Week the boys bring back MTFT (music to fuck to) and play Geeks Don't Care by Road side Attractions, an instructional manual on how to seduce a geek. They also talk about Summer Olympics making Grindr go down with all the action, Austrian theme parks where everything is smaller and now the Chinese won't know what gay is anymore. Paulie review the new Jet Set Men parody 21 Hump Street and gives it 3 splats a perfect amount of silliness and sexiness make for a fun DVD. They answer your questons about porn and how to be a slut and hope you stay hard.

Direct download: podcast072312.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:03pm EST

The boys are back and hotter than ever... no really hot,  it's 103 degrees. They talk about Green Lantern's Boy friend biting the dust, CNN Carol Costello doesn't believe in Global warming Romney is afraid of Dick and Ted Nugent thinks if the south won the war there would be no Obama.  They answer your questions about how much newbie twinks will make in porn and why there are no Asians in porn. This week Paulie reviews Monster Bangs High Voltage and gives it 3 Splats, even with some problems you will still love the huge, hung, Muscle Studs and Erik Rhodes. David reviews and loves the Orgasm Ball Hand-Held Fucking Machine. Talk about rise of the machines, now you can fuck yourself all day if you want. As always, make lots of love and... Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast071312.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:34pm EST

This week the boys hope you got some "bang" for the 4th and are walking funny the next day. They talk about their favorite, Tom Cruise, if French Marriage is going to be with tongue and New Jersey shutting down a Furry Event for "inappropriate behavior".  Paulie reviews the new Jock Studio DVD Roommates and gives it 3 splats, 8 hung jock in one house, how can you go wrong. David wants you to "Fuck my Cock" the only masturbator that gives you dick while your fucking ass. Stay Cool and Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast070412.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:34pm EST

This week the boys are getting geared up to see Magic Mike by stripping and dancing on Chat roulette, but in between the shows they talk about Cher's  and Cyndi Lauper's new Broadway musicals, there will so many queens to see them, you will think your at Buckingham Palace. The also discuss how to stay vegan and still eat cum and a new disgusting fetish they have learned about "Blumpkin". Paulie review the new Falcon Jocks Studio Cabin Fever and thinks you will get all hot over this 3.5 spat DVD. David loves the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock Dark, you know the dark meat is always the tastiest. They answer your questions and comments this week and hope you... Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast062612.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:07pm EST

This week the boys have a new theme song where it says "They are great and Funny" which must be true because we never lie. This week they talk about Gay Film Star Erik Rhodes and Straight guys who thinks hanging out in a gay neighborhood makes him understand gays and 7th graders suspended over group jerk off in English Class... Tally-HO. Paulie reviews  and gives the new Falcon DVD "Picture Perfect" 3.5 splats, where a lucky photographer get to photo hot guys having sex and gets fucked by the ultra hung Rafael Carreras, where can I apply for that job. David gets a little kinky with the Safety net leather male chastity belt with Anal Plug Harness... whoo say that three times fast, and thinks you will be the bell (or bottom) of the ball if you wear this at the local watering hole. As always they answer you questions and comments about Bisexuals being real ( I once saw a unicorn so Bisexuals must be real) and hope you service your Daddies this Sunday and Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast061612.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

Gay Talk POdcast #325

This week make sure to turn down the Volume, the boys have a new mic and sound like they are sitting right next to you (now you can feel sorry for me, I have to hear it everyday :) ). They answer your questions about the podcast and talk about the gay current events like snake handling and Green Lantern making his own dildos. Paulie reviews the new Spunkstar DVD "Boy Candy" and gives it 3 Splats. David reviews the new Falcon Dildos that will sure to fill up the most hungry hole. Have a great week and stay hard!

Direct download: podcast060312.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:43pm EST

This week the boys ask if Grindr is the cause of Gay Bar Closings, talk about Tourists getting married in Buenos Aires, Silicone butt injections "Black Madam" Bail is set for $10M and much more. David gets all techno on this weeks toy with 10x speed Vibe that is remote and thinks it will be a party pleaser. Paulie gets the New Jet Set Men "To Fuck A Predator Gangbang" and gives it 4 Splats, 8 hot men and 17 Cumshots, who wouldn't love it. They answer your questions on how to make a Str8 guys your sex slave, (just watch the movie). Hope your Memorial weekend goes great and the only crabs you get you can eat... Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast052412.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:51pm EST

This week the boys are studying massage so they can give a happy ending to John Travolta's 8 inch schlong. They talk about Cher's Tweet with Romney's Tea Bagger Master Overlords, the retirement of the Peters Twins, Spray that gets you drunk instantly and Cobras Bryan Kocis killer Harlow Cuadra asking for a new trial. Paulie reviews "It Gets Bigger" from Monster Bang and Raging Stallion 8 guys in a sex club or a murders basement having some of the hottest sex you will see. David reviews the cockring on steroids Annex Erection Enhancer, it may look space aged but will keep you hard for as long as you want. They answer your questions about meeting porn stars, how to become a porn star and lubes. Hope everyone has a hot week and stays hard!

Direct download: podcast051412.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:58pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #322

This week the boys talk about what everyone wants to know... Cock size. How to tell if you have picked up a teeny weenie or Super Duper. They also delve deep into hydrotherapy (that's douching ya'll) and Gay super heros. Paulie must have watched too much Hogan's Heroes, because he has one bad German accent for his review from Raging Stallion Studios / Hard Friction "Need it Bad" and gives this no frills hot DVD 3.5 Splats. David tried out the new Flesh Jack Squeeze Ass Austin Wilde and loved fucking hot studs sphincter. As always they answer your questions and comments and hope you ... Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast042912.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:38pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #321

This week the boys are just done getting screwed with Taxes and bring you a funny podcast. They talk about Walmart and Hate groups going hand in hand, bathroom Sex, and Priest shows X-rated photos. As always they love and answer twitter and blog questions that listeners have sent in and hope ever after a tax fucking that you.. Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast041612.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:33pm EST

This week the boys bring you the porncast live in Prison, just an April Fools joke, everyone knows that they are just in a sex dungeon. The boys answer your questions about how to become a porn star and Crabby Wine. They discuss sex photo on the Atlantis Ship, NOM's Race Baiting, Gay Dolphins and Unicorns. Paulie will get you wet in the pants with his review of Lucas Raunch "Urine Ibiza" with 3 splats, 4.5 if your into watersports. Some hot rough fucking and deep throat sucking was had along with buckets of Piss. David finally gets to fuck Spencer Reed, after hours Doggie Style Stroker ass and loved the realistic feel and the high quality, now he hangs it on the wall like a piece of art. Hope everyone has sprung into spring and stays hard!

Direct download: podcast040112.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:07pm EST

This week Paulie thinks he had sex with a Leprechaun after a night of drinking green beer and whiskey, we think it was a small guy with nice shoes, anyone see Tom Cruise lately? They answer  your  questions about the pulling out method and what makes good porn. They dive into the news of the week with the Hookies winners, Kirk Cameron, Fuck the Pope... with a condom and the Rape capital of the US. Paulie reviews and loves the new Raging Stallion "Cockwork" and gives this aggressive sex epic 4 splats and thinks you will love the Star D.O.. David would like you to sit and ponder on the Anal Invader Cock Cage which has been re-issued this month. We hope you had a great week and.. stay hard!

Direct download: podcast032512.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:19pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #318

This week the boys celebrate Uranus' Birthday, it seems to be Paulies favorite day of the year, he seems to celebrate it every day of the year! So make sure to probe deep with them this week.  They talk about Iraqi Death Squads, Missouri Protection of Gun owners, PA Billboard about Slaves and much more. Paulie reviews Raging Stallion's “Alone on the Range”, 11 rough cowboys solo DVD and gives it 3 splats, the best solo DVD you will ever see. David reviews Climax Gems Hand Job Stroker and thinks seeing yourself get off is hot. Make sure to tell us how you explored your Uranus Day and Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast031312.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:14pm EST

The boys are back from New York and are in that NY State of Mind chatting about T-Blowing, Deep Throating and the Anti Christ Snookie pushing out an orange, fist pumping baby. They talk about VA teen getting kicked out of school for wearing High Heels, Lady Gaga as an Alien and George Takei.. Oh My! Paulie reviews the new Jocks Studio "Twin Heat" and loved it even though one of the twins made the Ugly Fuck Face while riding the incredible Landon Conrad, 3.5 Splats. David reviews the Bottoms Up Anal Toy Set and thinks two is always better than one. The answer you questions about marriage and being Girl Virgins and bad Porn DVDs and hope as always that you stay hard.

Direct download: podcast030512.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:00pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #316

Spring must be coming soon because the boys are all about love and marriage (break into Frank Sinatra now). They discuss Maryland is the newest state for gay marriage and first same sex spouse murder case. The Government is launching  an Inquiry into Grindr's security, DC sex stings, ugly shoes and much more. Paulie reviews and loves the new Raging Stallion "Madrid Bulls" where the horses are jealous of the hung studs. 4.5 splats a very well filmed DVD with 6 different "Artistic Vignettes" that will get you splattin. They also answer your questions about Beefy Porn, Orgies and Straight guys that like to get fucked... stay hard!

Direct download: podcast022412.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #315

Celebrate V Day with the boys from Gay Porn Talk who hope you have a Heart On. This Week the boys talk about running in undies last weekend in DC, Cher's new comic book,  and The Hookie Awards where Paulie hopes to have a taste test with each nominated Stud. They love the trailer of the new "documentary" Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter and can't wait to get some wood. They Answer your questions about watching porn and Paulie reviews the new parody from Jet Set Men "Tosh.Hole" and give it 1.5 splats, he loved the hot guys but just wished they could get hard. David reviews the new and improved "Handy Andy" the piece of ass on the go. Make sure to check out the newly updated webpage for new gallery photos and reviews of your favorite DVDs and Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast021412.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:40pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #314

This week the boys are suffering from Superbowl Flu (which is a nice way of saying hangover) and discuss all things important about Football, jockstraps, muscle men, big dicks , including Madonna's Half Time show where she was pulled by hundreds of Viking studs. The half time show has them saying I LUV Madonna. They discuss JC Penney boycotting the Million Moms by hanging up on them and Kidnapping for Christ. They answer your question about checking out penises in the shower and doing a blog. Paulie reviews the Monster Bang Big Dick Revolution and is yelling Viva La Big Dick Revolution- with 3.5 splats and David had a tug of war with his ass and cock over the Slide and Ride Steel Cock Ring and Anal Plug. Make sure to check out the blog and Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast020612.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:13pm EST

This week the boys are fascinated with the dark stuff running down Christina's leg and on Whippits, they discuss, Tennessee's Stacey Campfield's douche bag remarks and how he refused at a restaurant and Fran Drescher was abducted by aliens and probed and Donkey Semen make NBC Execs nervous. All I want to know is what is the interview like to become Donkey jerk off person. They answer you question about "how to tell someone you not interested" and how to become the man of the week. Paulie reviews the newly rejuvenated Jocks Studio "Escape" and thinks you will be transported to a California fantasy with hot, hung tan guys and gives it 3.5 splats. David reviews the new Max 4 men Oral Sex Gel Sugar Daddy that taste like cotton candy, gives new meaning to "come over here little boy and taste some candy".  They hope the Giants will win the Superbowl and hope you stay hard watching it.

Direct download: podcast013012.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:29pm EST

This week the boys celebrate MLK day and Paulie services as many guys as he can for the occasion (as he does on days with vowels) They talk about Condoms in Porn, Big cocks in the Military in Indonesia, no gay weddings in Cancun and Scientologists are digging in my trash. Paulie reviews the new Lucas Entertainment "Men in Love" and got a "heart on" for 4.5 splats, make sure to watch the DVD extras on this one. David review the cruise missile of butt plugs "Rascal Silicone Rim Raider" guaranteed to hit that perfect beat boy. They answer your questions about getting into the "Service" business and posting photo educate and as always hope you Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast011612.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:22pm EST

This week the boys are back from Skiing and boy is Paulie's ass sore, they he went skiing. They discuss Pope Benedict Hitler's comments about Gay Marriage destroying the world, Big Brothers new porn star, getting stumped in India and much more. David reviews the new Ass stroker with Erect Cock and didn't think it had enough "meat" to fuck but loved the bendable armature dildo. Paulie reviews and loved the new Raging Stallion "Woodshop" an all sex romp in workrooms filled with some of the manliest men in porn 3.5 splats. As always the answer your questions and read viewers mail and hope your first week of the year was filled with fun.. stay hard!

Direct download: podcast_010912.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:10pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #310

Welcome to the boys first podcast of the year. Both of them had to be propped up after a long night of drinking and dick (drinking from dick too). They are very excited about the last year of the world and hope that they are the kings of the Zombie apocalypse and discuss the years most important LGBT events and discuss the funny news of the week. We all here at Gay Porn Talk wish everyone a very happy and horny year and wish for you... to Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast_010212.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:07pm EST

The boys bring you a pre Holiday Podcast with wishes of stuffing tight twinks ass and wet sloppy blow jobs in their heads. They  answer you question about being a paid fluffer for porn (you will have to stand in line behind Paulie for that job) and review the new Falcon DVD Indiscretion with Jesse Santana and give it 3.5 splats. David reviews the new Fleshlight from Bel Ami Boy Dolph Lambert's Ass and loved how real it felt. They also discuss the new Ab Fab -vs the Kardashians, Rick Perry has a small cock and is the worst fuck EVER and the new sitcom "Work It" offending GLAAD (not to mention anyone who watches it.) They love your letters and comments from the Blog and as always wish you ... Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast121811.mp3
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Gay Talk Podcast #308

This week the boys get ready for the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 naked guys leaping and milking. They answer your questions about getting dumped on Facebook and talk about mandatory condoms on the ballot, the bad word "Tranny" and the most expensive parking space in America. Paulie reviews the testosterone driven hit from Michael Lucas  Gentlemen Vol 3 Executives and gives it 4.5 splats and love Domination Scene #2 with Ragael Anlencar and Dirk Caber. David reviews and thinks "The Men's Performance Kit" would make a great stocking stuffer to get you stuffed. Make sure to check out the last week of Adam Males half off sale, use "Talk" when you checkout to get free DVDs and as always make sure to... Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast120511.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:28pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #307

This week the boys celebrated Black Cock Friday in abundance ( I would have loved to see the line wrapped around Paulies House). Make sure to take advantage of Cyber Monday from Adam Male with a 50% off Item and free DVD's and Shipping. They discuss Logo TVs A List and why gays attack, Australian PM not eating with gays and Bye Bye Barney. They answer your questions about Ice Cubes up your ass while masturbating and getting your "ass lips" stuck, and the start of the porn cast. Paulie reviews Dorm Dawgs College Jock Cum Slingers and gives it 2.75 -3.00 splats, its riddled with problems but if you like smooth twinks 18-21 with huge cocks, check this one out. David gets excited  by the Xtreme Head Exciter Masturbator and loves the hands free orgasm. Make sure to listen to upcoming podcast for some fun and exciting give aways that will have you... staying hard.

Direct download: podcast112811.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

This week the boys get ready to get stuffed... oh and eat turkey (or that gross Tofurkey shit Paulie Eats). They discuss the news, sponsored by Adam Male, this week was Transgender remembrance and they talk about teen fight for restroom rights, the killings in Hollywood. They also love the "Bitch fight" between Marcus Bachman and Truth wins out and George Michael's new Porn Star Bo. Paulie reviews the new Falcon 40th Anniversary Collection Edition and gives it 5 Big Splats and thinks everyone will find hotness in this 16 hour Blockbuster Hit. David gets down and dirty in his Sex Flesh Doggie Style Masturbator, finally a hole that will never get tired. They answer your questions about ass hair removal, sharing gay sex toys, dreams of being a porn star and getting fucked till you bleed. Hope your turkey is not the only thing that gets stuffed this week... stay hard.

Direct download: podcast112011.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:10pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #304

This week the boys talk about making Paulie even more wacky by wearing a wig sideways or a Top Hat and Cape, he's so nutty already that would be like adding sugar to soda... not needed. They also have a new sponsor for the news, Adam Male and you will get 50% off of a toy, free shipping and 3 DVDs if you enter "Talk" in the coupon code. They talk about Canning, Gless' naked weenie and Michael Lucas getting Matthew Rush for his last film. David reviews the new Titan Men 15 month calendar and thinks every day you will get a "rise" from looking at the date. They also answer you questions about gagging, coupons and award show sex toys and hope you, stay hard!

Direct download: podcast111311.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:52pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #303

This week the boys are cumming down from a sugar high from Halloween and Paulie can't sit after a night a the leather bar in ass-less chaps. They answer your question about giving it up after a date pays for dinner and talk about Ex gays, blame Weed when in doubt and Steve Jobs last words (no it wasn't don't buy the new iPhone). Paulie reviews the DVD The Guys Next Door PT1 and gave it 3.5 splats, he wants to find this magic sex pool if its the last thing he does. David reviews Str8Cam Lube and loves it, but warns not to put it on your Ice Cream as a topping. Hope everyone's Halloween had more Tricks then Treats and Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast110311.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:45pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #303

Just like the McRib, the boys are back and love to be inserted between buns. They discuss  Whales getting sex, Lindsay Lohan's Million dollar pussy, Anti Gay Facebook postings and Los Angeles new GLBT adoption push ( I need someone with small hands to clean the back of the fridge). Paulie reviews the new DVD from Lucas Entertainment "Lucky Fuck" and gives it 4 Big Splats and David reviews the new Avi Dar Dildo and thinks his 8 " could help keep peace in the Middle East. They love the live version of Material Girl from Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright at the Occupy Wall Street protest. They also read and answer your question about nude housecleaning, phone etiquette and first kisses. Catch them next week for the spooktactular Halloween Porncast... stay hard.

Direct download: podcast102511.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:41pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast #302

This week the boys are back from the beach relaxed with nice tans and no new STD's. They discuss on the latest "porncast" about beach 3 ways, new Latin ""FLAMER" superheroes, Sesame street pornos... one cum shot... two cum shots and London Churches new HIV cure... Death. Paulie reviews the new Falcon DVD "Roughin It 2" and answers the age old question if a bear fucks in the woods, you would watch. Get ready to pitch a tent at this 4 spats review. David reviews the new Arpad Miklos SensaFirm Dildo- Michael Lucas After Hours and thinks you will be thrilled to get pounded by it. They love the Erasure Download and know you will MTFT and answer your question about porn reviews and much more... Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast101811.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:21pm EST

This week the boys talk about the teen bullying, glory holes at the pleasure chest, Diddy throwing perfectly good Vodka at people and how Nancy Grace nipple is hiding with them at the warehouse. This year don't be shocked to see a Halloweenie with the Anthony Weiner Costume ( a wife beater and blue boxers). They review the end of the summer hit from Michael Lucas "HeatWave 2" with 4 Splats all outdoor beach sex with hot hung muscle studs. David reviews Metal Workx magnetic nipple clamps with just enough "bling" to wear out dancing. They answer your questions about men with iPhones and read your mail. Make sure to check out the site for new beach trip photos... stay hard.

Direct download: podcast100511.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:25pm EST

The boys are back this week in a jolly mood telling stories of knocking down nuns, having sex with donuts holes and fucking smurfs. Paulie reviews the new Falcon Studios DVD Retreat and gives it four splats, he loves the all sex and very little storyline. David thinks Black is Back with Vibrating Clone a Willie kit and thinks you should mold all your tricks cocks. The boys discuss Sarah Palin doing coke with NBA stars, Ryan Idols doing jail time (finally he will be forced to bottom :) ) and Ted Haggard is trading his wife, not for a meth head whore this time. They answer your mail and read your comments. Make sure to vote for them on Cybersocket for best Blog and for best novelities... stay hard.

Direct download: podcast092211.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:16am EST

This week the boys survive Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Floods (what's next Locusts?)  to bring you a great original Porn-cast. Filled with Male Vajazzling, Paulie has copywrited it as Dickorating, Glow light sex parties with Real Touch Masturbators and Porn star acting classes... take that bitch. This weeks news it all about being locked up, Stone Wall Bashers gets time, condoms in prison and DOMA repeal. Paulie reviews the Jocks Reloaded Big Rock Cove and loved it at 3.5 splats with some of the hottest new cocks you will see. David reviews the new Gun Oil "High Caliber Male Enhancement" and thinks you will feel rock hard. Make sure to vote for us on Cybersocket for "Best Novelties" and "Best Blog"

Direct download: podcast090811.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:21pm EST

After today's Earthquake (that Paulie thought he did by having a big orgasm) David and Paulie get a chuckle out of the PA judge giving out condom filled acorns to the coworkers he want to fuck and the two Italians that blackmailed priests after having sex with them all. They answer your questions on what makes you queer and, their porn movies and why they hate the A-List. The MTFT this week is from Ashford and Simpson "Solid". Paulie reviews the new Michael Lucas "All Star Studs" and loves it at 3.5 splats, David reviews to new portable Flesh Drive filled with Gay Videos great for traveling. Now sing Oklahoma and have an out of body experience while sniffing magical poppers ... Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast082211.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:03pm EST

Gay Talk Podcast 297

The Boys get upgraded by the S&P to a triple A for giving woodies. This week they talk about muppets getting married, Charles Nelson Riley singing in a banana suit happy and gay,  Settlement reached in back of the bus case and New Balance asking us not to Hate them for 500K donation to Romney. Paulie reviews Titan Men Hellions at 3 splats and loved some of the fattest cocks in porn. David review the new "clamp" cockring from Metal Workx high quality steel and hand-polished to perfection, this heavy duty pleasure enhancer is equal parts art and pleasure. They get down with the gay twin Rappers (with a gay pig) Queer Nation by Elephant. They answer your question about reality TV, how to become famous and how to build your confidence. Hope you summer is going Hot and Stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast_34.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:25pm EST

Paulie and David cum in from the heat to give you a hot podcast. They discuss the GOProud leader getting pushed off his bike by a teenager, Paulie is glad his botox works so well that he can pass for one :). They also discuss $10K reward for Marcus Bachman on any gay action, bet there will be lots of guys exposing themselves at the gym and also talk about being closeted at work. Paulie reviews the new Falcon Studios "What goes Around" and gives it a wet 3.5 spats. They also answer questions from the mailbag about cumming too fast. Make sure to stay cool and stay Hard!

Direct download: podcast36.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:22pm EST

The boys have a lot of gay news this week, mostly about Huge Cocks (that figures of course) They talk about Penis size and national debt and if penis size makes you a bottom or top. David reviews the "Suck It"  Sex in a Can from Fleshlight and thought it sucked in the best way possible. Paulie reviews the Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami collaboration, Sex City Parts 1& 2 and loved them both, but loved the 2nd just a little better with the Peter Twins double fucking. Both got 4 Huge Splats. They get down with the new Leona Lewis "Collide" and answer your questions and mail. Hope you have a hot week and stay hard!

Direct download: podcast35.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:47pm EST

The boys talk about the fireworks they experienced last weekend and a sure fire way to diet (only if you are on dialysis once a day). They get a new great sound bite for the Blog from the wonderful listener "KokHound" and talk about the Gay News of the week. After a few failed visits to the Betty Ford Clinic, Paulie will miss the late great departed Betty Ford. David gives us the up to date DADT and Bachman news. With their excitement of the new Harry Potter Film, they give you a Harry spell "Spelly-Hard-Us" for everyone to ... Stay Hard

Direct download: podcast34.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:59pm EST

Get ready for the explosive weekend, and the fireworks. This week the boys are giddy from the New York Marriage win and answer question about wedding invitations and talk about Pride Month, Pat Robertson, and Michele Bachmann. They review the Big Man Stroker from Colt Gear and Lucas Eye Contact with 3 Splats (Paulie was hiding in the closet because he thought the actors were talking to him) David picks out the MTFT this week, David Cook " The Last Goodbye. Make sure to check out our sponsors sale 15% off your entire order... that will sure to make you, Stay Hard.

Direct download: podcast33.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:18pm EST

This week the boys play decorator and tell you how to brighten up your home with lube and cum stains. They also talk about all the "Fag" comments in the news, some very homophobic and some not at all, like the Southwest pilot who couldn't get laid (never happen in any of the porn I have seen) maybe he should have tried to hook up the guy who flew in women's underwear. Jeff Stryker is called "Fat" from playgirl, maybe they meant his cock. Paulie reviews the newest Falcon Office Affairs and loved it with the incredible D.O. and the very different flip flop in the end ... 4 Splats. David reviewed the Executioner hood and Jock from Fetish Fantasy, hope he didn't wear it to his local Safeway. The loved the MTFT of Matt Nathanson "Faster" and think he is hung like a superstud. As always they loved your letter and comments... stay hard!

Direct download: podcast32.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:03pm EST

Sorry, But you got a double dose of the previous podcast.  Here is the actual Podcast #291

Direct download: podcast31.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:14pm EST

This week the boys are back from their Disney Coma (too much wine and wiener)  and take about public pools discriminating because of the Bible, Killed by Platypus, New York Marriage and much more. Paulie reviews TSA Strip Down from Jet Set Men and what lacks in stages is made up with big cock and hard sex... 3.5 splats. David reviews Titan Men Anal Douche and reminds us the importance of being clean. They rock out to Deep Dark Robots, "Fuck You Stupid Bitch", something I say every time I drive. They read your letter and questions about Big Cocks, How to Suck Them and "I am Sorry if I offended You" apologizes. Hope everyone stays cool and Hard!

Direct download: podcast30.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:29pm EST

This week the boys get out a Podcast right on the way to the Airport, final destination Gay Days 2011 where Paulie is the Oral receptionist and David just goes WEEEE on the teacups all day. The boys discuss the news from Gay Prom Kings and Queens to circumcision in San Fran. They read your letters about Daddy Issues. Make sure to check them out next week with a thong tan line and lots of hot photos... stay hard.

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This week the boys have Pre-Rapture fever and are excited about the after party. It turns out the Paulie and Whirlpool have the same mantra about Extra Wide openings and they talk about Rhode Island Civil Unions, the Terminator Love Child and Homophobic Principals. Paulie loves the new Falcon The Other Side of Aspen VI and says the powerhouse is back and ready to knock you out with a 2 Disc Set, 17 Scenes  earning 4.5 splats. David reviews the Jack's Gape Soda Fleshlight and felt like a horny kid on a summer night. The loved the new MTFT from Oh Land "Son of a Gun" and read you questions from across the pond about love bites. Make sure to get hot and stay hard.

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This weeks podcast is brought to you by the The boys who love the smell of a sweet jockstrap! They give you your dose of news and find out that they have been taking natures antidepressant for years "semen!  Paulie reviews Lucas Video's Assassin and gives it a solid 4 1/2 splats.  Ths is definately a keeper.  David reviews the Mia Isabella Fuck My cock and loved a little tranny action! Don't forget to check out Paulies Blog for all the great day to day posts that will keep you informed!

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This week the boys don't have an Enhanced Podcast due to Technical problems (it's called being slow) but have a great show anyhow. They discuss Paulie wearing Denim underwear outside in public, Easter Sex, DOMAs costs and Tyler Clementi's Roommate. They have the Douche of the week "The Pooping Postman" and the MTFT of Jared Lee, "It's over goodbye". Paulie reviews Jet Set Bad Ass Bottoms and gives it 3 big Splats and loves Brad Star. David reviews the Prince Willy Dong / Crown Cock ring and thinks it should be thrown to the Guillotines. They read our letters and really loved the one about Pit-Stains of the week.  Hope everyone had a great Easter and fucked like rabbits... stay hard!

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This week we learn why Paulie LOVES red wine and that his new Rap Name is "Gay Dirty Bastard" which I think sums him up perfectly. The boys discuss pink nail polish and  Gay for Pay Real World Dustin Zito Rick (or Dick as we like to call him) Santorum and Prop 8. They answer the question of the week about the elusive Bi-sexual, truth or myth. Paulie reviews Lucas Entertainment's "Auditions, 38 Sluts" and was as excited for the interviews as he was for the hot sex and give it 4 Splats. David reviews the new Real Touch and talks about how it felt to fuck Pierre Fitch, he must have loved it because he has yet to unplug it. They answer listeners' mail and love the Jessie J MTFT Price Tag.. Stay Hard

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This week the boys get fucked by I.R.S. and not in a good way, they chat about Government shutdown, N.O.M. and naked coffee drinking. The read a "Real Craigslist" ad from a mother trying to sell her sons special necklace and other odd news. Paulie reviews "Miami College Boyz Party" and gave the twink feast 3.5 hard splats for the sex. David wanted to "expand" his sex toys for the "Inflatable Wonder" from Titanmen. They also get jazzy with the MTFT Elouise Tainted Love, and as always they read your letters and comments from Facebook... Stay Hard!

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This week get ready for the Biggest Fools in podcasting with Paulie and David. They talk about what they will give up for Lent, Cherry Blossoms and Tiger Woods. They review Raging Stallion's "Late Night Hit" and Titan Tools David Anthony's Cock. Hopefully the sound quality is better so the only headache you will get is from Paulie's voice... just kidding, Stay Hard!

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This week the boys tackle the Wacky, weird and just plan disturbing with the "Panty Pot", "Wigs for Cats" and gay couple that adopts a doll and take it all over the world. Paulie reviews TitanMen "Sweat Equity" and gave it 3 Splats, he loved the 3 way with Aymeric Deville taking it from both ends from Frank Philipp and Ethan Hudson. David reviews and loves the sex toy that give you a tug, "Adam Male Tug Stroker" the masturbator made from CyberSkin "you can really feel your juices churn and build up with every stroke. The MTFT is Ellie Goulding's Starry Eyed. Make sure to check out next week when Paulie gets his "Cherry" blossom on... Stay Hard.


3.23 - Sorry the enhanced was defctive and removed.  Look next week for another great enhanced podcast

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This week the boys celebrate "Spring Forward" and a great podcast featuring "Real Odd New" and drink from their extra large wine glasses and talk about time travel to 1983, Richard Hatch dropping soap again in prison and a fifth grader getting arrested. Paulie reviews Lucas Men in Suits and loved the business of sex with four huge splats. David reviews and and answers your question of lube with Wet Cooling Lube. The boys also help a listner with anal sex questions and the MTFT is True Faith from George Michael who would have to be back on the wacky weed to fuck up a classic dance song. Stay Hard!

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This Week the boys are back after Paulie's birthday sea adventure where he give new meaning to "Rear Admiral". Make sure to check out his photos of the dancers he hooked-up with. The boys discuss the news this week with Ga Ga as Godmother and Parris Hilton giving your phone new cooties. Paulie reviews Bel Ami's Bareback DVD Dirty Secrets and give is a 3.5 splats and thinks the porn stars are perfect. David reviews the Adam Male P Spot Intensity Prostate Vibe and thinks that it should be in everybody's sock drawer. They get down and dirty with the MTFT Natalia Kills - Mirrors. Next week they will play all the Skype Messages, we all know you love them long time... Stay Hard.

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This week they boy seem like they are doing the "Charlie Sheen" only without all the pussy. The discuss "If you can trust Ted Haggard", Transgender Jog Seekers, and if they will be voting for Bristol along with other gay news from the headlines. Paulie review Jet Set Men's Hung like Hayden and  gives it 3.5 splats and really love seeing Dean Phoenix bottoming for the second time on film. David reviews Michael Lucas Dildo and wonders were the extra .5 inches came from, but otherwise loved riding the stars cock. The boys Jam to Boy George and answer your questions about "mother" seeing your sex toys and other comments. Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #279

This is the first time I have seen Paulie complain about 9", but I guess the snow was a different kind of pain in the butt he's used too.  The boys talk about the meat in Taco Bell, Treasure Island Media and "The Facts of Life" beaver eaters.   David gets tickled with the new Brett Everett Dildo and Paulie gets wiet wth is review of Ragng Stallions "Thirst"  THey love your letters about pubic hair dying and drag Queen greetings.  As always they want you all to stay Hard. 

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Gay Talk Podcast #278

This week Paulie anoints He and David as the "Buttholes of the Beltway" and reviews the Best Selling Kristen Bjorn Casting Couch Vol 1 and Vol 2 and give them 4.5 huge splats each one over 3 hours long and 24 of the hottest guys you will ever see. David reviews the newest  porn star dildo from Rascal Jimmy Durano and loved the SensaFirm Feel and thought the size was perfect for the beginner as well as the pro. They also listen to Zeb Atlas new single remake of "Love Hangover" for the MTFT and read your letters and comments and have the photos of the listeners for the Enhanced Podcast. Have a great week and Stay Hard!

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The boys are back with their first Enhanced podcast of the year with lots of hot photos of Paulie's DVD review of Lucas Entertainment "Balls to the Wall" auditions 37 and gives it a very wet 4 splats "As entertaining as it is hot". They talk about today's news with the rainbow twist... stay hard.

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The boy ring in the New Year with this weeks podcast and discuss Brett Favre nude pic fine,  Jersey Shore's Vinny T Shirt Line and much more. They also tell us how to measure your cock.. guess starting from my asshole was wrong, I was wondering how I got 14 inches, New Years Resolutions and what they got for Xmas. David reviews JO deodorant with pheromones and thinks the men will come running and Paulie reviews Raging Stallion and Twinks "Young Warriors" Taking one for the Team and gave it 4 Splats, you will have to wrestle your cock out after seeing this DVD. Hope everyone has a wonderful and healthy New Year and Stay Hard.

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The boys are back from their winter break and bring you holiday hilarties with all the latest gay news around the world. Paulie reviews Jet Set Men Ass and Ladders and gives it 3 splats and David reviews the new Bottoms Up 3 way Butt Blast, the only triple threat sex toy. The MTFT this week is an odd Xmas song that will get you humming along and the winner of the Twitter contest this week wins a Raging Stallion Dick of the Month Calendar. We hope everyone will stay warm and stay Hard!

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