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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
-Gay Talk #35 The year is almost up and what a wild one its been. Paulie and Evan wish every one a happy new year and a prosperous 2006. Look for them to expand their podcast and add new and hilarious skits and video podcasts. The weeks podcast has Paulie's panties all in a bunch with his review of the new sexy COLT Underwear. Evan finishes 2005 with two hot and sexy DVDs, Alabama Takedown, rated 4 splats and Unzipped which he rates 3 splats. The religious right is all crazy again. This time all over the mid season TV show "The Book of Daniel". Geez even when we put Jesus on TV they don't like it. Be sure to watch it and telll NBC to not back down. Being a Bully doesn't pay any more. A Kansas teen won a large cash reward because he was bullied for being gay (which he wasn't by the way) but no one stood up and helped. All this and more when Paulie and Evan present Gays in the News. Evan wraps up the year with his last 2005 installment for his MtFt series with "Another Year in America" by Jack in the pulpit. Check em out on
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Hope your holiday's as Ho Ho Horny as Paulie and Evan's. Paulie and Evan have a ton of news for you this week. Elton getting married, Military spying, Ashley Olsen dissing Karl Lagerfeld, Desperate Housewife's co star and flashing rumors, Kathy Griffin dumped. Don't say we don't cover the whole spectrum, kind of a rainbow of coverage!
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-Gay Talk #33 Real Athletes caught doing the dirty in the Locker room!! Just a fantasy no longer! Paulie and Evan talk about this hot real life scenario. Be careful when you use Dyke you may be sued. Gay in the UK? Well, you and 3.6 million of your country men and women are too! Paulie answers the question how do you give a good bj. And more of your turn ons and turn offs. If you haven't heard yours email us and we'll try to add it to the next podcast. Evan reviews two more DVDs and this week he takes a walk on the wild side with "P Whores" the name says it all and Evan agrees with a solid 3 Splats. He also reviews "Mars Needs Men" from all Worlds and is ready to shoot his rocket with 3 1/2 splats!. Speaking of big rockets Paulie takes a test ride on the Sean Davis Realistic Dildo. Evan wraps things up again with another tune for is MTFT series with "Scully Said" by Jesta. Check em out on
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-Gay Talk #32 Well Paulie's back and revved up to give you one of the funniest pod casts yet. So hang on to you hats and lets go!. Paulie and Evan dig right into the gossip with some real juicy info on the new Superman Movie and the casting couch, and leave you guessing about a special star from the hit TV show LOST. They also give their take on the new break out hit Breakback Mountain. Paulie and Evan answer another one of your questions this one's a question I'm sure you all have on you mind. Listen in. Evan reviews two more movies this week and rates them 3 and 4 splats. Both a must for your Christmas stocking. Paulie reviews two great toys this week. The Colt three ring cockring set and the sexy lingerie "after six brief".
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gay porn talk #31 Paulie is headed out west on a much needed vacation. But he still has time to serve you up a good dose of news, humor and reviews. Ever wondered what the big deal about poppers is? Well Paulie and Evan have all the answers. Hear all about the first ever Gay Porn wedding. Evan and Paulie give out their sage dating advice and tell more of your turn ons and turn offs. Call them and leave your turn on or off (202) 470-2493. Evan reviews two more Hot DVDs "Little Brothers Big Secret" which he rates 3 1/2 Splats and "The Taking of Jake" rated 3 splats. Paulie reviews the Marc Wallice Realistic. To wrap things up Evan add another MTFT tune "Back to the Basic" by Mad Sumo. Check em out at
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-Gay Talk # 30 Its raining its pouring and Ricky Martin is Peeing. Yep he's into Golden Showers. This is just the beginning of the deluge of news Paulie and Evan have for you this week. Listen to their unique review of the news including the Vatican and gays, Jews for gays, (who knew they were into religion so much) and a man suing the Wife Swap reality show. I guess he was surprised when he saw the bulge in her skirt? Of course they still have a few reviews and answers to your questions this week. Evan has picked two awesome movies this week The first is Lukas in Love part 2 The second is the Hunted by Mustang They wrap things up with another tune for Evan's Music to F##k to. This week it's "Life goes on" by Jack in the Pulpit. Check em out on
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-Gay Talk # 29 Matt Damon naked!! Wow, well almost. And What's up with Madonna, the gay diva defends Tom Cruise. And our favorite sexy boy Simon Rex is back on the news. Did a British guy cure himself of HIV? Listen to Evan and Paulie's take on all of this . Plus they answer your questions and select a T-Shirt winner form the mailing list. Join now and you could be the next winner!
Then they get down to business and review two more DVDS. This weeks its Spy Quest and Plunge both rated 4 splats. Lastly Evan adds yet another tune to his never ending M2F2 series. This week its "I Hate you" by Josh Woodward. Check him out on
P.S. the Halloween pics are up go to the pics page to check em out
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Gay Talk #28 Evan and Paulie dish out their weekly hilarious banter on all things gay. Listen to them spoon out opionions and reviews. You're sure to come back for more.
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Gay Talk #27 New gay toys that squirt, flavored lube, Turn ons, questions, bi racial sex . Wow this weeks podcast has a little bit of everything. Take a listen and don't forget to join our new mailing list.
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-Gay Talk 26 Happy Gayloween. Evan and Paulie have scared up some great stories for you this week. Gay Deer, Gay Trekkies and Gay Basket Ball players. See we're Everywhere. GO to the website to see how to watch our Live Webcast of our Halloween party on Oct 29th. Evan has 2 great Haloween DVDs to Review and Paulie Sits pn his new toy that he revirew for you. All this and much more. Get ready to laugh til you Die! HOHOHO HAHAHA....
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- Gay Talk #25 What makes a Gay guy into Older Men? What are your Gay turn ons and offs? Evan and Paulie want to know. Call them on Skype (202)470-2493 leave a message. Paulie goes Roman and Evan reviews som ehot Dvds. All this and the normal Hilarity.
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-Gay Talk #24 Tom Cruise, Coming out day, Our worst turn offs, Hot Buzz words and more hilarity. Your hosts Paulie and Evan won't dissapoint!
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Gay Talk #23 This week Paulie and Evan have a long distance podcast from Copenhagen. They talk about the Gay life there. Don't forget Oct 11th is National Coming out Day. Tell someone you know that your gay (if you are). Even if your not tell them you are and watch their reaction. Of course Evan and Paulie have more wacky reviews and comments and answer your questions. Take a listen...
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-Gay talk #22 Evan and paulie talk about some great Gay Fall themed DVDs. Paulie Reviews a new gay toy. And they chat about some current events. The normal hilarity ensues.
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Gay talk Extra - Lawrence Robert Interview As promised here's the complete Lawrence Roberts interview. This is a very funny and informative interview with a very talented Guy.
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-Gay Talk Extra -Gay Rodeo Interviews Here's a little extra for you. The Tommy Ho Interviews at the Gay Rodeo. Tommy loves to hear his voice and we hope you do too!
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-Gay Talk #21 Paulie and Evan interview the very smart and Funny award winning Gay Ducumentarian Lawrence Roberts. Look out Michael Moore you have a challenger. They also discuss the FBI's new Porn Squad, Desperate Porn Stars and Gay Country Singers. Mix in the the usual hilarity and reviews and you have one of their best podcasts yet!
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-Gay Talk #20 Gay news with a slant. Paulie and Evan discuss the Catholic Church, Underage Porn, California Gay marriage, Gay Soap Operas and much more. You don't want to miss this one!
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-Gay Talk #19 Gay Marriage. Is it possible? Well the balls in Arnies Court. Hear Paulie and Evans take. Paulie and Evan talk about a few new DVDs and Paulie answers listeners Questions. Join in the Wild and Weird world of Paulie and Evan. You'll never think of gay the same way.
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-Gay Talk #18 Gay Talk #18 - Gays cause Hurricane Katrina and Pope Hitler wants us out of the priesthood. Damn didn't know we gays were so powerful. hear out take on the hurricane and more. Plus the normal insanity you've grown to expect.
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More shenanagins with Paulie and Evan. They talk about the new LOGO network and those nasty gays on Big Brother. Plus lots of hilarity when Paulie trys on some new clothes.
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Paulie and evan Gay it up like always! Check out our video fo our trip to montreal. Listen to our Skype callers. And have an overall gay fun time with the alway raucous Paulie and Evan
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Queer Eye has a straight guy. Paulie and Evan discuss the Straight Jai. Why are Gay podcasters so mean. Paulie and Evan ask this question. Enter their new Gay dating Contest and you may win a night on the town.
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Paulie and Evan talk all about the Gay Leather Culture and more. Learn the Gay Hankie Code. Don't forget to call us on Skype and tell us what you think our number is (202) 470-2493.
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Paulie and Evan visit Montreal and have a Gay old Time. Visiting all the sexy Gay sites in the Village. They also have a new Phone Number you can call to tell them what you like. (202) 470-2493.
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Gay Talk Special addition - Listen to Tommy Ho as he records his Lap Dance with the Beautiful Angel.
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Were excited about our trip to Montreal, Paulie gets the shock of his life, Evan has some great tunes to talk about and more!
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Here's a quick movie showing the blast we had a Gay Days in Disney.
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Here is the complete Tommy Ho man on the street interview from Gay Days Washington DC.
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