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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #112 Sorry everyone.  The sound is not so good this week. You can blame Evan for this one.  I keep telling him that he needs to use both hands when recording.  But he always has one hand busy.  One day he's gonna learn that he can take his hand away and it'll still be there later.  But, sound aside Paulie and Evan have given you another great podcast.   Two hands full of fun! 
     This week they Take it to the Judge in their news of the week.   OF course they answer your questions and letters like only they can do.  Evan reviews on great new movie by the one of my fave companies AMG.  This week its part of their AMG Brasil line with 'Sarado'.  Evan give this a tropical 3 splats!  Paulie goes for a life like feel with the new Cyberskin Biggie.  Big and real, just the way Paulie likes em!   With all this going on you may want to excuse Evan because you will be listening with one hand too!
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Gay Talk Podcast #111 Summer reality TV is heating up and there's plenty to watch. This summer it's a gay fest.  Big Brother has 2 gay guys and one maybe gay? and Victoria Beckham is a gay mans diva dream.  Paulie and Evan will be giving you the scoop on these shows.  And sometimes a little more on their new Blog.  So if you don't hear it here go to the new blogsite!   Hear the last installment of Lawrence Robert's Interview with sexcapades.  This is the best yet!  Fort Lauderdale is on the News this week with the Robojohn.  You won't believe what you hear.
     Have you ever felt some unknown attraction to another man.  Well maybe they are wearing Paulie's newest product, the Beau Gest Men's Pheromone Soap.  I mean cummon guys everyone could use a little help once in a while!  Evan has a double disc DVD to review this week.  It's Kristen Bjorn's "Rocks And Hard Places".  Evan loved this move and rated is a avalanche of 4 Splats!.   Evan has found another Group of hot guys for his MTFT selection.  This week it's "Moonshaker" by the Milwaukees.
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Gay Talk Podcast #110 You know what they say the louder they fight the more they are hiding.  That what happened to Sen. Vitter and his prostitute scandal.  Listen to what Paulie and Evan think.  This is just a piece of what Paulie and Evan have in store for you. And now they also have a blog.  Check it out for extra tidbits on porn, moves, and sometimes just their thoughts on anything.
     This week Paulie and Evan are thinking about what hot items they can review for you.  Evan picked out two hot Summer DVDs.  Perfect for your trip to the beach.  The first is "Stone Age" by Eon Films Rated a prehistoric 3 splats.  The second is "Striptease" by All Worlds Video which is sure to get you to remove your clothes with it's 3 splat rating.   Paulie says If you can't get the real thing might as well settle for second best.  That's the Boy Toyz Handy Andy Stroker.  You won't be able to tell the difference.  WE also have part 4 of the Sexcapades interview.  And Wrapping things up is "all they Way" by Holding Back Entirely, Evan's MTFT of the week.
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Gay Talk Podcast #109  Happy Fourth of July to all.  Well at least if your From the States.  This is one of my favorite holidays.  We all get together and eat, drink and sing patriotic songs!  Then the Fireworks.  Nothing better.  IF you aren't from the states what special holiday's do you celebrate?  Write in and let us know!  We always love another reason to party! 
     Paulie did take a break out of the festivities to bring you a star spangled podcast.  You'll think you saw fireworks after listening to this one!  They leave nothing out.  Including part three of Lawrence Robert's interview with Sexcapades.   Of course all the favorites are here.  News, letters, like dislikes and much more!  Evan reviews two more DVDs.  "Rich Kid" by Private Man Studios.  This gets a wealthy 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "European Holiday" by Falcon International.  This gets a vacation worthy 3 1/2 splats!  Paulie has a new toy for you with the Acorn Butt Plug.  He's not one to take his task sitting down!  Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT tune "Long, Long Road" by Slide Show Baby.
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