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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #134 Well it's that time again.  Another year is over and it's time for everyone make their new year's resolutions.  I know Paulie and Evan resolve to keep bringing you great podcasts that will keep you smiling.  Look for more and exciting new segments and interviews next year.  Speaking of interviews, did you get a chance to listen to Evan and Paulie's interview with Jett Blakk.  It's really funny and informative.  If you haven't it's a must to add to your list of resolutions for the New Year!  And this week Evan reviews both of Jett's recent Productions. 
     Evan has only good things to say about Jett's two new movies.  The first is Falcon's newest release "Dare".   This gets top marks with 4 splats!  The second is "Unspeakable" for which Evan doles out 3 1/2 splats!   Paulie has some of his own splats too!  This week he reviews the Clone a Willy!  Now you can really take care of your self with yourself!  And the Last MTFT of the year is "Wasted" by Megaphone!   See Ya next Year!
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Gay Talk Podcast #133 I'll be Homo for Christmas, Just you wait and see.   Paulie and Evan wish all their listeners a very merry Christmas, and may Santa get you everything on you list.  And if he Didn't might have the perfect toy that you missed.  Be sure to check them out and thank our Sponsor for all the years of support they have given Paulie and Evan. 
       Paulie and Evan have packed a stocking full of stories and letters and news.  So just tip it over and dump out all the goodies.  You will be glad you did.  Evan is on a streak.  He has found two more DVDs that he rates the coveted 4 splats!  He must have been really good this year!  The first is "Hunger" by Black Scorpion.  The second is "Man Island" also by Black Scorpion.  So be sure to check them out and you'll get stung by this hot Studio!  Paulie finds a unique toy to review.  The Ball Gag with Dong.  You man can gag you and sit on your face at the same time!  Now that's a trick I'm sure you haven't thought of yet!  Evan's last MTFT of the year is "Uptown Boys Regular" by Tyler Burns.
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Gay Talk Special Edition - Jett Blakk Interview Merry XXXmas!  Paulie and Evan have a holiday treat for you!  Their good pal Jett Blakk took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with the boys and talk about his two newest movies.   Always on the edge Jett Blakk's newest DVD  Unspeakable.  From the mind of Jett Blakk comes a dark, twisted love story!  Based in part on the classic film "The Boys from Brasil".  Paulie and Evan get all the details on what Jett was thinking when he Directed this awesome new DVD.  This is destined to become a classic.       
     Jett Blakk is not one to rest on his laurels  And Paulie and Evan have the scoop on his next release.  Falcon Studios "Dare".  Written and directed by award-winner Jett Blakk, "Dare" follows the adventures of three strangers who unwittingly cross paths on their way to Los Angeles. This is Jett's First collaboration with Falcon and they gave him free reign and a big budget.  Paulie and Evan get all the behind the scenes info on the stars.  So sit back by the fire, pour yourself a glass of holiday spirits and listen, learn and laugh!
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Gay Talk Podcast #132

OK something's definitely wrong.  Did someone Drop Evan on  his Head?  He once again did a double 4 splat review this week. It's definitely a season of miracles!  But, don't let this distract you from all the great segments Paulie and Evan have gathered for your amusement.  Letters, News, Likes, you names it they have it!!    
     Of course Paulie has a new toy for review.  This week It's the Full Bag Hood.  Not for meek, but if you want to submit to your man this will put you in your place!  Oh yeah what about those two DVDs.  Well they are "The Men I Wanted" by Lucas Kazan and "Amazonia: Release" by AMG Brasil!  And. the. M.T.F.T. tune. is.."Cool.Collected.Calm" by one:day:life.

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Gay Talk Podcast #131 Well Winter is finally here.  We had our first snow.  I know for most of you northerners it's no big deal.  But here in the DC area Snow shuts down the city.  But like the mailman, Paulie and Evan braved the weather and cold to bring you another exciting podcast.  You will be glad they did.
     You get a full dosage of the news, letters and questions.  Along with this Paulie wondered if there was something that would make it easier to test all of the toys.  And he thinks he found just the item.  The Mr. Ease Anal Spray.  Just one spritz and he's loose and relaxed!   Evan relaxed in front if his TV and reviewed two more DVDs for you.  This week you will be excited to know it's a first!  Two 4 splats in one week.  IS he getting soft in his reviews?  The first is "Splash" by Studio 2000, the second is "Jockstrap" by Steven Scarborough.   Both are definitely keepers.  This weeks MTFT tune is "Her Hair is on Fire" by Semi Precious Weapons.
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Gay Talk Podcast #130 Ever have one of those week where you just don't have enough time to do everything you want to do?  Well Paulie and Evan both had one of those weeks.  So Paulie had to phone in this podcast!  But you still get the same Paulie and Evan quality podcast tat you know an love.
     Paulie reviews the new MGX by Aneros.  This is one plug that you will definitely want under your tree and then under you!!  Evan's two DVD reviews are sure to perk up your week.  The first is Hawaii by Colt studios which gets a Steamy and rare 4 splats.  The second is Endless Crush by Falcon Studios which Evan rates 3 1/2 splats.  Topping off this weeks podcast is Evan's MTFT is "Lets Go" by Edison Glass.
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