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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #181 - Chad Hunt Interview Here it is! The highly anticipated interview with Chad Hunt,  one of the biggest (in all ways) stars in gay porn.  Paulie and Evan get to the meat of the subject and ask the questions everyone wants to hear.  The discuss his newest film with Dirty Bird pictures "Endgame".  This is Chad hunt's last movie and he finally finds out what it's like to bottom!  That's right the top of all tops with the dick of death finally take it up the ass! This is a must have for your DVD collection.  Directed by Gayporntalk's favorite and award winning Director Jett Blakk.  This is getting rave reviews all ready and Evan is anxious to review it himself!  I is sure to be a big splatter (is that a word?).  One thing is sure you will get to hear an interview as only Paulie and Evan can do.  You will be informed  and of course a little humor is mixed in!   This interview was so good it deserved to stand on it's own.  Paulie and Evan will be back next week with their regularly scheduled podcast!
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We have an awesome surprise Christmas present for you this year!  But, no peeking.  You won't get it until next week!  This week you get the normal presents of humor, news and reviews.  That should be enough for you but I know you all have been naughty.  But who needs nice anyway, I'll take naught any day!  So listen in and maybe you will find out what present we have for you next week. 
     Of course it wouldn't be a podcast unless Evan reviewed a few DVDs and this week he goes south of the border and reviews Rio by one of our fave studios AMG.  This is on steamy movie and Evan rates it 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is a little further north but will definitely warm you up.  It's Malibu Heat by Falcon.  Evan rated this a summery 3 1/2 splats!  Paulie reviews one of the newest items in the Titan Men line the Titan Vibrations #4. You'll love this under your tree or in your stocking!  The MTFT of the week is "Dante's Cove Remix 2008 by Mike Andrews.  Oh and one hint on next weeks podcast.  Think about who has the largest cock in porn! 
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Gay Talk Podcast #179 HTML clipboardChristmas is getting closer and closer and Paulie and Evan are making sure you have a HO Ho Horny holiday!  Or should I say Horniday?!?  Either way here's another podcast present for all of you.
     Letters, questions, news and more Evan and Paulie have it all.  I a stocking full of [podcast presents.  You know you want to  unwrap each one!  Evan has opened his presents early and reviewed them for you.  He can't ever wait.  His first present was Muscle Mountain by Jet Set.  Evan rated this a bulky 4 splats.  The second DVD he unwrapped was Italians and Other Strangers by Lucas Kazan.  Mama Mia he rated this a saucy 3 1/2 splats!  Paulie is still testing out his present! He loved the Naughty Boy -Rocks Off Prostate Stimulator so much he never even wrapped it up!  Lastly, Evan has found another MTFT with  "The Simple Things" by Portal.  Another winner!
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Gay Talk Podcast #178 You won't believe me when I say this but Evan did all the work for the podcast this week.  Including his most dreaded job, posting tot he blog.  I hope you were sitting down when you read this!  Paulie was away at Disney all week and Evan kept the ship afloat.  Kudos' to him.  Of course  this didn't stop Evan from finding two more movies to review and this week they are "Ringleader" by Dirty Bird Pictures.  Evan rates this a a solid takedown with 4 splats!  The second DVD is "Funhouse" by Titan Men.  Hot beefy men, now that my Idea of fun. Evan agrees and gives this a roaring 4 splats!  Even when on vacation Paulie has time to review another hot item.  This week it's blow job drops!  These minty fresh drops will make your jobs all the sweeter!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT of the week with  "Get Up" by Zander Bleck.
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gay talk podcast #177 HTML clipboardOK now that you are out of your Thanksgiving coma it's time to think about Christmas.  Nothing says Christmas more than a gift of porn.  You'll have your partner begging for more.  Or you can do the begging if that's what floats your boat.  Either way you can't go wrong with porn.  So Paulie and Evan bring you their third annual Black Friday gift suggestions!  Paulie brings out all the toys you can ever use.  Form the beginner to the expert  Paulie has you covered or filled!  Evan the expert on DVDs has selected only the best of the year for you to watch.  These movies will help you stuff your stocking!   So listen and then go to our sponsor to get your shop on!
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Gay Talk Podcast #176 Oh well we try and try to get the podcast back to a timely schedule, but that Evan just can't make it.  He's too busy watching porn and never leaving his house.  But Paulie did finally drag him out of his hole and they recorded another great show.  And no Evan is not getting blown by Fang while recording! 
     Evan did have time to review a hot two part series this week.  One of the masters of porn Kristen Bjorn has done it again with Skin Deep parts one and two.  These are a must have for any collection.  Evan rates these a smashing 4 1/2 splats.  Now most people keep a flashlight in their junk drawer.  We Paulie got all mixed up and got a fleshlight for his junk!  He loved it and you will too.  Evan has found another great tune for his MTFT collection.  This week is "Gravity's Hold" by Tim Be Told.
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Gay Talk Podcast #175 Well we finally did it!  We helped elect a president that is on our side! Go President Obama!  But we are not quite there yet, California showed us that with good comes bad and bigotry still prevails in this country.  Prop 8 failed and we are still second class citizens.  Boycott, boycott, boycott.  But things are looking up and Evan and Paulie have their first ever NUDE podcast.  That's right they recorded this podcast in the buff!  SO keep that in mind when you listen to Evan's two DVD reviews.  The first is "Slide" by Jet Set.  Evan rates this a slippery 4 splats.  The second DVD is "Best Men part 2" by Falcon.  you can call this a best movie since it got 4 blissful splats!  Paulie is naked and reviewing the  Colt Nipple Grips.  These are one heavy duty set of clamps that will get you nipples a buzzin'!   Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT with "How did you get this way" by Canadian band Trophy.
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Gay Talk Podcast #174 BOO!! did I scare you?!  lol.  Well Halloween is here and Evan and Paulie have scared up another awesome podcast.  Full of spooky stories of Evan's trip to France and all the haunted news and top stories for the week.  And don't forget to vote or we will be in Halloween  hell for four years!  Evan has frightened up a few DVD reviews for us.  The first is "Double Standard" by Titan Men rated 4 ghostly splats.  The second DVD is "Someone's Watching" by Jocks rated a skeletal 3 1/2 splats.   Paulie say's don't be frightened by his new toy review.  The Titan Inflatable Wonder  will fill you up for the night and more! Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT with "Room Call" by Conservative Man.
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Gay Talk Podcast #173 - Contest winners Get ready for a great special edition.  No reviews and no news.  Just your letters.  Lots and Lots of your letters. We asked and you responded.  Hundreds of questions for Paulie and Evan to answer.  And the winners are...(drum roll please).. in 4th place winning a Hot 2009 Raging Stallion calendar is Al, third place, winning a $25 Gift card from our Host is Enrique, second place and a $50 gift card is Marshal, and in first place winning a $100 gift card to is ....Timothy. 
     Thanks to everyone for entering and thanks to our sponsor for supplying the great prizes.  Keep listening and who knows maybe you can win something too!
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Gay Talk Podcast #172 Sorry so late everyone but Paulie was busy this weekend schmoozing with the high and mighty in the Gay word at the HRC National Dinner. And this was just after he did a little walk with the AIDS walk DC adding his feet to help eradicate HIV.  So flush and feeling good about his community involvement Paulie is revved up to give you a great podcast.  Feeling so magnanimous Paulie is asking you to visit one of his favorite sites AMG and enter their Fantasy story contest.  Who know maybe your story will end up in a movie! 
     Speaking of movies... Evan reviews two more hot movies both rated a solid 4 splats.  The first is "Splish Splash" by Buckshot productions.  This will surely make you wet!  The second is "Best Men part 1" by Falcon Studios. Falcon need we say more!  Paulie finally finds out why this is the most popular sex toy on Xtube.  He takes the Fleshlight for a test ride and is setting up the video camera as we speak. 
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Hey every one sorry for the gap in podcasts.  Don't worry Paulie and Evan are still around and putting out podcasts.  Just a few technical problems.  So without Further ado..
     Evan's two DVDs for the week are.  "Some like it Big 2" by Bel Ami.  Never disappointing this is rated 4 splats!  The second is Falcons release with "Cyber Games", part of the newly refurbished international line Evan rates this a solid 4 splats.  Paulie loves low hangers and has found the toy that will help you have a pair of your own.  The Manbound Parachute Ball stretchers.  You'll have a swinging pair in no time!  And of course there's Evan's MTFT  with a two fer both by Modern Science.
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Gay Talk Podcast #170 OK they are finally over their hangovers from last week.  They are ready to sit down and record another week of news, laugher, reviews, letters and questions.
     Evan must like watching movies because if he didn't he wouldn't be spending all his time amassing a record making list of movies!  This week he adds two more to  his growing list.  The first is "Trunks 5" from hot house video.  This is not your like your normal magazine swim suit edition unless you want to see them all removed!  Evan rates this a splashing 4 splats.  The second DVD is "Sharp" by All Worlds. Evan thinks this DVD is edgy like a knife and rates it a slicing 3 1/2 splats!   Paulie has upgraded his dildo to the new "Johnny Hazzard Cyberskin 7x Vibrating Cock with Balls".  Yeah the name is long but so will be the pleasure you get form this now toy!  Wrapping up the week is this week's MTFT with "Breathe" by This is Fiction. 
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Gay Talk Podcast #169 HTML clipboardWatch out.  Evan and Paulie went on a drinking binge before this podcast.  Put a bottle of wine in front of these guys and they can't resist.  Well how about three bottles.  So get ready for a wackier than ever podcast.
     What do you think about McCain's VP choice.  Evan and Paulie have a few words to say on the matter. Plus other opinion on the news of the week.  OF course they answer your questions and letters.  Don't forget their contest!  You could win $100 in prizes from
     Evan has two hot DVD reviews this week.  Both are rated a Staggering 4 splats!  See what did I tell you about Evan and wine!  Porn companies pay attention and send in your tapes taped to the side of a good merlot!  The first DVD is Pounding the Pavement by Lucas Productions.  Top quality as always!  The second 4 splatter is Copperhead Canyon by Titan media.  You will love these trouser snakes!   Paulie reviews a new addition to the ever expanding rascal line of toys.  This week it is the Ultra Powerful T-Bar.  This bendable toy will go to any depth to please you!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT with "Think you falling now wait till its over" by Alamance.  other than having the longest title ever Evan loves this tune!
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Gay Talk Podcast #168 Here we are and back in Sync!  Paulie and Evan  worked hard to get your podcast back to the weekend!  It's labor day weekend here in the states.  This is where we do less work to celebrate all the hard work we do.  Go figure.  But, Paulie and Evan will take any holiday they can get.  So even if your not from the states celebrate with us and skip work in Monday! 
     Since you are taking off work sit back and listen in to another great podcast!  Paulie and Evan discuss their upcoming trip to Sing ABBA!  Cover your ears boys!  They also discuss all that is gay and in the news.  Throw in a little dash of your letters and likes and you have a well seasoned podcast!  For dessert Evan has two tasty DVDs for you.  The first is "Million Dollar Boy" by Spritzz Studios.  Evan rates this a golden 4 splats!  The Second DVD is "Head Struck" by Catalina.  This is a classic from the past and still stand up to the test!  Evan rates this 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie has just the trick for your lonely nights.  The Josh Vaughn Blow Job Stroker.  Molded from his sexy face, now you can feel his soft lips around your cock!  Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT of the week with "Dude, Your Girlfriend Sucks" by Mondo Primo.
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Gay Talk Podcast #167 Well the Olympics are over and all the sexy guys are headed home.  What a feast!  And We had a Gay Gold medal winner from Australia!!  In the sexiest of all sports, Diving!  Way to represent!
     Paulie and Evan are representing too, for he Gay porn Olympics!  Paulie is entered in the  Plug put events and Evan is vaulting over stacks of DVDs.  All for you enjoyment.  Here we go with an Olympic sized podcast!  Evan Reviews two sexy DVDS The first is "Jock Itch 2" by Raging Stallion.  Evan  scratches out 3 1/2 splats for this DVD.  the second DVD is "Smoke Screen" by Mustang Studios.  And this is a smokin' hot DVD getting 3 splats!  Paulie does not discriminate on his dildos and give the Latin King a try !  He says muy grande!!  You will love a little Latin flavor in your collection!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT of the week with "Hole in my Heart" by Black Lab.
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Gay Talk Podcast #166 You've all been there and probably posted an ad or two. Little did you know that your Gay dollars were going to John McCain.  Of course I'm talking about  The owner is taking our money and then using it against us!  I have cancelled my membership and I urge you to do the same! Don't worry Paulie and Evan haven't donated anything to McCain and even if they did I'm sure they'd send it right back. Who knows where they keep their money hidden!
     They have donated their time though to keep you more entertained then ever.  With stories, jokes, letters and reviews.  This week Evan reviews Falcon's new release "Roman's Holiday".  Falcon never disappoints and serves up 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is the "Private Life of Josh Elliott" by Bel Ami.  Evan loved this DVD and rated it 4 big Splats!  Paulie reviews one of the new Titanmen line of toys with the training tool #1.  Not that Paulie needs any training!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT with "Love Joy or Pain" by Turnpage.
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Gay Talk Podcast #165 Well Paulie's back form the wilderness and unfortunately no sighting of Bigfoot. Lots of other Bigs but no feet!  The Olympics are upon us and who can't resist checking out all the hot guys in Speedos and track outfits or those sexy gymnasts.  I thinks we will all be in eye candy overload.  Paulie and Evan tore themselves away from the TV to give you another awesome podcast!
     This week that chat about the 9th annual Cyber Socket Awards.  Go there and nominate GayPornTalk as your favorite blog or Adonis Enterprises as your favorite sex store!  But beyond shameless plugs this podcast is chock full of all the scoops in the gay world.  You will laugh you will cry you will be informed!  This week Evan has two hot reviews.  Evan takes a walk on the wild side with his first DVD Grunts Fisting: Arms of one!  Hands down this is one hot movie and Evan rates is a pumping 3 1/2 splats!  The second DVD is "Warehouse" by Titan Media.  This studio has a knack for finding the hottest men and this doesn't disappoint Evan rates this a rare 4 splats.  This is a must for your collection.  Paulie says that if you want to try out what your see in the fisting movie you will need his toy of the week.  The Colt Geyser Anal Douche.  This will prepare you for the invasion!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT of the week with "It was never a Gift" by Heels Catch Fire!
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Gay Talk Podcast #164 Hey everyone we're coming at you early this week.  If you've been with us long enough you will remember Evans search for Big foot.  Well it's Paulie's turn.  He's off to the Wild wilderness to search for Bigfoot if that's what you want to call al the hairy men he's looking for.  So wish him well and hopefully he won't get abducted!
     This week's podcast is chock full of great stores and segments.  From Kathy Griffin to  Massachusetts marriage.  You get the down low on all of it!  OF course there are the reviews.  Evan reviews two more hot movies  The first is "Flatiron Fuckers" by Lucas Entertainment.  Evan rates this a steamy 3 1/2 splats. And remember you can get a replica of Lucas' manhood for you own use! the second DVD is "Hooked Up" by Olympus studios. Evan say's you love this movie with it's 3 1/2 splat rating.  Paulie is resting out part of the new colt line with the Colt Pulse rod vibrating butt plug.  This is a great new addition to the all ready strong Colt line of products.  Evan's MTFT of the week is "Kiss the Plane" by Ryan Winford  a sexy crooner from Orlando!
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Gay Talk Podcast #163 The Olympics are coming and what a chance to feast your eyes on all the best specimens of manhood on the planet!  To me it is almost as good as porn!  Paulie and Evan might disagree since they are the experts on porn. And of course this podcast does nothing to dispel that notion.  Paulie and Evan once again cover all things gay!  They keep you abreast of the news you need to know. Plus they answer your letters and delve into probing questions about sexuality. OF course they won't leave out the reviews.  This week Evan reviews a DVD from one our Favorite Studios.  Raging Stallion's Masters and Servants.  Even rates this a smashing 3 1/2 splats!  The second DVD Evan has is Barrett Long's XXX amateur Hour.  Evan rates this a professional 3 splats.  Paulie introduces us to the new Titanmen Line of toys.  This is a great new line male tools that you will love!  Lastly Evan adds yet another tune to his MTFT list.  This week it's "The Secret" by The Silentreatment.
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Gay Talk Podcast #162 The news keeps on coming and on top (or bottom ) of everything are Paulie and Evan your intrepid reporters  searching for all things gay!  They work hard to keep you up to date on all of the news that you need to know!  From Jesse Jackson to Poor Mikey V's porn past you will get the scoop. 
     But that's not all they also answer your letters, read your likes and dislikes and of course have your reviews.  Evan hits a milestone he has now more than 2000 DVDs under his belt, or I guess in hand or viewed for review any way.  You get the picture Evan really is the hardest working porn reviewer in the business!  This week he reaches back in to the classics and reviews "My Best Buddy" a re release by Catalina.  It goes to show  a good movie never goes out of style Evan rates this a Friendly 4 splats.  The second DVD is "Home Bodies" by Raging Stallion.  Evan rates this a solid 3 1/2 slats.  Paulie Continues exploring his kinky side with his review of the KinkLab Bondage Basic Restraint Kit.  This is a great kit for someone looking to try out a little bondage!  Last but not least Evan has another MTFT for you with  "No Regrets" by System Scare
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Gay Talk Podcast #161 Well They've Finally done it!  Paulie and Evan have made the cover of a Hot Porn Movie.  No not their naked bodies but as reviewers.  Check out Evans review of Jett Blakks newest Release Mug Shots with GPT right on the cover! 
       They don't let the celebrity go to their heads they still have time for the little guy like you and me.  Here's another packed podcast.  Paulie has all the scoop on gays on TV.  From Mikey V on Design star to The gay cowboy on Big Brother.  Paulie has all the scoop.  For more recent updates check out his Blog.   Evan of course has two more reviews.  The first of course is "Mug Shots" by Jett Blakk and Dirty Bird Pictures.  Evan rates this an arresting 4 splats!  The second DVD is "Hung Country for Young Men" by Jet Set Men.  Evan rates this a sizeable 4 splats.  Paulie looks for a way to soothe his backside and finds "Tooshies anal Anesthetic Gel"  This will take away the pain!  Wrapping things up is Evans' MTFT with "Fast Lane" by All crazy.
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Gay Talk Podcast #160 Paulie and Evan aren't sure whether to cheer or cry.  Two of America's most famous clowns died on the 4th.  Everyone's childhood favorite Bozo Died and the king of all ass clowns Jesse Helms Died too.  One makes them sad the other makes them glad.  We all know which one will be in hell!
     But they won't let their mourning get in the way of another week of podcasts.  Letters, likes, dislikes are all included.  Evan Reviews two more DVDs. The first IS "Afterparty" by Falcon Studios.  They never disappoint and Evan rewards them with 3 1/2 splats!  The second has Bel Ami Porn star Lukas Ridgeton behind the camera filming "Web Site Stories" and he must have learned what everyone likes when in front of the camera because Evan gives this 4 big splats!  Spending the night alone but still want a hands free orgasm?  Paulie has found the toy for you.  The Waterproof Turbo Stroker Masturbator.  This will blow your mind when you blow your load!  Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT of the week with "Everything I ask for" by The Maine.
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Gay Talk Podcast #159 The Fourth is almost here and Paulie and Evan will start your celebration off right!  Paulie has even painted part of his body Red White and Blue! Can you guess where?!? 
 Getting down to the podcast Evan an Paulie have all the news that's fit to print or listen to in this case!  From Boy Butter to Mayonnaise we have your spread! Add in your letters and  likes and dislikes and you have a full serving of fun.  Wait, what about the Reviews.  Well don't worry Evan in his quest to watch the most Gay Porn ever has two more DVDs for you.  Thee first is Azul by AMG Brasil.  Hot guys form Brasil need we say more!  Evan rates this a solid 3 splats!  The second DVD is Ass Crusin' by Jet Set.  These guys have the goods and they show it!  Evan rates this  a quarter bouncing 3 1/2 splats  Paulie rates another hot Ass toy.  This weeks it's the A Bomb by Tantus.  This is a top quality toy here and you will want it exploding in your ass!   Wrapping things up is Moscow Girls bringing you "If I can't dance...".
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Gay Talk Podcast #158 What do you do when both of your hosts are down with the flu?  You drag them out of bed and make them do a podcast.  No rest for the weary here!  You deserve a podcast each week and you will get one!
     Pride wraps up here in DC and Evan and Paulie give you the lowdown.  Add in news of the world.  Likes and dislikes and all the regular segments and even sic Paulie and Evan show you how to laugh!  With all the bed rest Evan had plenty of time to review these two hot DVDs a few times.  The first DVD is "Massive" by Colt Studios.  Evan rates this a sizeable 3 1/2 splats!  The second DVD is by GPTs fave director Jett Blakk.  Check out "Father Knows Best".  This is not the TV show for sure! Evan rates this 3 1/2 relative splats!  Paulie stays n bed while he reviews the Pro Pal Men's Pleasure Anal Wand. you definitely don't need to be a pro to enjoy this toy!  This week's MTFT is "Withdrawal" by Jetpack:Missing!
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Gay Talk Podcast #157 It's pride week here in DC and Paulie and Evan were out celebrating last weekend.  They were whooping it up with all they hot guys who came into town! But they still took a break form the festivities to crank out another hilarious edition of their GPT podcast.  So listen in and try to keep your laughter under control!
     This week there is plenty to celebrate.  Marriage is legal in California!  Time for a California gay rush!  Let's all go get married!  Paulie and Evan also discuss Cindy Lauper's True Colors tour, Fathers day and much more!  This is one packed podcast.  Evan reviews two steamy DVDs The first is "Winter Heat" by Falcon.  Kevin give this a cool 3 splats!  The second DVD is "Workin' Hard" by Mustang Studios which he rates 3 1/2 Spats.  Paulie in his search for the best anal tool reviews the Dr Joel's Power Probe Anal Missile.  This definitely hits the target!  Wrapping thing up is Evans MTFT with "Ketamine" by Get Back Loretta".
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Gay Talk Podcast #156 HOLY SMOKES IT'S HOT HERE!!  DC is on fire!  The temps this weekend hit 100+.  And dudes that's just unbearable.  Paulie is running around naked yelling "I need to cool down!.  I don't know how Evan did it but he was able to get crazy Paulie to sit his naked butt down and put out another podcast.  Thank goodness They don't have vinyl chairs to sit on. Put that picture in your mind A naked Paulie sitting on hot Vinyl!
     But seriously beloved listeners Paulie and Evan have cranked out another hilarious yet informative podcast for you again! News, Letters, reviews you get it all!  This weeks DVD reviews will keep the heat flowing.  The first is "My Brother's Hot Friend" by Naughty America.  Every one's fantasy come to life!  Evan rates this a friendly 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "French Kiss" by Bel Ami.  It's Bel Ami and 4 splats!  nuff said!   Paulie goes for the size with the Dr Joel's Stroking Power Pump!.  Who couldn't use a bit more size!?!  Wrapping up another week is the MTFT with "So What" by Corey TuT
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Gay Talk Podcast #155

Paulie and Evan take a trip and you get to come along!  They take a trip to lovely Myrtle Beach South Carolina and recorded their remote podcast from the hotel!  It was tough keeping all the cute boys that they picked up at the beach quiet.  And yes they were legal!
     In between the new Hard Rock Park and the beach Evan still has time to review 2 more DVDs .  The first is "Big Dick Society" By Jet Set.  Evan rates this a sophisticated 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "P.O.V." by Titan Media.  Evan rates this a memorable 3 1.2 splats.  Even on vacation Paulie never forgets his toy!  This weeks review is the "Sparta P spot Butt Plug".  Paulie loves this newest addition from Spartacus leathers!  Of course there's letters, news of the week, likes and dislikes all with the twisted bent only Evan and Paulie can supply.  Wrapping up the beach edition podcast is Evans MTFT is The Dandy Warhols singing "The World The People Together".  This is one sexy group out of Oregon.  Check em out and tell em Evan sent you!

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Gay Talk Podcast #154 For those of you in the states, happy memorial day.  For those of you from everywhere else.  This is the day we celebrate our veterans.  Maybe you didn't know this but Paulie tried to enlist, but they didn't have to ask and he couldn't not tell.  So instead he went into porn.  One way or another he was going get see hot GIs to show him their stuff!
     OK the debate is on can you use a sex to for oral hygiene?  Listen in to Paulie's review of the 'My first Anal Kit' and then let us know what you think!   Evan has two strong contenders for you DVD collection both rate a very powerful 3 1/2 Splats!  The first is "The Cock Hunter" by Pride Australia.  You will want to go down under to go down on these guys!  The second is "Strong Will" by Colt Studios.  I know your thinking what about the news and the letters?!?  Don't worry they are there, you won't miss a thing!  Last but not least Listen in to this South African band AutoPilot playing "Mono".
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Hey what ca n you do?!  Sorry we had some recording problems this week and the podcast was unsalvageable.  We'll be back next week with another podcast with Paulie and Evan. 
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Well we didn't drown.  Washington DC was awash under some serious rain storms getting 6" of rain in the last week.  This is the first time I ever heard Paulie say 6" was too much!  But, like the postman Paulie and Evan braved the weather to bring you your weekly podcast.  So find a dry spot and put on you headphones and listen in!
 This weeks you get all your favorite segments plus a prickly bonus!  Paulie and Evan give you the low down on the penis cactus!  Plus, news, letters, like and dislikes.  Evan had plenty of time in the rain to review two DVDs for you this weeks choices are "Cuma Sutra" by Black Scorpion  Evan rates this a tantric 4 splats!  The second is The Porne Ultimatum"  by Dirty Bird.  This is a thrilling 3 splatter!.  Paulie reviews the Colt Expandable Butt Plug.  This is another winner from the colt line of products.  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT of the week with "The Unlucky Ones by Admiral Twin.
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Gay Talk Nick Capra Interview  

 As promised here is the complete Nick Capra interview.  Get ready for the return of one of the hottest Men in Gay Porn.  And just for fun here is hot picture for those of you who actually visit the blog page

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Gay Talk Podcast #152 Feliz 5 de Mayo!!  I hope all of our listeners from south of the border are having a great day!  I'm drinking a Corona in celebration!  Of course Paulie and Evan don't need any reason to celebrate.  They are a party all of the time!  Well at least they drive me to drink anyway!
    Paulie and Evan give you a little snippet of their interview with Hot sexy porn star Nick Capra. Be sure to check out the complete interview later in the week!    But wait don't forget the rest of this podcast.  Paulie and Evan have a chock full podcast with letters, news and of course reviews.  Evan reviews two hot movie.  The first is "Some Like it Big" by Bel Ami.  These hot euro boys don't disappoint.  Evan rates this is scorching 4 splats!  The second DVD is "Jock Itch" by  Raging Stallion.  Evan thinks you will be itching to watch this over and over with a 3 1/2 splat rating!  Paulie reviews the François Sagat Dildo!  This is one sexy guy and his dildo will have you begging for more!  Evan's MTFT tune of the week is  "In it for the Money" by Monkeeman.
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Gay Talk Podcast #151 Whew what a weekend.  Busy, busy, busy.  Sorry for the late podcast again.  It's getting to be a habit!  I promise next weeks will be on time!  Plus we have another Porn Star interview in the works!  Stay tuned.  Now down to business.
     This weeks podcast is chuck full of news and stories.  And I promise Paulie isn't off his meds!  As always you will get the complete scoop on what's going on!  This week Evan reviews another of AMD Brasil's hot hot DVDs.  The newest offer is a must have.  The title is "Carnival".  And trust me you will want to play this over and over.  Evan rates this a scorching 3 1/2 splats. The second DVD is "Fleet Week" by Falcon Studios. Think of it, Horny soldiers back form sea!  Evan rates this a seaworthy 3 splats!  Paulie has another hot toy from the Rascal line.  The Vibrating P spot kit!  DO you know where your P spot is?  Evan's MTFT is a local group this week with "Welcome to DC Remix" by Mambo Sauce.
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Gay Talk Podcast #150 Sorry!!  I know you guys are going where is my podcast!!  Give it to me now!!   I understand.  We all need our Paulie and Evan fix. so here it is!
    Getting right to the meat you know Paulie and Evan won't leave out any of your favorite segments.  And getting down to reviews Paulie Reviews the And butt plug harness with cock ring.  This is made from the finest leather and you can feel it!!  Evan reviews two more DVDs this week they are "Head Hunters INC" by Hot House which Evan rates a employable 3 1/2 splats.  The second is our newest favorite Studio Raging Stallion with "Testosterone" which is rated a fever inducing 3 1/2 splats!   Wrapping things up us Evans MTFT "Finish What we Started by Headway
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Gay Talk Podcast #149 Ahhh Spring is definitely here in Washington the trees are in bloom and the weather is at it's finest.  What a perfect day to download Paulie and Evan's podcast and take it with you out to the park on on a joy ride in your convertible.
     Paulie and Evan have plenty of juicy dish for you served only as they know how.  Hurray to Maryland for taking the right step in allowing Medical rights to same sex couples.  Now you can find a gay bar in the farthest reaches of Ireland.  Gay rights are on the move!  Of course Paulie and Evan have not left out all the juicy Gay Porn industry news, and  your letters.  Evan wants everyone to remember a 3 splat review is a great review and with that he gives out 3 splats to both of his reviews this week   The first is "Hunter, Hunted" by Raging Stallion Studios.  The second is  "In The Wild" by High Octane.  Both are definitely worth a trip to your video store for!  Paulie wants to know if you swallowers out there are tired of sour semen.  HE has found the perfect gift for you.  Semenex Semen Sweetener.  Now you can swallow to your hearts content!  Want something to listen to when you are swallowing try "Lost" by Easton Legacy; Evan's MTFT of the week.
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Gay Talk Podcast #148 OK so after our Aprils fools joke. (jokes on us).  We promise we have your podcast up running and available.  But thanks to all of you who let us know about the problems and we fixed em right away.  We know how important it is to get you Paulie and Evan fix!
     This week your sure to enjoy listening into the news, letters, stories and more! Evan reviews two hot movies this week.  The first DVD is by fan favorite Colt studios.  "Couples 3" gets 3 1/2 pairs of splats!  The second DVD is "Backroom Exclusive" by Hot House studios.  Evan invites you into the back room with a 3 1/2 splat review.  Paulie reviews the Colt studios new leather line.  This week he try on the" Colt Gear Leather Zip Jockstrap."   You are sure to show your stuff at its best in this sexy leather jock!  Of course you will need a little background music when your showing off in you new jock so why not try Evan's MTFT of the week.  "Oh No" by Truth in Fiction".
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Gay Talk Podcast #147 Well March is almost over and April is moving on in.  We all did it together made it through another rough winter.  Is everyone ready to put on the shorts and Speedos? Or did winter add a little to your middle?  Send us you hot Speedo pics and Evan and Paulie will comment on them on their podcast.  Also we are close to our three year anniversary.  Any Ideas for the anniversary podcast.  Write in and let us know.  Also thanks to Blair who let us know our Email wasn't working.
     This weeks podcast delivers the news like no other.  This is Paulie and Evan at their best.  They respond to your letters and likes and dislikes.  You are sure to put a little jiggle to your middle chuckling at their antics>  But you will be informed!  Evan's two DVDS this week are "Overtime" from Falcon Studios.  Evan says they earned triple and 1/2  time or splats for this one!  The second DVD is "The Private Life of Brandon Manilow" by Bel Ami Studios.  This studio doesn't disappoint and you will be playing with your privates with Evan's 3 1/2 splat rating!  Not that Paulie would ever need one but this week he reviews the "The Boy Butter Bonerz Boy-agra".  He agrees that this will definitely help put a rise in your evening!  Take a listen to Evans MTFT of the week "Fan the Fury" by Aloud.  Well that's it see you next week!
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Gay Talk Podcast #146 HAPPY EASTER!! We hope the Easter Bunny brought you all the candies and chocolate you wanted!  Paulie end Evan have an Easter treat for you too. A special Easter podcast.  Now you can hide away for all the family after Easter breakfast and get a little chuckle from Paulie and Evans hilarity!
     Get ready for news and and answers to letters delivered only how Paulie and Evan can!  From Governor Three ways to the Grabby awards!  Of course Evan has two more DVDs to review for you.  The first is "Men's Room 3" by Titan Media. with 4 splats this is definitely not a DVD you want to flush.  The second is "Winter Heat" by Bel Ami.  Hot guys on Ski slopes what more could you ask for.  Evan agrees with 3 1/2 splats!  Paulie feels men never grow up and proves it with this toy selection the Love Anal Pacifier.  From one body opening to another this toy is a must have! The MTFT of the week is "Our Place Among" by Out of the Cold.
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Gay Talk Podcast #145 You'll laugh so hard you'll cry. This weeks podcast will have you rolling in the isles  Evan is in rare form this week and has Paulie Laughing 'til his sides split.  Well I guess turn about is fair play!  But they can get serious too.  Paulie and Evan discuss the Gay Iranian in Britain, The Grabbie awards, And an Oklahoma Homophobe in office!  Of course they also answer your questions.  This week they answer all about how to get rid of that itch your last trick left you.  Add in likes and dislikes and emails you have a full podcast.
     But Paulie and Evan never disappoint with their reviews.  Evan reviews two hot DVDs.   The first is "Czech Tales part 2".  part of the newly revamped Falcon International line.  Evan rated this a solid 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "Piece of Cake" by Jocks.   Evan calls this the saddest hottest DVD ou will ever watch.  HE rates this a tear jerking 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie reviews the new Francois Sagat Dildo.  This is a lifelike version of his uncut glory.  This hard to find Dildo is now avaliable at   Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT f the week with "Idea Gone" by Rayko/KRB.
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Gay Talk Podcast #144 OK the new sound didn't go of perfectly, but we have it all worked out this week.  And Paulie and Evan never have sounded better!  So listen in to all their news of the week.  If you missed last years True Colors concert tour you have to make this years.  Cyndi Lauper is back and she's brought the B-52s with her!  Plus many more great stars!  If you are like us you were watching the Project Runway finale this week and uber gay boy Christian Siriano came away with the award! 
     Do you have an old sex toy that you want to sell?  Well Paulie answers a listeners question on how to do it.  And you all know with all his testing Paulie's closets are bursting at the seams with sex toys!  This is just a taste of the topics you will hears Paulie and Evan talk about.
     Evan reviews this week are super hot!  The first is "Agua" by AMG Brasil.  They just can't stop putting out super sexy movies and Evan rates this a soaking3 1/2 splats!  The second review is "Chosen" by Rascal video. If you choose to watch this you won't be disappointed with Evan's 3 1/2 splay rating.  Paulie reviews The "Cyberskin Double Pleasure Comfort Grip Stroker"  Which gets the award for longest product title.  But Paulie says you won't have to wait long to shoot when you use this awesome new toy!  To wrap up for this week you can go check out Evan's MTFT chioce with 'Avalanche' by Sentinal.  
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Gay Talk Podcast #143 Paulie and Evan have upgraded.  They have a new recording system which will bring you  the podcast in True Stereo sound.  Paulie on one side and Evan on the other.  Or a GPT sandwich with you in the middle! They haven't quite worked out the bugs yet so Paulie's got a bit of vibrato.  But better sound makes for a better time! 
     Now you can hear all your favorite segments clearer and in stereo.  On one side listen to Evans reviews of "Paradise Found" by Buckshot.  This is rated a sonic 4 splats.  The second review is "TKO" by Studio 2000.  This gets rated a knockout 3 1/2 splats.  Then switch sides and Paulie is coming to you with his review of the Rascal Cock Ring Trio.  And of course Evan's MTFT will sound all the better.  Listen in to "Electro Genius" by Etrangers.
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Gay Talk Podcast #142 Hey every one it's time to ask for your help.  If you love Paulie and Evan please take a minute to go toe Itunes and leave a good review for them.  This way everyone will know what they are missing out on and tune in!.  Help spread the word!! 
     Now back to the podcast.  This week is another jam packed podcast full of news and letters from you our listeners.  What are your likes and dislikes, what burning questions do you have that only Paulie and Evan can answer? What hot new DVDs, toys and music do they have for you?  This week Evan has two more hot DVDs the first is "Topdawgs" by FPG International.  Evan rates this a smashing 4 splats!  The second DVD is "The F Word" by Jet Set.  Evan rates this a F#*$&% 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie has  the newest release by Rascal  with the Tommy Blade Dildo.  This is a real pleaser.    And we can't forget Evans MTFT of thre week with "Killing Me" by Justin Nozuka.
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Gay Talk Podcast #141

OK Valentines day is over and I'm sure all you botches got great presents and valentines day sex!  While your off playing cupid Paulie and Evan are working hard to give you a jam packed podcast! 
     This weeks podcast I chock full of news, sex, intrigue, sex, questions, sex, letters, and oh did I say SEX!  Well you can tell what I have on my mind.  Maybe it's the two DVDs Evan reviewed. The first is "On Fire" by Jet Set which will is chock full of everyone's fantasy, HOT FIREMEN!  Evan agrees and rates this 4 raging splats!    The second DVD keeps the sex going with "Rough Play" by Falcon Studios.  This is packed with everyone's second fantasy.  Hot Rugby Players!  Again Evan agrees and rates this 3 1/2 hard playing splats!  Paulie has the perfect toy to use while watching these DVDs  The Dr Joel Kaplan's Perineum Massager.  Fantasy or no fantasy this will make you shoot over the top!  Need a little mood music while you complete the mission?  Well listen in to " When the rain comes down Again" by Zox.  Whew, I think that's it with this sexy podcast.  Happy Valentines day!

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Gay Talk Podcast #140 What can I say.  Another week another podcast.  Were closing in on the end of 3 years of podcasts and Paulie and Evan have aged like a fine wine.  Smoother and more full bodied!  Speaking of smoother.  Paulie and Evan are asked the age old question, Should I or Shouldn't I shave?  And they're not talking about your face!  They also give you the lowdown on the newest big brother, this is sure to heat up the winter! All this and more!!
     This week's DVD reviews show that Evan can find DVDs that he loves.  And yes he does watch them all the way through with no Fast forwarding!   The first DVD is "Breakers" by Titan Media, which is rated a tidal wave 4 splats!  The second DVD is "Too Many Boys" by Bel Ami.   there can never be too many hot euro boys?  Evan agrees with a 4 splat rating.  Paulie agrees with our customer reviews and gives the Butt Plug Cockring Harness an astounding 5 splat toy rating!  An of course this weeks MTFT is "A Story to tell your Friends" by Every Avenue.  
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Gay Talk Podcast #139

It's Super bowl Weekend and Paulie and Evan aren't sure you will be able to pull your self away form the tube.  Because if your like them you cant get enough of those well built men in the tight pants!!  And, Oh the Quarterbacks, both are real hunks!!  But, just in case you can pull your self away they have created another podcast for your enjoyment. Maybe downs won't be the only thing you are touching!   
     Paulie and Evan have some more likes and dislikes for you along with more news than ever!  OF course if you want more you can all was go to Paulie's blog.  Evan  reviews 2 DVD's this week.  The first is Falcon's reentry into the international line with Czech Tales Pt1.  And they are back with a Vengance.  Evan rates this a sizzling 4 splats!  The second DVD is Summer Encounter by Titan Media.  Your sure to get heated up with the DVD rated 3 splats.  Paulie is getting ready for Valentines day with his review of the Red Rendezvous Bondage Kit.  What a way to get tied up!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT  "born too late by Dice!

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GAy Talk Podcast #138 We all mourn this week.  Heath Ledger, The straight, yet gay friendly star of Broke back Mountain is Dead.  The good ones always die young it seems.  Go figure though The uber bigoted Fred Phelps and his Gang are planning on picketing his Funeral.  Paulie and Evan will tell you what they think about all of this.  DO you have what it takes to fill Jeff Stryker's Pants?  Well Chi Chi is looking for the next star of Powertool 3 and maybe you are the one to do it! 
     Speaking of power tools Paulie Reviews one of the Colt line of tools.  The Rotating Beaded Anal Probe.  This is one tool that will leave you satisfied!  Evan's two DVD reviews this week are. The first is Rising Star which he rates a meteoric 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Twisted Web which is rated 3 1/2 nasty splats.  Tune in next week for more of Paulie and Evan!  You won't be disappointed
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Gay Talk Podcast #137 Oh Tom Cruise, (sigh), I guess the rumors aren't true you really aren't gay.  But Paulie still holds a space in his heart for you just in case.  It turns out that there's lots of other wild stories about you though including where did you baby really come from?  Check out Paulie's Blog for more!   Need a little back door action?  Well, just hit your head and head to the hospital..  Intrigued?  Paulie and Evan will tell you the whole story!  All this plus more news, letters, comments and laughs! 
     And of course reviews.  Evan has two DVDs for you to watch.  IF you into Beefy, hairy, sexy men check out Titan Men's "Command Post"  Evan rates this a manly 3 1/2 splats!  If muscle College age Boys are to your liking check out Mustang Studios "Inches Away" .  Evan rates this a measurable 3 splats!  Looking for a candy ass well Paulie has the perfect toy for you! The Gum Drop Butt plug.  Of course available in both Cherry Red and Licorice Black!  This week's MTFT is "I don't want to be alone" by The Frantic.
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It's award time!! the GayVN nominations are out!  The list is long and the movies are better than ever.  For a complete list of the nominations go to Paulie's Blog.  You would think You would go to Evan's blog but he doesn't have one!  Paulie covers this and much more.  His blog is definitely something to add to your favorites!  Of course this isn't all Paulie and Evan talk about.  They have your letters, news of the world, likes and dislikes and of course their reviews.
     This week Paulie reviews the Ben Andrew Realistic Dildo.  This is one massive piece of rubber and lives up to Ben Andrews huge proportions.  Paulie gives it 5 Splats.  And best of all One of the only places you can get it is a   So be the first on your block to get one!  Evan reviews two more movies this week.  The first is "Gigolo" by Lucas Entertainment.  This is another top quality video by porn impresario Michael Lucas.  Evan agrees and rates this 4 massive splats!  The second DVD is "Choose Me" by Mustang Studios.  Falcon has just revamped this line and things are looking up!  Evan rates this a satisfying 3 splats.   And now we come to the MTFT of the week and the lucky winner is Chasing Vegas playing "With Me Tonight".
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Gay Talk Podcast #135 Whew 2007 has been quite a year.  From "Wide Stance" Larry to a Gay free Iran.  Things couldn't have been any weirder.   Paulie and Evan give you a wrap up of all things gay for 2007.  We can only hope that '08 brings us as much fodder for the podcast. 
     Ask Evan fro 10 and he gives you 20.  Here is Evan's exhaustive (or is that exhausting) list of his favorite scene from 2007s podcasts.  Paulie also gives you his choice of the best new toys of 07.   Of course their host can supply you with and and all of these winners!  So listen and laugh with Paulie and Evan as they put a close on 2007 and welcome in 2008.
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