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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
GAy Talk Podcast #138 We all mourn this week.  Heath Ledger, The straight, yet gay friendly star of Broke back Mountain is Dead.  The good ones always die young it seems.  Go figure though The uber bigoted Fred Phelps and his Gang are planning on picketing his Funeral.  Paulie and Evan will tell you what they think about all of this.  DO you have what it takes to fill Jeff Stryker's Pants?  Well Chi Chi is looking for the next star of Powertool 3 and maybe you are the one to do it! 
     Speaking of power tools Paulie Reviews one of the Colt line of tools.  The Rotating Beaded Anal Probe.  This is one tool that will leave you satisfied!  Evan's two DVD reviews this week are. The first is Rising Star which he rates a meteoric 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Twisted Web which is rated 3 1/2 nasty splats.  Tune in next week for more of Paulie and Evan!  You won't be disappointed
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Gay Talk Podcast #137 Oh Tom Cruise, (sigh), I guess the rumors aren't true you really aren't gay.  But Paulie still holds a space in his heart for you just in case.  It turns out that there's lots of other wild stories about you though including where did you baby really come from?  Check out Paulie's Blog for more!   Need a little back door action?  Well, just hit your head and head to the hospital..  Intrigued?  Paulie and Evan will tell you the whole story!  All this plus more news, letters, comments and laughs! 
     And of course reviews.  Evan has two DVDs for you to watch.  IF you into Beefy, hairy, sexy men check out Titan Men's "Command Post"  Evan rates this a manly 3 1/2 splats!  If muscle College age Boys are to your liking check out Mustang Studios "Inches Away" .  Evan rates this a measurable 3 splats!  Looking for a candy ass well Paulie has the perfect toy for you! The Gum Drop Butt plug.  Of course available in both Cherry Red and Licorice Black!  This week's MTFT is "I don't want to be alone" by The Frantic.
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It's award time!! the GayVN nominations are out!  The list is long and the movies are better than ever.  For a complete list of the nominations go to Paulie's Blog.  You would think You would go to Evan's blog but he doesn't have one!  Paulie covers this and much more.  His blog is definitely something to add to your favorites!  Of course this isn't all Paulie and Evan talk about.  They have your letters, news of the world, likes and dislikes and of course their reviews.
     This week Paulie reviews the Ben Andrew Realistic Dildo.  This is one massive piece of rubber and lives up to Ben Andrews huge proportions.  Paulie gives it 5 Splats.  And best of all One of the only places you can get it is a   So be the first on your block to get one!  Evan reviews two more movies this week.  The first is "Gigolo" by Lucas Entertainment.  This is another top quality video by porn impresario Michael Lucas.  Evan agrees and rates this 4 massive splats!  The second DVD is "Choose Me" by Mustang Studios.  Falcon has just revamped this line and things are looking up!  Evan rates this a satisfying 3 splats.   And now we come to the MTFT of the week and the lucky winner is Chasing Vegas playing "With Me Tonight".
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Gay Talk Podcast #135 Whew 2007 has been quite a year.  From "Wide Stance" Larry to a Gay free Iran.  Things couldn't have been any weirder.   Paulie and Evan give you a wrap up of all things gay for 2007.  We can only hope that '08 brings us as much fodder for the podcast. 
     Ask Evan fro 10 and he gives you 20.  Here is Evan's exhaustive (or is that exhausting) list of his favorite scene from 2007s podcasts.  Paulie also gives you his choice of the best new toys of 07.   Of course their host can supply you with and and all of these winners!  So listen and laugh with Paulie and Evan as they put a close on 2007 and welcome in 2008.
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