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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #151 Whew what a weekend.  Busy, busy, busy.  Sorry for the late podcast again.  It's getting to be a habit!  I promise next weeks will be on time!  Plus we have another Porn Star interview in the works!  Stay tuned.  Now down to business.
     This weeks podcast is chuck full of news and stories.  And I promise Paulie isn't off his meds!  As always you will get the complete scoop on what's going on!  This week Evan reviews another of AMD Brasil's hot hot DVDs.  The newest offer is a must have.  The title is "Carnival".  And trust me you will want to play this over and over.  Evan rates this a scorching 3 1/2 splats. The second DVD is "Fleet Week" by Falcon Studios. Think of it, Horny soldiers back form sea!  Evan rates this a seaworthy 3 splats!  Paulie has another hot toy from the Rascal line.  The Vibrating P spot kit!  DO you know where your P spot is?  Evan's MTFT is a local group this week with "Welcome to DC Remix" by Mambo Sauce.
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Gay Talk Podcast #150 Sorry!!  I know you guys are going where is my podcast!!  Give it to me now!!   I understand.  We all need our Paulie and Evan fix. so here it is!
    Getting right to the meat you know Paulie and Evan won't leave out any of your favorite segments.  And getting down to reviews Paulie Reviews the And butt plug harness with cock ring.  This is made from the finest leather and you can feel it!!  Evan reviews two more DVDs this week they are "Head Hunters INC" by Hot House which Evan rates a employable 3 1/2 splats.  The second is our newest favorite Studio Raging Stallion with "Testosterone" which is rated a fever inducing 3 1/2 splats!   Wrapping things up us Evans MTFT "Finish What we Started by Headway
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Gay Talk Podcast #149 Ahhh Spring is definitely here in Washington the trees are in bloom and the weather is at it's finest.  What a perfect day to download Paulie and Evan's podcast and take it with you out to the park on on a joy ride in your convertible.
     Paulie and Evan have plenty of juicy dish for you served only as they know how.  Hurray to Maryland for taking the right step in allowing Medical rights to same sex couples.  Now you can find a gay bar in the farthest reaches of Ireland.  Gay rights are on the move!  Of course Paulie and Evan have not left out all the juicy Gay Porn industry news, and  your letters.  Evan wants everyone to remember a 3 splat review is a great review and with that he gives out 3 splats to both of his reviews this week   The first is "Hunter, Hunted" by Raging Stallion Studios.  The second is  "In The Wild" by High Octane.  Both are definitely worth a trip to your video store for!  Paulie wants to know if you swallowers out there are tired of sour semen.  HE has found the perfect gift for you.  Semenex Semen Sweetener.  Now you can swallow to your hearts content!  Want something to listen to when you are swallowing try "Lost" by Easton Legacy; Evan's MTFT of the week.
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Gay Talk Podcast #148 OK so after our Aprils fools joke. (jokes on us).  We promise we have your podcast up running and available.  But thanks to all of you who let us know about the problems and we fixed em right away.  We know how important it is to get you Paulie and Evan fix!
     This week your sure to enjoy listening into the news, letters, stories and more! Evan reviews two hot movies this week.  The first DVD is by fan favorite Colt studios.  "Couples 3" gets 3 1/2 pairs of splats!  The second DVD is "Backroom Exclusive" by Hot House studios.  Evan invites you into the back room with a 3 1/2 splat review.  Paulie reviews the Colt studios new leather line.  This week he try on the" Colt Gear Leather Zip Jockstrap."   You are sure to show your stuff at its best in this sexy leather jock!  Of course you will need a little background music when your showing off in you new jock so why not try Evan's MTFT of the week.  "Oh No" by Truth in Fiction".
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Gay Talk Podcast #147 Well March is almost over and April is moving on in.  We all did it together made it through another rough winter.  Is everyone ready to put on the shorts and Speedos? Or did winter add a little to your middle?  Send us you hot Speedo pics and Evan and Paulie will comment on them on their podcast.  Also we are close to our three year anniversary.  Any Ideas for the anniversary podcast.  Write in and let us know.  Also thanks to Blair who let us know our Email wasn't working.
     This weeks podcast delivers the news like no other.  This is Paulie and Evan at their best.  They respond to your letters and likes and dislikes.  You are sure to put a little jiggle to your middle chuckling at their antics>  But you will be informed!  Evan's two DVDS this week are "Overtime" from Falcon Studios.  Evan says they earned triple and 1/2  time or splats for this one!  The second DVD is "The Private Life of Brandon Manilow" by Bel Ami Studios.  This studio doesn't disappoint and you will be playing with your privates with Evan's 3 1/2 splat rating!  Not that Paulie would ever need one but this week he reviews the "The Boy Butter Bonerz Boy-agra".  He agrees that this will definitely help put a rise in your evening!  Take a listen to Evans MTFT of the week "Fan the Fury" by Aloud.  Well that's it see you next week!
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