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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Hey every one sorry for the gap in podcasts.  Don't worry Paulie and Evan are still around and putting out podcasts.  Just a few technical problems.  So without Further ado..
     Evan's two DVDs for the week are.  "Some like it Big 2" by Bel Ami.  Never disappointing this is rated 4 splats!  The second is Falcons release with "Cyber Games", part of the newly refurbished international line Evan rates this a solid 4 splats.  Paulie loves low hangers and has found the toy that will help you have a pair of your own.  The Manbound Parachute Ball stretchers.  You'll have a swinging pair in no time!  And of course there's Evan's MTFT  with a two fer both by Modern Science.
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Gay Talk Podcast #170 OK they are finally over their hangovers from last week.  They are ready to sit down and record another week of news, laugher, reviews, letters and questions.
     Evan must like watching movies because if he didn't he wouldn't be spending all his time amassing a record making list of movies!  This week he adds two more to  his growing list.  The first is "Trunks 5" from hot house video.  This is not your like your normal magazine swim suit edition unless you want to see them all removed!  Evan rates this a splashing 4 splats.  The second DVD is "Sharp" by All Worlds. Evan thinks this DVD is edgy like a knife and rates it a slicing 3 1/2 splats!   Paulie has upgraded his dildo to the new "Johnny Hazzard Cyberskin 7x Vibrating Cock with Balls".  Yeah the name is long but so will be the pleasure you get form this now toy!  Wrapping up the week is this week's MTFT with "Breathe" by This is Fiction. 
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Gay Talk Podcast #169 HTML clipboardWatch out.  Evan and Paulie went on a drinking binge before this podcast.  Put a bottle of wine in front of these guys and they can't resist.  Well how about three bottles.  So get ready for a wackier than ever podcast.
     What do you think about McCain's VP choice.  Evan and Paulie have a few words to say on the matter. Plus other opinion on the news of the week.  OF course they answer your questions and letters.  Don't forget their contest!  You could win $100 in prizes from
     Evan has two hot DVD reviews this week.  Both are rated a Staggering 4 splats!  See what did I tell you about Evan and wine!  Porn companies pay attention and send in your tapes taped to the side of a good merlot!  The first DVD is Pounding the Pavement by Lucas Productions.  Top quality as always!  The second 4 splatter is Copperhead Canyon by Titan media.  You will love these trouser snakes!   Paulie reviews a new addition to the ever expanding rascal line of toys.  This week it is the Ultra Powerful T-Bar.  This bendable toy will go to any depth to please you!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT with "Think you falling now wait till its over" by Alamance.  other than having the longest title ever Evan loves this tune!
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