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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #185 Ok it's my fault this time.  I totally spaced on putting up the podcast over the weekend.  So don't blame Paulie and Evan.  They were all together and ready.  And made you an awesome podcast
     Lots of news this week from the Supreme Court and porn to Tyra Banks and gay for pay!  You can't get a wider spectrum than that.  Of course your questions and letters too.  Evan reviews the hottest new DVD on the market with Chad Hunt's swan song with "End Game" by Dirty bird pictures And i tell you what this is one for the collection.  Jett Blakk is at his prime and Chad Hunt definitely saves the best for last!  Run out now and buy  this DVD from  Evan rated this a awesome 4 1/2 splats or near perfect!  The second DVD is also by Dirty bird pictures  featuring porn hottie Brent Corrigan in "Just the Sex".  Evan agrees the sex is good and rates this a solid 3 splats.  Paulie take the "Gapers butt plug" for a ride and give it his seal of approval.  Don't forget to take a listen to Evan's MTFT of the week with "Don't Say" by Fundamental Elements.
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Gay Talk Podcast #184  Only two days until Satan is no longer running the United States!  What a long hard trip it's been.  But we survived and now we move into the promised land. Except the promised land is broke!  But I have faith and we all have Paulie and Evan keeping our spirits up and if things don't get better at least you will be up to date on all of your porn news and have a bit of sunshine and humor to keep you going!
     This week Paulie and Evan discuss one of their favorite topics.  The Church of Scientology! Add all the other news of the week and your letters, questions and reviews and we have another presidential sized podcast!  And I can't tell you who yet but Paulie and Evan may have another interview for you with one of Paulie's Favorite stars!  Getting to reviews Evan has two hot DVDs for you.  The first is "Sex Hiker" by Black Scorpion.  You will wish you had pulled over and picked up this one!  Evan rates is a Thumb worthy 4 splats.  We've had 8 years of lemons so George Duroy gave us Bel Ami's "Lemonade".  Evan loved this and squeezed out 3 1/2 seedless splats!  Paulie reviews another hot new toy from the Titan Men line.  This week is the newest toy of the bunch, The Titanmen Wrecked'em Dildo.  You may wreck your rectum but you will love this toy!  a must for the titan man in you!  Evan wraps things up with the MTFT of the week "Honesty by Attack! Attack!
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Gay Talk Podcast #183 I must be in Disney because maybe wishes do come true!  Three weeks in a row in time!  Be still my beating heart!  This weeks podcast goes back to the traditional podcasts you love Reviews, letters, comments, news and fun! It's like comfort food for the ears!
     This week Evan reviews part one and part two if a new series destined to become a all time classic.  If they don't win the AVN award for best movie I don't know where they went wrong.  I'm talking about Raging Stallion studio's To the Last Man One and Two.  The are a tour de force in Gay porn and Evan rates them both a Chap smackin' 4 1/2 splats.  That's one big load of fun pardner.  Paulie review an item that's fun in every language and proves it!  the Colt Vibrating Cockring.   Evan's MTFT if a fave band of mine.  Plain White T's.
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Gay Talk Podcast #182 Here it is the first Podcast of the new year and Paulie and Evan are both making a resolution to get their podcasts up on time!  Ok actually I am saying that but it would be nice!  The do promise to continue to make you laugh and entertain you!
     This week Evan gives you his top ten review of DVDs and Songs.  Only the best will make the cut.  Paulie reviews another awesome toy for you to get to start off the year right.  This week it's Manbound Masters Restraint Wrap.  I think we are seeing a theme from Paulie!  Well get to listening and we will see you next week.
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