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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster

The boys are back from their winter break and bring you holiday hilarties with all the latest gay news around the world. Paulie reviews Jet Set Men Ass and Ladders and gives it 3 splats and David reviews the new Bottoms Up 3 way Butt Blast, the only triple threat sex toy. The MTFT this week is an odd Xmas song that will get you humming along and the winner of the Twitter contest this week wins a Raging Stallion Dick of the Month Calendar. We hope everyone will stay warm and stay Hard!

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This Week Paulie and David discuss World HIV/AIDS day and love that Ambassadors Liza Minelli and Cheyenne Jackson rang the New York Stock Exchange, and the DADT Survey. They think the Reichen Lehmkuhl from Logo's A-List singing should be used for a new "De-Erection" cure and Dr Laura new gig at Sirius XM should be filled with muscle jokes. The MTFT this week comes from The Superions called "Fruit Cake" . Paulie answeres your sex questions and reviews the new Torrid Twinks (Jr. Hotties with Balls) and loves the super hung twinks all 18-27 but thinks that the camera work is odd and gives it a 3 splats, if you like amateur frat boys this one is for you. David reviews the new all in one electro sex toys, anal probe and nipple clamps from Pipedreams "Fetish Fantasy Shock Anal Probe and Fetish Fantasy Shock Nipple Clamps, David guantees that these sex toys will give you a jolt. Make sure to stay tuned to find out if Paulies monkey is real or a "Small Person" in a hairy suit and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys try to bring you the new Enhanced Podcast but the new program failed so it is back to basics. The boys love the new comment from the Pope where only Male Prostitutes can wear condoms, Pierre Fitch new Documentary and the Circumcision ban in San Francisco. Paulie loves the new Lucas Entertainment DVD Sex Addict (you know the old adage, it takes one…) and gives it 3.5 splats. David reviews the new 11” monster toy from Titan Men called the “Crankshaft” and thinks your will be blown away from its rear ending vibration. They answer your questions about anal lube, discuss your listeners letters and read your Turn Ons and Off. Have a great Thanksgiving Week, and make sure to get stuffed with more than turkey… Stay Hard.  

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This week the boys talk about Gay Sex in Saudi Arabia, Obama’s Trannie Nanny, and answer your question about how hypnosis helps with gay sex. Paulie reviews Titan Men’s Swelter and gives it 4 splats for one of the best 3 ways you will see. David reviews the Titan Men Anal Douche, for those who like to be squeaky clean for dates and picks The Pet Shop Boys “Together” for the MTFT.  As always they read your Turn Ons and Offs and your letters… Stay Hard!

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October 30, 2010

Welcome to the Halloweenie episode of the podcast, not only do you get a treat this week, but David gives you a trick with the sound quality (just kidding… kinda). This week the boys talk about straight guys watching porn and smacking stomachs while fucking, trannies getting wigs snagged off, priest getting attacked by the molested, DMV is really Hell, and much more. David reviews the Cheeky Boy Prostate Stimulator and really got his rocks off, and Paulie reviews Raging Stallion Attraction and gives it a whopping 4 splats. The MTFT this week will have you pumping your fist like you’re from Jersey Shore, Dirty Disco “White Room”, and David interviews “Brian” from Gay Live Network for the turn ons and off. As always we answer you mail and questions… Stay Hard

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October 22, 2010

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in this weeks “Porncast”. The boys talk about the HRC dinner with Bette Midler with her face pulled back so far it looked like the scene in Brazil. and Paulie’s run in with Ricky Martin in the bathroom where he tries to get some of the Latin Studs DNA. They also discuss the DADT, French Ebay and the Boy Scouts David interviews hot guys for “Turn Ons” from Gay Live Network and reviews the sex toy for those who like to get dirty while getting cleaned with “Clean N Dirty Shower Grip”. Paulie reviews the new Raging Stallions’ Swallow Seed Co and loved it with 3.75 Splats. As always, they play your Skype messages and read your questions… Stay Hard

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This week the boys get political, just like the Naked Cowboy only in better underwear, and discuss their take on bullying, Fart Meters and Snookie’s Stomach content and much more. Paulie reviews the new Jet Set Men’s Police Academy Gangbang and now wants his own Charlie’s Angels. David reviews the last of the Viscontiis’ Sex toys “Joey Visconti’s Butt Fleshjack – once you penetrate his hole, go balls deep and Love it! The MTFT this week is from a real cutie Dan Black “Symphonies”. David interviews turn ons from Gay Live Network with (oh shit) “Robert”. Hope everyone has a great week, spreading love around and staying hard!

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This week the boys have a “Theme” Podcast, Watersports, and will have you laughing so hard you might wet yourself! Paulie reviews Lucas Entertainment Piss Pigs and loved the rough sex at 3.5 splats and Raging Stallion “The Wilde Bunch” got a 3 splats. David reviewed the dildo from Jason Visconti’s Dick thought it was “goldilocks”… just right. The boys got down to the new MTFT from Pete Burns “Never Marry an Icon”. David interviews some hot boy from and asks him about his turn ons and offs, wait till you hear where Richard had sex at. Make sure to check out the special from $9.99 for 3 days of sexy chat. They answer your questions and chat about gay news only the way the boys from GayPornTalk can.. stay hard!

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This week Paulie and David talk about the DADT snafu, world record gay kiss and answer your questions about self sucking. Paulie reviews Titan Men Scorched and loved the muscle big dicked dudes and gave it 3 splats. David reviews the long anticipated Jimmy Visconti Mouth Suck Fleshjack and voted that is was almost the best BJ he ever got. This weeks MTFT is from a gay performer Bright Light Bright Light“Love Part 2”, the boys know you will love it. They read and answer your letters … Stay Hard!

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This week David is filling in for Evan again with Paulie and discuss the weekly gay news and Paulie wonders if he was wrong from making out with a str8 guys at a gay wedding. David reviews one of the hottest toys on the market; “Dirk Yates Knob Polisher” that he guarantees “will get you off good”. Paulie reviews a four splatter with Lucas Entertainments “Auditions 35 Big Shots” and absolutely loved it. They both reviewed MFTF Paper or Plastic “Gay Bar and got them in the mood for a drink. They also named a winner of the Twitter Contest who won a copy of TitanMen “Eye Contact” or a six inch Dildo. If you would like to enter all you do is sign up for the Twitter and every week a winner is randomly picked. Last but not least they read letter from listeners, about Poppers and the Webpage. Make sure to check us out at Facebook and Twitter and send in the photos for our listener’s gallery… stay hard

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This week David fills in for Evan who is still in the Loony Bin… I mean still on Holiday. The boys discuss the shortage on poppers after the closure of PWD Rush, how being a happy drunk will make you live longer and the Baltimore ComicCon. Paulie reviews the Raging Stallion/ High Octane flick Soccer Club and gives it a strong 3.5 splats. David reviews the new toy from Rocks off – Butt Boy (which I think is Paulie’s Superhero Name). They both love the MTFT this week from O.M.D. "New Babies: New Toys". Make sure to leave great comments for us on iTunes and stay hard

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This week’s podcast is a first for Paulie, Ménage à trios with 2 guest podcasters, Slutty Steve and Davy. The boys answer a great question about Frat Sex, Davey reviews Titan Men Cockring for this weeks toy and Paulie reviews the Titanmen DVD Hard and Fast. Stay Hard.

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This week Evan is “Played” by David from while Evan takes a vacation from the podcast (I told him not to drink while he is on his crazy pills). They talk about the latest news and the Jet Blue Steven Slater getting his own Reality Show, the Bel Ami Twins doing more only scenes and a cure for Lesbianism. The winner of the Twitter contest is announced, and new photos of listeners are added to the gallery… stay hard!

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This week Paulie gets ready for a trip to Maine, hopefully this year he won’t bring back any shellfish ( like the crabs he did last year). The boys celebrate the overturn of Prop 8, discuss how to increase your “Gaydar” along with your photos, turn ons and off and emails. Evan reviews Dust Devils from TitanMen and loved it. Make sure to vote for us with Cybersocket best of the gay web and send in your photos for the new and improved webpage. If you haven’t yet, sign up for our twitter contest and win weekly prizes, this weeks winner gets “Titanmen Tool Box”… stay hard!

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This week the boys are filled with surprise, the First Twitter Winner was Announced and received a Clone A Willy Kit so he can fuck himself silly. Make sure to sign up for Gayporntalk Twitter to enter (weekly prizes picked randomly). Paulie and Evan discuss Str8 guys in Porn, Anne Rice saying goodbye to Jesus and Sex Toys in Dubai. Evan reviews Jocks / Layover Los Angeles and Jet Set Straight Edge #7. Paulie reviews “one of his favorite” toys so far and that is saying something, “Rascal Cock Ring Ass Blaster”. Brian Huber gets the boys grooving with “Reverie”. They share new listener’s photos, read your wonderful dirty letters and Turn On and Offs and as always hope you Stay Hard.

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HTML clipboard <!-- .container { width: 750px; width: 760px; width: 750px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; } .content { margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; padding: 1em; } .postBody { font-size: 11px; color: #000000; } .postImage { float: right; padding-left: 5px; vertical-align: middle; } div.Section1 {page:Section1;} --> Make sure to check out the new web page where the boys are on a trip to Uranus (their home planet). Enter the new Twitter Contest and win prizes weekly (random drawing) of videos, sex toys and more! This week Paulie talks about an old sex toy that dates back to 6000 BC found in Sweden and wants to “clone” the cavemen that used it and reviews the Turbo Suck automatic sucking machine and LOVED it! Evan reviews The Spurt Locker and Step by Step: Kris Evans and gave 4 and 3 ½ splats. The MTFT is the three hot guys from 18 Shades with “Happy Ending” (the only way to have an ending in my opinion). The boys would love to see your photos for the New and Improved Listeners Gallery so make sure to send them in to Stay Hard!

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HTML clipboard <!-- .container { width: 750px; width: 760px; width: 750px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; } .content { margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; padding: 1em; } .postBody { font-size: 11px; color: #000000; } .postImage { float: right; padding-left: 5px; vertical-align: middle; } div.Section1 {page:Section1;} --> The boys are having a fun week and share it with you. They talk about “The Bachelor Star Jake” going gay on Vienna, are excited to see Enrique Iglesias going nude and celebrate with Montreal’s “Stonewall” 20th anniversary with a shot of Tequila (any excuse for a shot). Paulie gets rock hard for you this week with “Phuk” Male Sexual Enhancement. Evan reviews “Kings of New York” from Lucas Entertainment and ”Inntrigued” from Falcon Studios. The tweet this week is “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” from Hot House. The have another local from DC for the MTFT Brian Huber “Reverie”… Stay Hard.

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HTML clipboard <!-- .container { width: 750px; width: 760px; width: 750px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; } .content { margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; padding: 1em; } .postBody { font-size: 11px; color: #000000; } .postImage { float: right; padding-left: 5px; vertical-align: middle; } div.Section1 {page:Section1;} --> The boys make your summer even hotter with this weeks podcast where they discuss how much is too much porn, queer of the year and Today show’s wedding contest. Evan reviews Criminal Intent from Titan Men and Rumper Room from Colt/Buckshot and tweets his review of  “Barebacking Fuck Buddies 6”. Paulie is hooked and reviews “Dr Joels Versatile Prostate Stimulator” and both get funky with MTFT Future “Spread Love Massive”. Stay Hard!

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HTML clipboard <!-- .container { width: 750px; width: 760px; width: 750px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; } .content { margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; padding: 1em; } .postBody { font-size: 11px; color: #000000; } .postImage { float: right; padding-left: 5px; vertical-align: middle; } div.Section1 {page:Section1;} -->  Happy 4th and get ready for some bang with your podcast with the boys this week. They discuss how many guys it take to make you a slut, Kris Allen’s shirtless photos,  Republican Lindsey Graham denial from inside his closet and the first sale for RealTouch sex machine. Evan reviews The Wilde Bunch from Raging Stallion and Desk Tops from Cazzo Film and tweets his disappointment for Thumper Ranch. Paulie reviews maybe his favorite toys so far “Sex In A Can- Sukit Draft” the sex toy that looks like a beer can but is as real of a BJ as you can get. Get ready for a sexy MTFT from Love Deficiency “Love Song”. Make sure to have some fun this weekend, eat a hot dog, drink a beer and… Stay Hard!

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HTML clipboardThis Weeks Podcast is titled “Twits that Tweet”. Two of D.C.’s gayest twits, Paulie and Evan discuss Fat Asses, Underage Sex and even If God is Hot. Evan gives us an example of his new Tweet Reviews of Arabian Nights, Parts 1 & 2 and Reviews Text, Lies and Video and Titan Men Slick Dogs and Paulie rides porn star winner of 2010 “Nicest Cock” Tony Buff 7.5 Realistic Cock also from Titan Men. Get ready for a little retro Punk Rock with a new twist from the Cyanide Pills with “Screw Me Up”. They loved this weeks Turn ons and offs and the weekly mailbag with your letters, so will you … Stay Hard!
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HTML clipboardThe boys are back in town and discuss Cary Grant, Eminem, Republican Senators Gay Porn Date and McDonalds Homophobic comments. Evan reviews Jet Set Men’s “Jersey Score” and Raging Stallions “Heat of the Moment”. Paulie gets a little twisted for the Enspiral Anal Toy (not the first time he has been screwed). The MTFT goes old school with The Young Werewolves, “Twelve Steps to Rock N Roll”. Make sure to give them a call at #646-652-0732 Ext 544 and sign up on our mailing list to be notified of all the great changes for the summer… Stay Hard
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This week the boys are back from vacation all rested and raring to go! They celebrate their 1 millionth download and 5th year doing the podcast together with a video (you might think they are having convolutions with all the arms flying around) and share with you’re their favorite moments. Make sure to keep checking them out for many new updates they are doing for both the podcast and webpage… Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are back from vacation all rested and raring to go! They celebrate their 1 millionth download and 5th year doing the podcast together with a video (you might think they are having convolutions with all the arms flying around) and share with you’re their favorite moments. Make sure to keep checking them out for many new updates they are doing for both the podcast and webpage… Stay Hard!

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Watch some fun and games from the boys 5 years of podcasting.
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Gay Talk Podcast #252

 OK did you get the trick?  This was a test of the emergency podcast system!  Sorry the podcasts got switched.  Here is last weeks and you heard next weeks this week or something like that!  Anyway here another quick podcast for you.  Paulie and Evan will be back soon and ready to celebrate their 5 year Anniversary.  Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #253

HTML clipboard <!-- .container { width: 750px; width: 760px; width: 750px; margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; } .content { margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; padding: 1em; } .postBody { font-size: 11px; color: #000000; } .postImage { float: right; padding-left: 5px; vertical-align: middle; } div.Section1 {page:Section1;} --> This week’s podcast might be slightly smaller is size, but you know what they say “not a shower but a big grower”. It is jam packed with funny news and comments from your favorite off-beat boys (who might need shock therapy to get normal). Evan reviews Big Brother “Steven Daigle Stalked” not only did he give one of his bad puns he gave it 3 ½ wet splats and Paulie goes all fetish on your ass with his take on the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Bed, that can double for a guest bed when your grandma visits, nothing like sex toys that can double your living space. Hope you had a great Holiday Weekend… Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #251

This week Paulie and Evan review Cocky Friends from Bel Ami and Hot House Backroom Exclusive Vol. 18. Paulie reviews Dr Joel Vibrating Angled Probe while they listen to The Orange Strips “Song Wighout A Hero. As always they read your Sex Turn Ons and Offs and Emails… Stay Hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #250

You know the old saying, Big Things Come in Small Packages and the boys this week prove it with a mini Porncast. All the funny jokes smaller and half the size (sounds just like Evan). Evan reviews the first ever all green screen Porn “Whorry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls” with Paulies favorite, Matthew Rush as “Voldermorecock”. Paulie reviews sex toy, “Dr Joels Vibrating Angled Probe” for perfectly angled tip for prostate stimulation (that’s all he needs, more stimulation)… Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #249

Get ready for a Late Night Booty Call Podcast. This week the boys give some same sex wedding advice and discuss how the “Lost” ending is going to fuck you up, a German Porn Star who cut off his Foreskin and Playgirl is looking for smart hunk on college campuses. (now that is a mix of topics) Evan reviews the new Falcon “White Hot” and goes double crazy for Titan Men’s Double Pack “Roadside Pickup/ Czech Underground”.  Paulie reviews the new Wet Synergy Cool Tingle Lube which left him all giddy. They review from the UK, MTFT Stepford Wives “The Man with the Plan”.

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Gay Talk Podcast #248

Celebrate Earth Week with Paulie and Evan as they review Brent Corrigan’s Heat and Falcon’s Director’s Cut The Chosen.  Paulie tries out his hand at bondage with the Strict Leather Neck Wrist Restraint. They also discuss how gay you have to be to participate in the Gay Softball League (Paulie likes his balls Hard) and get down to the MTFT from One High Five, “Everybody Pull The Trigger”. They read your letters and turn ons… Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #247

This week the boys talk about cheating and read other letters from listeners. Evan reviews the MEGA hit Reflex from Titan Men and Seriously Sex, Pt 2 from Bel Ami. Paulie rocks back and forth (I always thought he was a little autistic) with the Nexus Titus P Spot Stimulator . The MTFT this week is from our team blogger First Darren, a great group with a hard beat from Boston called Mystery Roar doing “Fantasies” that can be found on iTunes. As always they have your turn ons and comments from the blog… Stay Hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #246

This week the boys must have “Spring Fever” and their minds are on sex (as always). Paulie has a photo of DC’s Cherry Blossoms and reviews Basix 8 inch suction cup dildo. Even reviews Getting Levi’s Johnson from Jet Set Men (he saw Russia ) and loved it and Real Big Boys Measuring Up from Raging Stallion Studios was a Huge Cock-O-Rama. They rocked to Mercury in Summer “Heart Attack” from right here in DC and discussed the lawsuit for the porn star using his photo, the Cyndi Lauper Youth Shelter and much more. Make sure to check out the New Blog writers for some exciting porn reviews.

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Gay Talk Podcast #245

Make sure to welcome and read the new reviews from Paulie’s blog introducing  hot boys -  First Darren, Curious Cub and Chi Town Kris - are all both brilliant and insightful (watch out Evan and Paulie). Paulie and Evan discuss how to pick the best escorts and are never going to Guam just in case it tips over. Evan reviews the new Titan Men “Coyote Point” from Joe Gage and went in a splat frenzy with 4 Big Ones and found Collin O Neal’s World of Men Australia slightly disjointed but still gave it 3 ½. Paulie loved his new Rubba Wear Peephole Briefs, it saved time taking down his undies. They also have MTFT from Show me the Skyline “Far From Being a Star” and answer your emails… Stay Hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #244

Don’t tell these two nuts that they are fat or they will cut you. This week Paulie and Evan take on new Health Care and the Pope and answer all your email questions. Evan reviews Unloaded from Raging Stallion and Gay Dorm Whores from High Drive Productions both got  3 ½ splats.  Paulie gets a ride to the moon from his new Rascal Silicone Asstronaut Dildo and get a good beat from this weeks MTFT “Going Nowhere” from FeelGood. See ya next week… Stay Hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #243

This week the boys get together for a “late night booty podcast” and try to answer why so many gay men love Str8 Men and discuss the twink who jerks-off all over his school and films it. Evan reviews his first 3D porn from Dominic Ford “Body Heat” and is jumpy from dodging the realistic cum shots and Straight Edge Vol 6. from Jet Set International and loves them both at 3 ½ splats. Paulie vibrates his way to pleasure with the new Dr. Joels EZ reach Prostate Probe (ever wonder how many batteries he uses in a week). Paulie disagrees with Evan about the MTFT this week from Cherry Suede “If you Were Mine”. Stay Hard.

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This week the boys start  St. Patrick’s Day Early, you know that Evan knew him personally (he said he had bad B.O.) but that doesn’t stop Paulie from knocking a few back. Evan reviews Titan Media’s Distraction and loved it. Paulie gets the BJ of his life from the new Fleshjack Ice mouth Wonder Wave. They answer questions about how to tell if you’re a Slut and read your turn ons and off. Hope you have a great St Patty’s Day and Stay Hard!  Send us pics of your green dicks!

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Gay Talk Podcast #241

This week the boys celebrate “The Good, Bad and Ugly”, I’m not sure which one is Paulie and which one is Evan … you decide. Paulie loves the new Rascal silicone Rim Raider Butt Plug which seems to not have only stimulated his private area but his funny bones as well. Evan reviews “Morning Wood” from Falcon (3 ½) and “Playing with Fire 4 Alarm” from All Worlds, Channel 1 (4 splats). They listen to Flying Machines “Hopelessly Alone” from NY, NY and think you might want to “bone in tone” to this group. They even stay sober enough to answer your question and emails, Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #240

The boys discuss the upcoming Hookies Escort Awards and the new video game, Project Runway and “Make it Work”. This week Evan reviews “Rush” from Michael Lucas (4 splats) and “Road Trip Vol. 13 San Diego from Jocks (3 splats) video. Paulie takes a ride with the new Rascal “Jeremy Bilding SensaFirm Dildo” from C1R. This week the MFTF is Run with the Heard's  “Invincible” a great Vancouver band. Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #239

This week the boys bring some hilarity to the news talking about CPAC, Ewan McGregor and Elton John on Jesus. Evan reviews “Pizza Boy Gangbang” from Jet Set Men and thought it was gooey hot with four splats and “Casa Del Sol 2 Disc Set” from Raging Stallion and gave it caliente  3 ½ splats. Paulie reviews the Head Gear BJ Strap for those who like to be in control of a BJ.  This weeks MFTF is Roman Revival "One More Week" and they read your letters and turn ons and offs. Make sure to check out the Enhanced Podcast for some of Paulie’s teenage photos, and you thought you were gay… stay hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #238

The boys got another 12” of snow (first 12” that they ever complained about) and had to Skype it this week again, but that doesn’t prevent a fun and wacky podcast. Evan reviews what he thinks are 2 romantic porn for V-Day “Try Again” and “Happily Ever After’ both got 3 ½ splats. Paulie review the Bottoms Up Butt Balls where he had almost as much fun saying the name as he did using them. They get down and dirty with this week’s MTFT, The Max "Boys Will Be Boys" and use their gay superpowers to find which one is the most hung. They also read your letters and turn ons (one all the way from down under) and questions. For those who don’t have the enhanced podcast the links to Paulie’s art sites are and

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Gay Talk Podcast #237

The boys were snowed in this weekend with a blizzard and connect with you from Skype. Evan reviews Titan Men Tool Box and Brent Corrigan’s Working Hard where Brent gets double fucked. Both got big splats ratings.  Paulie reviews the Titan Tool from the movie “Titanmen Rough Riderz #3” and had a bouncing sexy time. Even picks this weeks MTFT The Wigs, “I Can See It Now”. Next week if the weather is better the boys will be back live… Stay Hard.

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*This week Evan's mic gave out from one of his "Laughs"* Sorry for the sound quality this week, Paulie tried to Electrocute Evan but missed again and hit the mic, it's like watching  Wile E Coyote. Anyway the boys review "5 Americans in Prague" from Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami and the new one from Lucas "Rafael in Paris" both got 3 1/2 Splats. We get Paulie bouncing off the walls with a hard on with "Love Shots Male Enhancement". They really loved this week MTFT, Sonic Avenues' "I Want You Now" Next week the sound will be fixed, so stay hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #235 HTML clipboardThis week it is just Paulie, Evan was abducted by a UFO and probed all weekend (bet he will be walking funny for a while). Check us out next week for a full podcast, full of freaky fun with you letters, news, reviews and much more... Stay Hard.
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Gay Talk Podcast #234 HTML clipboardThis week the boys come to you via Skype and review Falcon Str8 Men Vol 12 and Studio 2000 New Tricks both got a 3 splat review. Paulie reviews the sex toys Big Man Masturbator and the boys rock out to the New Zeeland band AMMP; "Let the Sunlight In". As always the boys answer your questions and read your letters. Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #233 HTML clipboardThe boys are on the Taco Bell Drive thru diet… or what I like to call the “Squirt” diet, so they might be delirious this week from non proper food, But not sure if you could tell. Evan reviews the Raging Stallion hit “Focus 2 disc set” and “Refocus 2 disc set” and loved them both and don’t worry, he did not give any spoilers to this sure to best selling porn. Paulie reviews the Titan Men Tools Night Stix Trainer and got beaten into pleasure with this handled ass toy. The boys loved the MTFT this week from Audio Spaghetti with “What you Feel” and answered you Blog comments and Turn ons. Hope you all stay warm this month and stay hard.
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Gay Talk Podcast #232 HTML clipboardWelcome to the wacky boys first Podcast of the year where they celebrate by reviewing 2 hot porn videos, from Falcon’s “Pledgemaster: The Hazing” and from Bel Ami “Seriously Sexy pt1” and the sex toy “Hole Patrol Nightstick”. This week they both liked the MTFT Sex Piano “Fucked Up Freaks” and your turn ons and mail. If you have any suggestions for the boy for 2010 let us know… stay hard!
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