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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #244

Don’t tell these two nuts that they are fat or they will cut you. This week Paulie and Evan take on new Health Care and the Pope and answer all your email questions. Evan reviews Unloaded from Raging Stallion and Gay Dorm Whores from High Drive Productions both got  3 ½ splats.  Paulie gets a ride to the moon from his new Rascal Silicone Asstronaut Dildo and get a good beat from this weeks MTFT “Going Nowhere” from FeelGood. See ya next week… Stay Hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #243

This week the boys get together for a “late night booty podcast” and try to answer why so many gay men love Str8 Men and discuss the twink who jerks-off all over his school and films it. Evan reviews his first 3D porn from Dominic Ford “Body Heat” and is jumpy from dodging the realistic cum shots and Straight Edge Vol 6. from Jet Set International and loves them both at 3 ½ splats. Paulie vibrates his way to pleasure with the new Dr. Joels EZ reach Prostate Probe (ever wonder how many batteries he uses in a week). Paulie disagrees with Evan about the MTFT this week from Cherry Suede “If you Were Mine”. Stay Hard.

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This week the boys start  St. Patrick’s Day Early, you know that Evan knew him personally (he said he had bad B.O.) but that doesn’t stop Paulie from knocking a few back. Evan reviews Titan Media’s Distraction and loved it. Paulie gets the BJ of his life from the new Fleshjack Ice mouth Wonder Wave. They answer questions about how to tell if you’re a Slut and read your turn ons and off. Hope you have a great St Patty’s Day and Stay Hard!  Send us pics of your green dicks!

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Gay Talk Podcast #241

This week the boys celebrate “The Good, Bad and Ugly”, I’m not sure which one is Paulie and which one is Evan … you decide. Paulie loves the new Rascal silicone Rim Raider Butt Plug which seems to not have only stimulated his private area but his funny bones as well. Evan reviews “Morning Wood” from Falcon (3 ½) and “Playing with Fire 4 Alarm” from All Worlds, Channel 1 (4 splats). They listen to Flying Machines “Hopelessly Alone” from NY, NY and think you might want to “bone in tone” to this group. They even stay sober enough to answer your question and emails, Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #240

The boys discuss the upcoming Hookies Escort Awards and the new video game, Project Runway and “Make it Work”. This week Evan reviews “Rush” from Michael Lucas (4 splats) and “Road Trip Vol. 13 San Diego from Jocks (3 splats) video. Paulie takes a ride with the new Rascal “Jeremy Bilding SensaFirm Dildo” from C1R. This week the MFTF is Run with the Heard's  “Invincible” a great Vancouver band. Stay Hard!

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