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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster

This week the boys are back from Vegas and there is no gambling that this is a hot podcast. Paulie review Jocks Studios Smoldering Hot with Paddy O Brian on the cover and thinks you will go ga-ga over this hit and gives it 3.5 splats. David loves the news about teen aged boys showing their junk on school yearbook and loss of Purple Dildo lawsuit. Make sure to catch us next week where the Mayan Countdown continues and we stay hard!

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This week the boys wonder if the government stops making dollar bills, can they stick up coins in the strippers?  West Point Chapel holds it first gay Marriage, we find out the cost of a medication turning you gay and  GOP State Rep Mick Fleck comes out. The boys answer your question about padding your package and what is the strangest gift you have gotten. Paulie reviews the new controversial DVD Scandal in the Vatican and thinks the only thing Controversial about it, is how mediocre it is at 2.5 splats, you will love the huge uncut twinks but not much more. David rides the new Neo Anal Butt Plug and loves the ride, not too big, not too small. We hope that you first week of December is hot and you ... stay hard!

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This week they boys get stuffed, and then eat Turkey. Paulie thought "Black Friday" was something totally different and now walks funny. This week they bring you stories about Superheroes and DOMA, Elmo Quits after tickling some more under-aged guys and Ricky Martin gets your Bon Bons tingling and named Sexiest Man on Broadway. Paulie reviews and loved the New Jocks "More Than Ready" and thinks it has one of the best 3 ways that Jocks has ever filmed. Mostly filmed outdoors this DVD will have you wishing that you were a "Tight End" in this sports themed DVD. David reviews on of the largest toys ever on the podcast, Tom's realistic Cock and Ass, this 13 lbs will be ready for anything you give it, a hard ride or a pounding... you decide. David says "one of the most realistic fucks for a masturbator I have ever felt". They also answer listeners question about if a versatile guy is a better fuck and hope as always that you.. Stay Hard!

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This week the boys must have had a great time in the election booths, Paulie got confused and was toe tapping the guy next to him. They bring you a ton of news from UPS dropping the boy scouts, Elmo fucking a 16 y.o. to Dorthy's dress selling almost half a million dollars. How much would you pay for a Virgin? They answer that plus your question about "Dirty Bottoms". They also read you emails about odd porn and how they voted. David looks at the new tunnel butt plug from Perfect fit and thinks it looks like a thrill ride. Paulie reviews the new "Fucked Hard" DVD from Raging Stallion and gives it a rough 4 splats. "You would want to meet these guys in a dark alley". Make sure to check out the Blog for video clips and photos that will make you ... stay hard.

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Hey Guys, The boys have been blown by Sandy and didn't like it (first time Paulie didn't like a blow). They are back this week with news about Trumps Rat Nest of Hair, Bad boy porn stars in Jail and is Grindr the best place to get your political news? If you have any sexy Halloween Pics make sure to share them with the boys and will be posted on the website and blog. Make sure to move your clocks back and Stay Hard.

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The boys are back this week and ready to Pump Kin, do you want to be their adopted brother? This week they are into Honey Boo Boo asleep at the interview, Is your iPhone Kosher (mine is made of bacon) and Jeff Stryker launches a new national tour. Paulie loves the new Jet Set Men Parody The Ultimate Top where the looser gets fucked, and gives this a "fighting 3.5 Splats". Make sure to see the 3 way with the lucky Jason Goodman where he gets it in both ends. David reviews the new designs of Titanmen Tools # 5 master series and loves the new shape and always loves the Antibacterial Sil-A-Gel material. They answer your questions about swallowing that slimy stuff... no not what you think, an oyster gives you a boast in your sex drive. They also read your letters and comments and always hope you stay hard.

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This week the boys celebrated Columbus day by whacking off and doing a funny podcast. They discuss the first Price is Right Male model, Boxers and Weathermen are coming out and does wearing your dead lovers castrated balls as jewelry make you insane. Paulie reviews Body Shop from Falcon and gives it 3.5 splats, he dives in deep and explores all the tight spaces to give you this review of hot muscle blue collar men who can't keep it in their pants. David really must love the new Temperature sensitive material because he reviews another toy made from this space age material, The Colt Man Butt Masturbator. You can even hear him using it in the background he was so excited to review it. Make sure to catch the boys next week and Stay Hard!

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This week the boy heat up the last weekend of summer with tall tails of lust and sex. They won't eat shark soup after hearing about a shark rescuing a man stranded 106 days in a boat. The think ex porn star and boyfriend Nick Gruber is a little paranoid about his Calvin Klein's and loves that a San Fran Gym breaks ties from it's homophobic chain. Paulie reviews Falcon's Summer Lust and gives it a 4.5 splats and says "it is an instant classic", the best pool sex Falcon has done. David reviews the new Raging Stallion D.O. dildo, "this ain't for the faint of heart" at 7 inches around and they love the new temperature sensitivity feature that really makes it feel like a cock. Get ready for the ride you won't soon forget (and you may walk funny for weeks). The boys, as always, answer your questions about how hung is hung and read your mail about body odor and the new intro. If you have any suggestions (that are nice) or  segment sounds you would like us to play... make sure to send them to us and make sure to stay hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #334

This week the boys are back from Paulies Sea-men adventure. They tell you to beware of the beavers, like any of the listeners are not and X men marriage is on the rocks. They answer your questions about privacy in the locker room, "is it a cultural thing", they think not but how about you. The brilliant listener "Ross" adds to the intro and has the boys LMAFO. Paulie reviews the Raging Stallion "Insatiable" and gives it 3.5 Splats and thinks that you will like this pure, heavy pounding Sex DVD filled with tatted up Muscle Gods. David review the new Dr Joel's 5 Function Stroker (he only used 3 of the 5 functions) and thinks that it is perfect for both a bottom and a top and will make the perfect gift for the holidays. As always they read your feedback and comments and read some of the Facebook comments and hope that you Stay Hard.

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This week the boys talk about Karma, the nasty Homophobic Maryland Rep ramming his boat and injuring 6 and the mean pastor who yells at the Southern Decadence gets found guilty for jerking in his pants from getting horny at the muscle men. The Peter Twins come out as lovers and want to do porn for the next 70 years, plus they answer your questions about saying no to dating and read your emails. Paulie reviews the new "Couples" from Falcon where every day chores are made sexy with some great pairing and fantastic camera work 3.5 splats. David wants to add some bling to your nipple clamps with the limited edition Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Nipple Clamps, now you can sparkle under the disco ball. Hope you have a hot Labor Day and Stay Hard.

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