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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster

This week the boy heat up the last weekend of summer with tall tails of lust and sex. They won't eat shark soup after hearing about a shark rescuing a man stranded 106 days in a boat. The think ex porn star and boyfriend Nick Gruber is a little paranoid about his Calvin Klein's and loves that a San Fran Gym breaks ties from it's homophobic chain. Paulie reviews Falcon's Summer Lust and gives it a 4.5 splats and says "it is an instant classic", the best pool sex Falcon has done. David reviews the new Raging Stallion D.O. dildo, "this ain't for the faint of heart" at 7 inches around and they love the new temperature sensitivity feature that really makes it feel like a cock. Get ready for the ride you won't soon forget (and you may walk funny for weeks). The boys, as always, answer your questions about how hung is hung and read your mail about body odor and the new intro. If you have any suggestions (that are nice) or  segment sounds you would like us to play... make sure to send them to us and make sure to stay hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #334

This week the boys are back from Paulies Sea-men adventure. They tell you to beware of the beavers, like any of the listeners are not and X men marriage is on the rocks. They answer your questions about privacy in the locker room, "is it a cultural thing", they think not but how about you. The brilliant listener "Ross" adds to the intro and has the boys LMAFO. Paulie reviews the Raging Stallion "Insatiable" and gives it 3.5 Splats and thinks that you will like this pure, heavy pounding Sex DVD filled with tatted up Muscle Gods. David review the new Dr Joel's 5 Function Stroker (he only used 3 of the 5 functions) and thinks that it is perfect for both a bottom and a top and will make the perfect gift for the holidays. As always they read your feedback and comments and read some of the Facebook comments and hope that you Stay Hard.

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