Gay Talk Podcast
Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster

This week the boys talk about "Black Friday" where Paulie doesn't understand that means shopping and not a line of black guys fucking him. They discuss the Shade of the Sound of Music, Christmas Lists and Bad Porn. Paulie reviews some great porn from Falcon "Alumni" where a high school reunion turns into one hot Sexcapade and gives it 4 Splats. David wants to give you a lift, Heads or Tails (Top or Bottom), One cock enhancing Thong or an open "Fuck Me" brief with open ass. Make sure to stay warm and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys get ready for "Gobble" day, not Thanksgiving, but the day they gobble up cocks, we call it Monday. The boys answer your questions and talk about strange myths about cocks. They also talk about exorcisms, Michael Jackson's penis leakage and much more. Paulie reviews the worst DVD ever made (he made all of us watch it, because we didn't believe him) and gave the bad, toothless acting 1 splat. If Cheesy, Campy Twinks are your thing, you are going to love this. David reviews the new line from Pipedreams, Anal Fantasy, The Deluxe Vibro Balls and thinks they will give you the Balls to the Walls orgasm. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Week and Stays Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #364

This week the boys are done with their Treating the Tricks and tell all about the dirty details. They answer your questions and talk about what's on the blog this week. Make sure to check out the new Extreme Roto Bator Ass Masturbator and Mouth Masturbator for some futuristic sex toys that will blow your mind with your cock.  Stay Hard!

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Help the boys "Bust a Nut" with October, National Squirrel Month. You don't want to know how many nuts I have seen in Paulie's Mouth at once. The boys answer your questions and discuss the first annual ex-gay dinner with only 60 attendees, the Anti Viagra for those who like it limp and Pat Robinson wants your money even if your broke. Paulie reviews the new Guys Like Us "He's Got the Moves" a DVD that show us how hot moving can be with guys who really know how to "Pack". David has a lump on his head from hitting the door with the Manbound over the Door Sling. This is the only "real" portable sling on the market and will have your legs up in the air faster then you can say "Fuck"  Make sure to bust lots of nuts this month and Stay Hard!

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The boys are just recovering from a weekend hangover but what else is new and bring us the first podcast of the Fall where they discuss the boycott of pasta, Jessie Colter's, mom won't let him fuck a woman for Straight for Pay (what a great mom) and get ready New Jersey you might be next for Gay Marriage. Bet the tanning booths are going to be packed. Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and they Stay Hard!

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This week we get the boys in Mid Celebration (that means Buzzed) of Labor Whore Day or as normal people call it "Labor Day" The boys discuss Pat Robinson's new ring choice and banning drag queens will cost you a bundle. Paulie reviews the dark agressive sexy new DVD from Raging Stallion "Heretic" starring Jessy Ares and gives it 3 Splats. David loves the new Adam Male Anal Butt Beads and thinks that it make you see stars. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and stayed Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #360

The Boys Are Back from Vegas and ready to tell All the lurid tails and tales. They answer your question about straight guys and anal sex and discuss the news about Grindr Photos for Art work, Gay Porn Studio to donate to Rusian LGBT's and Gay Marriage over 2000 years old. Paulie reviews and gives the new Raging Stallion "Hole 1" 5 Big Splats "This Voyeurtastic DVD reached new heights of hotness and will have you spurting cum for days". Wow you will want this one for your collection! David reviews the new masturbator "Genie Slip and Slide" not only will this give you a magical, cock pounding orgasm, but you will cream over the price. This is one hot masturbator that will get you off over and over. Make sure to catch up with the boys on Blogger during the week and Stay Hard!

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The Boys are back for a very hot Summer podcast where they discuss Pink Devil Mass on Westboro Church, the President of Zimbabwe thinks he is the Queen of Hearts.. Off with their Heads and From Russia with Love, (unless your gay). They answer your questions from the Email Bag about Love and Life. Paulie reviews the new Guys Like Us DVD "Rub Me Right" and thinks that there is lots of dirty sex talk but little rubbing. You will love the Pretzel Sex between Dominic Pacifico and Steve Stiffer and take some Yoga classes to try to emulate. David reviews and loves the new Rascal "The Initiator", 3 different sizes of anal toys that will help the tightest bottom ready for a gang bang. As always the boys hope that your summer lovin is going good and that you stay hard !

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GayTalk Podcast #358

This week the boys give you a bang for the 4th weekend and hope that you will see fireworks. They have awkward Sexting awards and discuss racist, homophobic Big Brother 15 and Porn Legend Joey Stefano movie. Paulie review the new Falcon Buck Naked and thinks that you will be enamored by Ryan Rose's perfect body, model looks and bottoming for the first time on camera... twice, in one of the hottest Flip Flop fuck scenes this year. 150 minutes, 7 guys 3.5 splats makes this DVD a must Watch. David is excited with the return of Rascal Toy Line and thinks the A2M Masturbator would be great alone but better with a friend, now you can choose if you want Mouth or Ass but if you are a real pig you will want both. Make sure to Share you photos and videos of how you like the new toy. Hope your weekend was hot, filled with fireworks and big hot dogs ... Stay Hard

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Gay Talk Podcast #357

This week the boys are all about Pride, and happy that the Vatican has a Rent Boy Ring. Proud of Bert and Ernie who are officially out by the New Yorker and Proud for  Cockyboys and their new video that will be at a Gay Film Festival near you. Check next week with a new podcast with Reviews and letters from the peanut gallery (or what we call the big nut gallery). Stay Hard!

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Come with the boys and celebrate pride week where they discuss Sodomy obsessed GOP, bad homophobic pranks and a Scottish Trans woman branded a witch. Paulie takes you to Spain with Falcon's "Madrid Sexy", 3.5 splats with 8 very hot European men and almost 2 hours long. Make sure to check out Esteban Del Toro's great "O" face where he does his best impression of the king of Naboo. David reviews the Stainless Steel Prostate Massager, where he thinks its perfect for the anal beginner or the pro alike. They answer your questions about acting "Butch" and much more. Make sure to have a Hot week and Stay Hard.

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The boys bring the Heat for Memorial Day weekend porncast with reviews on Squirting Dildos and New Line of DVDs Guys Like Us. Paulie gives the DVD Just for You 3 Splats and thinks that the sexual energy is off the hook with some new Cummers. David gets all wet with the new squirting Dildo "Thick Thomas" and knows you will love to get a warm wet load. They answer you questions about what to do with Rough Anal Sex and how to sit down the next day. They also discuss, The Boy Scouts, Drag Queen make-up and Porn Star retirements and hope you have a very Hard Weekend.

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Gay Talk Podcast #354

Get ready to celebrate Mother Fuckers Day... a day where you can say bad words and not get your mouth washed out with soap. As you can imagine, Paulie had his mouth washed out so many times as a kid, he has a favorite flavor of soap. Today the boys discuss Million Moms against Gay Days at Disney, The most desired job in history is out of this world and Ultra Tan Mom makes her First Gay Porn. David reviews the Renegade Vibrating Prostate Massager 1 and thinks you will love a mind blowing, hands free orgasm. The boys love and read Facebook messages from Gay Porn Talk's page, where all guys love to hook up. Make sure to have a great weekend and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are bringing you a Packed Podcast, filled with Parades, Superheroes and Porn. The boys delve into Boy Scouts, Vatican and Hilton Hotels this week and share photos on the Blog of the weirdest race you will ever see. Paulie LOVED the new Raging Stallion hit Behind the Big Top starring one of the most interesting men in Porn James Jamesson, who you will either Love or Hate, but you will never forget him. The DVD hit gets 4 Splats + for its great originality, Cougars, Bears, Huge Cocks... Oh MY! David reviews Nick Hawk, star of Gigolos Keyless Cuffs and thinks you can build a better mouse trap with these new re-designed restraints that can be used on ankles or wrists, get ready for some bondage fun. They answer you questions and comments about Cock Sucking, "I'm farting Rainbows... Bitches" and much more. As always.. Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #352

Ding Dong the witch is Dead is the theme of this weeks podcast, the boys talk about organ donation gone gay, The Vatican is the largest illegal downloader of Trans Bondage Porn and the Princess and Drag. The boys answer you question about Trans Questions and read you emails. Paulie reviews the new Jet Set Men Waxed and gives this 3.5 splats "the 5 ways orgy is worth the DVD alone". Daivd love the new ride from Lucas After Huors Vito Gallo Sensa Firm Cock. Make sure to laugh off you Tax sorness (after getting fuck from the IRS) and Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are showing us all their "Cherry Blossoms" after a week of partying and drinking Cherry themed drinks and I am sure taking a few guys Cherries, they still have enough vim and vigor for a great podcast. This week they talk about Kathy Griffin, Armageddon Asteroid coming to you, and traditional Afirican Gay Weeding. They also answer your questions about travel with poppers on carry more. David reviews the new Vulcan Mouth Masturbators, both Tight and Wet Mouth for a very real releastic blow job for under $16 Bucks, a winner for your wiener and a winner for you wallet. We hope that spring has you sprung and that you Stay Hard.

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The boys are back after showing their support in DC and do they have a podcast for you. They talk about John Hamm's Massive Trouser Snake, New York teacher part time go-go boy and Jeff Stryker's stunt cock. They answer your question on when and how to ask someone about STD and if all Drag Queens are bottoms. Paulie reviews Part 1 and Part 2 of Raging Stallion's Woods and gives each 4 splats. "Great original sexy story line with really hot outdoor sex with some of the biggest cum shots you will see". David gets all "tied up" with his review of the new bondage Fucking Machine from Strict Leather, get strapped in and ready to go for a night of fucking. They read your mail and answer your questions and hope that your Easter Basket is filled and stay hard!

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This week the boys talk about Sinkholes and no we are not talking about Paulies ass-hole, though alot  of men have vanished there too. They talk about the most Gay Friendly Destinations... again, not  Paulie's sinkhole, and how to make 13 million dollars by getting wrongfully imprisoned. Paulie reviews the new Jet Set Men's "Sleeper" and thinks you will not snooze with this DVD and gives it 3 splats. David loves the new Italian Porn Star's Signature Cock Rocco Siffredi and will have you saying in your best Italian accent... thats-a-bigga Dildo at 6.5 width. Make sure to Spring forward and Stay Hard.

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This week the boys are sad that they can't call kids Cunts anymore, per the Onion, and wonder if bleach will get rid of demonic sweaters from Goodwill. They love that OJ simpson is prancing around jail being the King of Gays and are excited that now you can smell like Pizza Hut any time of the day. If you like horse meat not only will Ikea's Swedish Meatballs rock your world, but so will Paulies Review of Cock Craze, the Directorial Debut of monster cock Adam Killian. No "Pretty boys" here, just rough and tough "Real" men whos carnal hunger is rampant. The whole feel of the DVD feels new and fresh and dirty with great chemistry and hot guys. 3.5 Splats with 4 scenes and 127 minutes. David will get you off with the new Roman Heart Two Fisted Jack Masturbator. No longer will you have to debate mouth or ass, now you can have both or share with a new friend. The Two fisted Jack is an absolute fantasy worthy toy for Men. The boys hope your week goes good and.. stay hard.

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This week the boys are waiting for the 12 inches... of snow that is, in the first blizzard of the year. While they are waiting, they talk about twinks getting shocked in their asses, lap dances at the Magic Mike Musical and dumb Straight Guys watching lots of porn makes them more pro gay. Paulie reviews the new Raging Stallion / Monster Bang DVD "Stripped #2: Hard for the Money" and gives it 3.5 splats, you will love this stripper bar where the guys are hot and the only tips exchanged are cock tips in asses. Get ready for a very hot threesome filp flop fuck with cocks flying everywhere with Tomas Brand, Logan Rogue, Fabio Stallone and watch Zeb Atlas try to keep the beat as he dances. David got his fillings vibrated out with the new Risque Silicone 10 function anal plug, now you can find your favorite setting and ride your way to delight. They answer your questions about home anal bleaching for the guys who what to have their hole look 10 years younger. We hope you have a hot Valentines Day and poke someone you love... or at least like, so.. Stay Hard!

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This week the boys are ready for SuperBowl weekend, I don't think Paulie knows it's about football but thinks it a free Beyonce concert. To get you into the mood to watch to big men wrestling over a ball, the boys talk about Gay NFL player who is charged with attacking his ex-boyfriend, The 49ers not knowing they were in an anti gay bulling as. They also discuss a new study that shows Gays are just Gayer then straights and Grindr wants users to stop using Holocaust Memorial in profiles. Paulie reviews and loves the new Falcon Seduced and thinks porn star D.O. is a D.i.l.f. anyone would want to fuck and gives it 4 Splats, "get ready to be Suduced by the heat and lust of this DVD. David reviews and gives Tripled anal Bead Set a 6 out of 10 and thinks you will have a fun time trying them all out. As always, they answer your questions about "Straight Acting" Guys and ass stetching and bad drag. Have a great weekend and stay hard

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Gay Talk Podcast #345

The boys are back from Inaugural weekend and have "lipsynced" a great podcast for you. They answer you questions about PDA, and talk about Manti T'eo, Gay Museums in the Smithsonian and Star Wars making you "pay to be gay". Paulie reviews the new Jocks Studios Mountain Tops pt1 and thinks you will get wood just for cover boy James Ryder and loves the Flip Flop fuck of Tate Ryder and Sebastian Rossi in the woods and gives it 3 splats. David gets revved up with the Adammale P Spot Extreme Prostate Vibe, get it in the right position and get ready "to spurt some cum" and gives it two thumbs up your ass rating. They hope you are staying warm... and hard!

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This week the boys are all sore from the MAL leather conference but still give you a good podcast. Paulie doesn't know the difference between Willard Scott, Al Roker but thinks they are both "Shit". They answer you question about "Snowballing", and think it's a good way to share you love. Paulie reviews the new Jet Set Men Abduction and loves the Dark fantasy Bondage DVD filled with horse hung men and gives it 4.5 splats "This DVD takes all your dark, sexual fantasies and makes them real with some hot camera work that makes you feel like you are right in the middle." David reviews the new Vulcan Ripe Mouth Stroker Masturbator and thinks that you will get  alot of Bang for you Buck with the very realistic feel, that is just like a mouth. As always, they hope that they entertain you and that you ... stay hard.

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The boys are back for 2013 and even crazier then ever. They get down on the blog and talk about Myans, Maryland Marriage and Charlie Sheen. They also read some of the mail and love all the gay cock and hope your New Year is wonderful and that you ... stay hard.

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