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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #81 As a pre holiday gift. We are giving you this podcast one day early!  Now you can start your weekend off early!  Paulie and Evan have a new viewer contest.  Write in and you can be a guest member of an upcoming podcast!  Your chance to become a podcast star! So listen in for all the details. Now on with the podcast.  This week Paulie and Evan have another action packed Podcast for your.  Almost as action packed as the new James Bond movie.  Paulie and Evan give you their rating on this movie.    All the Regular segments are here from letters to in the news with this weeks bad boy Snoop Dogg.  Paulie dons a leather mask for his toy review and Evan has two more DVDs to review.  The first is "Humping Iron" by Raging Stallion which he rates a powerful 4 splats.  the second is "Compulsion" another re-release by Falcon studios.  He rates this a refreshing 3 splats!  Wrapping things up is Evan holiday pick for his MTFT section "Drinking up Christmas" by the Dwarves. 
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Gay Talk Podcast #80 Happy Thanksgiving to all of out listeners in the States.  For the rest of our international listeners Happy Days!  Paulie and Evan and Gather with their friends, Ranting Ravi, Dobby and Racist Ricky to celebrate.  They take some time out of gorging themselves and made you this podcast.  Paulie made a new jingle for his Gaybonics segment.  Let us know what you think!  Be nice it's me singing! 
     Michael Richards, Clay Aikens and Carol Channing figure prominently in their Star news.  Paulie and Evan answer a listeners search for Romantic Porn in their letters segment.  And yes there is some!! 
     Evan reviews two more DVDs this week one new and one re-release.  The first is a take off on one of Paulie's Favorite TV shows.  It's PZP Productions 'Betwinked".  Evan rates this a magical 3 splats.  The second DVD is a two part Falcon re-release "Hurts so Good/Out of Control"  These are from the early Falcon archives.  Evan rates these a nostalgic 3 spats.  Paulie get his hands around his toy review with the Colt Hand Job Stroker. Wrapping things up is Evan's addition tot his much written about and appreciated MTFT music selection by Mayday Parade, " When I get Home Your so Dead". 
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Gay Talk Podcast # 79 We asked and you responded.  You told us loud and clear you want the enhanced podcast back.  We have added it back this week,  Now you can have your podcat and the extras too.  For the MP3 fellas we will still have it available on our website!  Other great news after along haitus Lawrence Roberts is back with another great interview with Videographer Ben Leon.  We'll give you a taste of the interview today and post the whole thing later in the week. 
     Of course we haven't left our your favorites.  The weeks in the news section is chock full of Star dish From OJ Simpson to Elton John we cover all the stars like no other.  Paulie and Evan take on the serious news to with Gay news from around the world, from China to DC to Florida.  They span the globe!   Add in your letters, turn ons and turn offs and you all ready have a jam packed podcast.
     But wait!, Paulie and Evan haven't forgotten why their sponsor pays for everything,  They still have their DVD and toy reviews.  Evan Reviews two more hot movies The first is Doggie Style by Jet Set productions.  Evan rates this a howling good 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is Head Games by Jocks. With a rating of 2 1/2 splats Your sure not to shrink on this one.  Paulie take a seat on his toy review of the medium Triple Ripple butt plug.  OF course Evans much appreciated MTFT selection this week is 'So Many Girls" by the Krinkles
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Gay Talk Podcast #78 HAPPY DAYS!! What a week! The Dems win the elections, A conservative pastor gets caught with his pants down, and hottie Neil Patrick Harris is Gay!!  I couldn't dream up a better week!!  Evan and Paulie tell you all about these things and more!!
     Of course even with all this news they still have time to answer your letters, listen to your phone calls, and review more Toys and DVDs.  Evan's first DVD is "Sized Up" by Rascal Video which measure 3 splats.  The second DVD is "Full Service" by Catalina Video.  This tops off at a solid 3 splats.  Paulie take a test ride on the new Anal Ese Kit.  The perfect item for the beginner to anal love!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT selection  "All Fall Down" by Aaron.
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Gay Talk Podcast #77 So they think my little promos are funny and cute!  Well they ARE!! bitches!   Anyway this week we are only putting out the podcast in MP3 format.  This is so everyone can enjoy hearing Paulie and Evan's antics!  Of course first and foremost don't forget to VOTE this Tuesday.  It time to take back the congress and kick out those corrupt politicians.  Remember you can't complain unless you join in on the process and vote
     But enough preaching Paulie and Evan have a great podcast for you this week.  They have some great news subjects for you from Cheating Preachers to Bitchy pop Stars.  You will definitely get your fill.  Add in letters and more and you have one jam packed podcast.  Of course Evan has two more DVDs to review and this week they are  Hard Surf by Massive Studios and Backseat BJ.  Both get rated a solid 3 splats!.. Thank god not fractions this week! Paulie take on the biggest of the big Start dildos with the Chad Hunt realistic Dildo.  Wrapping things up is Evans choice for his MTFT pantheon with "Sing it Back" by Moloko.
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