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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #134 Well it's that time again.  Another year is over and it's time for everyone make their new year's resolutions.  I know Paulie and Evan resolve to keep bringing you great podcasts that will keep you smiling.  Look for more and exciting new segments and interviews next year.  Speaking of interviews, did you get a chance to listen to Evan and Paulie's interview with Jett Blakk.  It's really funny and informative.  If you haven't it's a must to add to your list of resolutions for the New Year!  And this week Evan reviews both of Jett's recent Productions. 
     Evan has only good things to say about Jett's two new movies.  The first is Falcon's newest release "Dare".   This gets top marks with 4 splats!  The second is "Unspeakable" for which Evan doles out 3 1/2 splats!   Paulie has some of his own splats too!  This week he reviews the Clone a Willy!  Now you can really take care of your self with yourself!  And the Last MTFT of the year is "Wasted" by Megaphone!   See Ya next Year!
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Gay Talk Podcast #133 I'll be Homo for Christmas, Just you wait and see.   Paulie and Evan wish all their listeners a very merry Christmas, and may Santa get you everything on you list.  And if he Didn't might have the perfect toy that you missed.  Be sure to check them out and thank our Sponsor for all the years of support they have given Paulie and Evan. 
       Paulie and Evan have packed a stocking full of stories and letters and news.  So just tip it over and dump out all the goodies.  You will be glad you did.  Evan is on a streak.  He has found two more DVDs that he rates the coveted 4 splats!  He must have been really good this year!  The first is "Hunger" by Black Scorpion.  The second is "Man Island" also by Black Scorpion.  So be sure to check them out and you'll get stung by this hot Studio!  Paulie finds a unique toy to review.  The Ball Gag with Dong.  You man can gag you and sit on your face at the same time!  Now that's a trick I'm sure you haven't thought of yet!  Evan's last MTFT of the year is "Uptown Boys Regular" by Tyler Burns.
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Gay Talk Special Edition - Jett Blakk Interview Merry XXXmas!  Paulie and Evan have a holiday treat for you!  Their good pal Jett Blakk took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with the boys and talk about his two newest movies.   Always on the edge Jett Blakk's newest DVD  Unspeakable.  From the mind of Jett Blakk comes a dark, twisted love story!  Based in part on the classic film "The Boys from Brasil".  Paulie and Evan get all the details on what Jett was thinking when he Directed this awesome new DVD.  This is destined to become a classic.       
     Jett Blakk is not one to rest on his laurels  And Paulie and Evan have the scoop on his next release.  Falcon Studios "Dare".  Written and directed by award-winner Jett Blakk, "Dare" follows the adventures of three strangers who unwittingly cross paths on their way to Los Angeles. This is Jett's First collaboration with Falcon and they gave him free reign and a big budget.  Paulie and Evan get all the behind the scenes info on the stars.  So sit back by the fire, pour yourself a glass of holiday spirits and listen, learn and laugh!
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Gay Talk Podcast #132

OK something's definitely wrong.  Did someone Drop Evan on  his Head?  He once again did a double 4 splat review this week. It's definitely a season of miracles!  But, don't let this distract you from all the great segments Paulie and Evan have gathered for your amusement.  Letters, News, Likes, you names it they have it!!    
     Of course Paulie has a new toy for review.  This week It's the Full Bag Hood.  Not for meek, but if you want to submit to your man this will put you in your place!  Oh yeah what about those two DVDs.  Well they are "The Men I Wanted" by Lucas Kazan and "Amazonia: Release" by AMG Brasil!  And. the. M.T.F.T. tune. is.."Cool.Collected.Calm" by one:day:life.

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Gay Talk Podcast #131 Well Winter is finally here.  We had our first snow.  I know for most of you northerners it's no big deal.  But here in the DC area Snow shuts down the city.  But like the mailman, Paulie and Evan braved the weather and cold to bring you another exciting podcast.  You will be glad they did.
     You get a full dosage of the news, letters and questions.  Along with this Paulie wondered if there was something that would make it easier to test all of the toys.  And he thinks he found just the item.  The Mr. Ease Anal Spray.  Just one spritz and he's loose and relaxed!   Evan relaxed in front if his TV and reviewed two more DVDs for you.  This week you will be excited to know it's a first!  Two 4 splats in one week.  IS he getting soft in his reviews?  The first is "Splash" by Studio 2000, the second is "Jockstrap" by Steven Scarborough.   Both are definitely keepers.  This weeks MTFT tune is "Her Hair is on Fire" by Semi Precious Weapons.
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Gay Talk Podcast #130 Ever have one of those week where you just don't have enough time to do everything you want to do?  Well Paulie and Evan both had one of those weeks.  So Paulie had to phone in this podcast!  But you still get the same Paulie and Evan quality podcast tat you know an love.
     Paulie reviews the new MGX by Aneros.  This is one plug that you will definitely want under your tree and then under you!!  Evan's two DVD reviews are sure to perk up your week.  The first is Hawaii by Colt studios which gets a Steamy and rare 4 splats.  The second is Endless Crush by Falcon Studios which Evan rates 3 1/2 splats.  Topping off this weeks podcast is Evan's MTFT is "Lets Go" by Edison Glass.
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Gay Talk Podcast #129  

Have you wondered what can i give to my special guy, but you can't think of anything.  Paulie and Evan have scoured the internet and their private cache of hot toys and DVDs.  Presenting for the first time ever Paulie and Evan's top 10 Toys, DVDs and things you don't have to keep in a box when you folks come over.  That's 30 unique and exciting itmes for you to choose from.  You can't go wrong with any of these selections

Paulie's Top 10 adult Toys

Evan's Top 10 DVDs

Paulie and Evan's safe for the Family top ten

Evan's Five

Paulie's Five - All under $20 Bucks

These should give you enough ideas to make your holiday the best yet!

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Gay Talk Podcast #128 OK here is it.  The whole podcast from beginning to end!  and you will want to listen to all of it. If you still want more take the time to go to Paulie's Blog.  He works hard every day to add little tidbits of news to fill out your week! 
     But before you traipse off the Paulie's blog listen in here to get all your news, letters, likes and dislikes, and other crazy and funny antics.  For you DVD lovers Evan reviews two great DVDs the first from one of the emerging Porn Powerhouses; AMG.  With their Brasil series they are really steaming things up.  Evan agrees and gives their newest addition Amazonia: Capture 4 big Latin splats!.  The second DVD is from the Falcon Jocks series "Road Trip Vol 1" which Evan rates 3 travel worthy splats.  Paulie reviews another item form the new Rascal line of toys.  The Eddie Diaz cock.  Check out this and the complete line of Rascal toys at  OF course you need to listen in to Evan's MTFT tune of the week, "Ray Li8" by Swedish band Trucker Cleavage.
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Gay Talk Podcast #127 ALERT!! - If you downloaded the Itunes version of our podcast last week please re-download.  You only got half a podcast.  I keep telling Evan to stop watching porn when he creates his podcast.  But what can you do he is a slave to the podcast!
     He promises you will get 100% podcast this week and you will love what you hear!  The last supper or the last orgy what's the difference?  Well Dark Alley Media is walking the line and Paulie and Evan discuss.  That and all the other news that not necessarily fit to print! Done as only Paulie and Evan can. 
     Evan reviews to hot new DVDs the first is "Flings 3" by Bel Ami.  Evan rates this a steamy 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "Stag Party" by All Worlds rated 3 splats.  Paulie reviews the newest addition to the Manline collection.  The Double Penetration Harness. Are you Man enough?  Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT tune of the week, "She Don't" by Porter block.  
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Gay Talk Podcast #126 They just can't help them selves.  These republicans just love to have some of that good ol' gay sex.  Now more stories about Larry Craig and also a WA state rep and his midnight escapades.  Makes me think about joining up.  but Naah I can t stand the hate.   Any way this is one packed podcast.  The stars come out this week with Mario Lopez in his oh so sexy costume and Reichen of Amazing Race fame trying the drag scene.  And Brody Tanner "Holy Package Batman" he's sure got something to be proud of in his pants!   On the serious side (if Paulie and Evan can ever get serious) The Evil Fred Phelps got his with an $11 Million judgment.  Shows it doesn't pay to hate. 
     If you haven't been there yet Check out Paulie's Blog.  He is posting some hot info out there.  Find out all about the new Rascal Line of Toys, and the Manline sex toys and Paulie even takes a try at DVD reviews with the much awaited Oliver Twink and Amazonia - Capture.
     OF course all the regulars are included with letters and questions.  Not to be out done Evan reviews two more DVDs.  The third installment of the fan favorite Little Big League Series:  "Bottom of the Ninth.  This scores a triple with 3 1/2 splats!  The second DVD "Kickboxer" by studio 2000 scores a knockout punch with 3 splats.  Paulie loves the new Cole Ryder realistic dildo.  Be the first on your block to own one. is one of the first to have it available on line!.  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT Tune by TV/TV called "Get it Get it "
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Gay Talk Podcast #125 BOOOOOO!! Halloween is here and Paulie has found the scariest mask of the year.  The Larry Craig Mask!! This is sure to scare the pant off any one.  Unless you have a wide stance that is. 
     Letters, we've got your letters.  News too and like and dislikes. Paulie and Evan give it to you with both barrels.  OF course Evan has two more DVDs this week.  The first is "Code Violators" by Jet Set.  This gets three and 1/2 splats.  The second is "Cum On Aussie" by Pistol Media.  This gets 3 splats.  Paulie reviews the Cherry scented Sta Hard cream.  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT tune # 124 with "Lies" by The Primary Lines.
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Gay Talk Podcast #124

Whew what a week.  Paulie and Evan spent every night watching movies.  And not the movies Evan normally likes to watch.  Everyone had their clothes on.  They were at the Washington DC GLBT Film Festival.  Even with all of this going on they still took the time to Put together another great podcast for all of their fans!
   What a strange week in the news.  Same Sex Murderers getting Married and Nuns in Drag.  I think that covers the spectrum.    Throw in a dash of sexy men competing for the title of MR. Europe and a Controversial Sex exhibit in London and I think you will have your fill of news.  Of course Paulie and Evan still do their Letters and answer your questions.  And it wouldn't be a podcast with out reviews.   Evan has two winners this week.  The first is "The Intern" by Lucas Entertainment which he rates 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "Uprising" by Falcon International which is rated a solid 3 splats.  Paulie has a sexy new toy from GayCheapPorn's newest line of quality leather wear.  The M2M line of leather is sure to please especially with items like the Men's Full Body Harness with buckles.  Wrapping things up is this weeks MTFT tune "Sin City" by The Radioactives.

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Gay Talk Podcast #123 I think Evan has hit a new record for the longest laugh on a podcast.  Paulie did him in this time.  You will laugh your head off too.  Listen to Paulie try out his accents.  There's plenty of news this week to laugh about too.  Another minister kills himself doing some freaky crazy things, Plus Oprah will be interviewing a gay Indian Prince.  All this and more!!
     Evan has two hot DVDs this week.  The first is "Brotherhood" by Colt.  This gets rated a steaming 4 splats.  The second DVD is "Undressed Rehearsals" by Bel Ami.  This gets rated a star making 3 1/2 splats!  Paulie reviews the Bonez Double Dong!  Now you can have art for your butt!!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT of the week ; "Looking Good" by Aaron.
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Gay Talk Podcast #122

How tasteless can a porn star go?  Do Paulie and Evan think that porn star Michael Lucas has hit the bottom with his fake death photo promotion?  Listen in and see.  Boy I wish I was at the photo shot for the new Aussie Footballer Naked calendar photo shoot.  This is definitely a Christmas present I would love to get (hint, hint).  And a few of England's Firefighters will be getting coal this year in their stockings.  They thought it would be funny to shine bright lights on some guys having sex and boy they found out it was the wrong thing to do.  As always Evan and Paulie fill you in on all the dirt plus answer your questions and more.
     The review this week are also not to be missed.   Evan reviews "Ivy League" by Falcon which gets at scholarly 3 1/2 splats.  And the second is Catalina classic "Winged" which gets a mile high 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie ever on his quest for the perfect anal toy comes (or is it cums) close with the Men's Prostate Pleaser. 

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Gay Talk Podcast #121 OK I know you had enough of Paulie and Evan's interview so we are going to punish you with one more!  The last of the three part series with our Pal Lawrence Roberts.   And take some time to visit his blog for more info in the the deep dark world of Porn .  Wow what a week of gay news.  Is Elton's art actually child porn?  Can a gay guy gay bash?  Are there gays in Iran? Is Wentworth Miller gay or isn't he?  Will Miller Beer stand up to the religious right?  
     That's a whole podcasts worth of talking for Paulie and Evan.  But they still have their reviews to do.  Evan's two DVDs this week are  "Rancho" by Kristen Bjorn.  Which he rates a bucking 4 splats!!  The second is "Tattooed Tools" by High Octane.  This is rated a tank filling 3 splats.  Paulie reviews the newest release from Colt. The Gage Weston Realistic.   Wrapping things up is the MTFT tune "Needless to Say" by Smallfish.
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Gay Talk Podcast #120 Did you listen in to last weeks interview with Paulie and Evan.  Well there's more!  Part two of the interview is added to this weeks podcast.  Soon you will know all there is to know About the Mysterious Evan.  Is he or isn't he?  Kanye West comes out about about his Feminine side and a close encounter with a fan.   This is just a start of what Paulie and Evan dig into this week!
     Onto reviews.  Paulie Reviews a staple of every Gay man's wardrobe.  The Cock Ring.  The newest on the block is the Adonis Cock Ring.  Evan reviews two hot movies.  Shacked Up by Titan men which he rates it a rentable 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Rush by Unzipped Media.  Which is rated a popping 3 splats.  Wrapping things up is the MTFT of the week "Fairest of the Mall" by Griddle.
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Gay Talk Podcast #119 TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!  It's contest time you can win $25 big buck from our sponsor  All you need to do is tell us about your brush with a porn star.  Give us all the details. Was he nice did he show you anything or did you just run away?  The one Paulie and Evan deem  like the best will be read on their show and will win a $25 credit toward anything sells!!  So get those fingers typing and send us your email right away!
     Our pal Lawrence Roberts turned the tables on us recently and interviewed US!  That's right you will get to hear all the probing questions that Lawrence asks.  This is part 1 of a 3 part interview. 
     WOW, it stars in the news week.  Brittany oh Brittany what has happened to you?  Kathy Griffin causes a stir at the Emmy's.  Madonna tries to take Paulie's job as a toy reviewer!   All this and much more.  Paulie and Evan will keep you in the Know! 
      Evan reviews two more DVDs this week.  The first from one of our favorite companies.  Dark Alley Media   The DVD is  Matthias von Fistenberg's "8 1/2".  Evan loves the play on Fellini's film and rates is a artistic 3 splats.  Paulie say now way it's 4 splats at least!  The second DVD is from Colt Studios presenting, "Naked Muscles: The New Breed."  Evan says bring on the biceps and rates this a pumping 3 1/2 splats!  Paulie and Evan both love the new toy Paulie's reviews .  "The Inflatable Love Lounge"  They think of many ways this versatile toy can be used!  OF course it wouldn't be a podcast with out Evan's MTFT  This weeks it's "Last of the Superheroes" by San Francisco band American Heartbreak.
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Gay Talk Podcast #118 YOU CAN STILL WIN!!  It's contest time you can win $25 big buck from our sponsor  All you need to do is tell us about your brush with a porn star.  Give us all the details. Was he nice did he show you anything or did you just run away?  The one Paulie and Evan deem  like the best will be read on their show and will win a $25 credit toward anything sells!!  So get those fingers typing and send us your email right away!
     It's the new British Invasion.  If you haven't been watching BBC America you have been missing out on some of the best and most Gay friendly shows to his these shores.  The newest addition is Touchwood with out gay actor John Barrowman.  Evan is in Love! 
     OF course all this swooning and screaming like a love struck girl didn't stop Evan form his Weekly DVD reviews.  This week he Reviews "Muscle Pit" by Big Blue Productions.  This gets a bicep bulging 3 splats.  The second DVD is "Punks" by FPG productions.  He rates this a street wise 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie keeps finding more items to Fill his need.  And this week its the New Fabio Realistic COCK.  You won't believe how real it feels!   And of course don't forget Evans MTFT tune of the week.  He presents The Lascivious Biddies playing " Famous".
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Gay Talk Podcast #117 YOU CAN WIN!!  It's contest time you can win $25 big buck from our sponsor  All you need to do is tell us about your brush with a porn star.  Give us all the details. Was he nice did he show you anything or did you just run away?  The one Paulie and Evan deem  like the best will be read on their show and will win a $25 credit toward anything sells!!  So get those fingers typing and send us you email right away!
     Now on to our show.  Looking for a cock sucking Senator.  Well Larry Craig the Senator from Idaho may be your man.  If your in a bathroom that is.   Those republicans have all the fun!  Speaking of Idaho and Mormons check out the Beefcake calendar that some hunky Mormon boys are are selling to help us understand all about Missionaries.  Well I think we all know about the Missionary Position and I sure would love to share the position with these hunks.  All this and The real truth about the Boy Scouts.   
     Of course we have our reviews.  Paulie goes large with the XL Men's Pleasure Wand which he gives his seal of approval.  Evan reviews two more DVDs.  This week's choices are   "Dante" by Red Devil Entertainment which Evan gives a burning hot 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "Campus Pizza" by Titan Men which also gets a tasty 3 1/2 splats.  Wrapping things up is Evans first Tune to not Fuck to "Summertime" by Brother Love
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Gay Talk Podcast #116 Here we go from one Reality show to the next.  As soon as we are almost done with Big Brother here comes Survivor.  I have to say I have loved Survivor from the start and the new one will be in China and will include a Gay Mormon.  Paulie talks about this in his Blog.  This is just the start of a news packed Podcast.  We have politicians that want to suck cock because they are afraid of Black guys to mayors that join the homophobic right.  And another bigot joins Jerry Falwell, Leona Helmsley dies last week.  And closeted Mega rich Merv Griffin also passed away. 
     Of course even with all this news Evan still had time for two more Reviews.  The first is Jet Sets "Proven Straight" which Evan rates 3 splats.  The second is Titan Men's "Folsom Leather"  Which Evan rates a 3 1/2 splats SIR!!  Paulie is once again sitting down on the job this week it with Doc Johnson's new line of Butt Plugs, Vinyl Vengeance.  Closing the week is Evan's MTFT pick "Keep You Alive" by TitoFelix. 
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Gay Talk Podcast #115 Man it's hot here in DC!  And this time I'm not talking about the guys!   A great way to lower your temperature is download your favorite podcast, pour yourself a nice cold stiff drink and relax to the cool sounds of Paulie and Evan!
     This weeks podcast celebrates the first and only Gay fraternity's 20th anniversary.  They also have a great contest from AMG for you to check out.  Of course there's you likes, dislikes, letters and all the rest.  Paulie reviews the Tantus Silicone Cock Ring.  This is perfect for the rubber or latex allergies.  Evan reviews two great DVDS one new and the other a classic  The new DVD is Falcon Studios "Hustle and Cruise" which he rates a money earning 3 splats.  The second is a Chi Chi Larue Classic from Mustang Studios.  "Dirty Stories" earns a solid 3 splats.   We cant go with out a MTFT tune and this week we give you Today by Sean Lee.
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Gay Talk Podcast #114 Paulie and Evan are back from their trips and raring to go!! Nothing like a break to recharge the batteries.  And you know how Paulie goes through the Batteries.  He swears it's all for testing!
      It Firefighter appreciation week.  With the Guy's Gone Wild Firefighter.  And man what a fire hose he has.  Of course you can buy the DVD from    Add in letters of the week, likes and dislikes etc.   Of course Evan has two more hot DVDs for your consumption.  The first is "Obsession of D.O." which Evan rates 4 scorching splats!   The second is "Power Trip" by Studio 2000.  This is rated 3 smoking splats!  Paulie reviews the Boi Toyz Anal Plug w/ Finger Loop.  and declares it's analicious!    Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT of the week.   Take a listen to "Monkey on My Back" by Spratch; a quartet of burning hot guys!
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Gay Talk Podcast #113

Hey every one Paulie and Evan are taking a little break this week so Paulie can go on a little trip with his Hubbie (ME).  So we have put together the complete Lawrence Roberts Sexcapades interview.   Sit back relax and have a listen to this great series!

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Gay Talk Podcast #112 Sorry everyone.  The sound is not so good this week. You can blame Evan for this one.  I keep telling him that he needs to use both hands when recording.  But he always has one hand busy.  One day he's gonna learn that he can take his hand away and it'll still be there later.  But, sound aside Paulie and Evan have given you another great podcast.   Two hands full of fun! 
     This week they Take it to the Judge in their news of the week.   OF course they answer your questions and letters like only they can do.  Evan reviews on great new movie by the one of my fave companies AMG.  This week its part of their AMG Brasil line with 'Sarado'.  Evan give this a tropical 3 splats!  Paulie goes for a life like feel with the new Cyberskin Biggie.  Big and real, just the way Paulie likes em!   With all this going on you may want to excuse Evan because you will be listening with one hand too!
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Gay Talk Podcast #111 Summer reality TV is heating up and there's plenty to watch. This summer it's a gay fest.  Big Brother has 2 gay guys and one maybe gay? and Victoria Beckham is a gay mans diva dream.  Paulie and Evan will be giving you the scoop on these shows.  And sometimes a little more on their new Blog.  So if you don't hear it here go to the new blogsite!   Hear the last installment of Lawrence Robert's Interview with sexcapades.  This is the best yet!  Fort Lauderdale is on the News this week with the Robojohn.  You won't believe what you hear.
     Have you ever felt some unknown attraction to another man.  Well maybe they are wearing Paulie's newest product, the Beau Gest Men's Pheromone Soap.  I mean cummon guys everyone could use a little help once in a while!  Evan has a double disc DVD to review this week.  It's Kristen Bjorn's "Rocks And Hard Places".  Evan loved this move and rated is a avalanche of 4 Splats!.   Evan has found another Group of hot guys for his MTFT selection.  This week it's "Moonshaker" by the Milwaukees.
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Gay Talk Podcast #110 You know what they say the louder they fight the more they are hiding.  That what happened to Sen. Vitter and his prostitute scandal.  Listen to what Paulie and Evan think.  This is just a piece of what Paulie and Evan have in store for you. And now they also have a blog.  Check it out for extra tidbits on porn, moves, and sometimes just their thoughts on anything.
     This week Paulie and Evan are thinking about what hot items they can review for you.  Evan picked out two hot Summer DVDs.  Perfect for your trip to the beach.  The first is "Stone Age" by Eon Films Rated a prehistoric 3 splats.  The second is "Striptease" by All Worlds Video which is sure to get you to remove your clothes with it's 3 splat rating.   Paulie says If you can't get the real thing might as well settle for second best.  That's the Boy Toyz Handy Andy Stroker.  You won't be able to tell the difference.  WE also have part 4 of the Sexcapades interview.  And Wrapping things up is "all they Way" by Holding Back Entirely, Evan's MTFT of the week.
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Gay Talk Podcast #109  Happy Fourth of July to all.  Well at least if your From the States.  This is one of my favorite holidays.  We all get together and eat, drink and sing patriotic songs!  Then the Fireworks.  Nothing better.  IF you aren't from the states what special holiday's do you celebrate?  Write in and let us know!  We always love another reason to party! 
     Paulie did take a break out of the festivities to bring you a star spangled podcast.  You'll think you saw fireworks after listening to this one!  They leave nothing out.  Including part three of Lawrence Robert's interview with Sexcapades.   Of course all the favorites are here.  News, letters, like dislikes and much more!  Evan reviews two more DVDs.  "Rich Kid" by Private Man Studios.  This gets a wealthy 3 1/2 splats.  The second DVD is "European Holiday" by Falcon International.  This gets a vacation worthy 3 1/2 splats!  Paulie has a new toy for you with the Acorn Butt Plug.  He's not one to take his task sitting down!  Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT tune "Long, Long Road" by Slide Show Baby.
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Gay Talk Podcast #108

OK I'm in heaven.  The hottest guy on TV is gay.  Well maybe.  He denies it but I can only hope.  Of course I'm talking about Wentworth Miller the incredibly sexy star of Fox TVs Prison Break.   Finally Fox has something on I agree with. 
     Have you checked out our new Blog yet?  Paulie and Evan have posted there and there's more to come.  OF course this hasn't stopped them from making another action packed podcast.  We have part two of Lawrence Robert's interview with Sexcapades.  Of course we have all of the favorite segments you love.  Likes and dislikes, letters and news from around the world.   Paulie reviews something he never needs himself but some of you might want to try out Stamina Squared.  Evan reviews two more DVDs that will definitely get you hard.   The first is Big Dick Club #2 from Falcon Studios.  Which is rated a strong 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Paraiso by AMG brasil.  This gets rated a tropical 3 splats.  Wrapping things up is a new MTFT tune "What Happened" from sexy German band Peer Pressure

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Gay Talk Podcast #107 We have a treat for you this week.  We have the first of five installments of a great set of interviews by our pal Lawrence Roberts.  These are with Podcast Icon Sexcapades.  These are funny and informative as always.  Lawrence knows how to bring the best out of all of his interviewees.  The Interview is mixed in a part of our podcast. 
     We are starting a blog.  We just couldn't get everything we wanted to say into one podcast.  So we started our own blog where Paulie, Evan and a few select friends (even me) can write their thoughts.  This is sure to be a great new addition to the Gayporntalk family. 
      This doesn't stop Paulie and Evan from continuing the podcast insanity.  They answer your questions, read your letters and report the news in their unique style!  Of course Evan has two more DVDs to review this week and they are "Communion" by Hot House Video which Evan gives a redeeming 3 1/2 splats!  The second is "Hot Lunch" by  Titanmen.  Evan rates this a solid 3 splats.  Paulie finds a new line of toys to review.  These are for experienced Butt Plug aficionados.  They are the new Size Queenz line by pipe dreams.  Wrapping things up is Evan's Pick for his MTFT collection.  This week it's "Chaos Theory" by Lame Duck
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Gay Talk Podcast #106 Hey look at us!  We're Early this week with the podcast!! Gotta keep on your toes!  Don't forget it nomination time for  Cybersocket.  Please take a minute to nominate us and our sponsor for this award. 
     More pictures!! We have pictures from Evan's trip to Gay Days in Disney. Along with Pictures from our trip to Gay Pride in DC last weekend!  Check em out by clicking here.
       I think I want to join the Military now.  Just so they can test the new "Love Bomb on me!  What is the "Love Bomb?  Listen in to find out!  This is just one piece of The news Paulie and Evan talk about.  Of course all the regular segments aren't skimped on.  Evan has two more awesome DVDs to review.  And guess what?  Another 4 1/2 splat rating.  Is Evan getting soft or are the DVDs getting better?  DVD getting this honor is "Mirage" by Raging Stallion.     The second DVD is no slouch.  It's "Encounters" by Lucas Entertainment.  Evan rates this a well respected 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie takes his next review sitting down.  Right on top of the New Jumbo Vibrating Butt Plug by Doc Johnson.  HE rides this right into a rave review!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT tune of the week, "Bright Idea" by Superbeing.  And don't forget to nominate us!
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Gay Talk Special - TR And The Grabbys Interview Oh how nice!! we had a fun outing last weekend and we made a special podcast all for you!  Our new Fave fan TR came out with out and sat in P ST park in DC and Chatted with us all about his trip to the Grabbys while we sat back and sipped Chocolate Martini's.  I look like Eva n may have a challenger to his Porn king title.  TR really knows his Gay Porn.  Listen in and let us know what you think!  He also gave us a bunch of photos to post.  Click here or on the photos link to see what he saw!
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Gay Talk SPecial - Grabby's Movie SPECIAL!!  we have a mini special for you.  One of our fave fans TR went to the Grabbys and took a few photos and and recorded a video of all the hot guys!.  Take some time and check out his video!  You'll wish you were there too!  I know we did.
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Gay Talk Podcast #105 Wow what a week!! Paris Hilton ends up in Jail, out of Jail and back in again!  Isaiah Washington loses his job on Grey's Anatomy!   Plus Paulie and Evan celebrate Pride Week!  lastly It's nomination time for the Cybersocket Best of the web contest.  If you like this podcast, and why wouldn't you!  Please go to Cybersocket and nominate this blog.  Also don't forget to nominate our sponsor for best adult toy site!  Help keep Paulie ass deep in toys to test! 
     Along with all this news Paulie and Evan are hitting the street this week to record Pride  and promise pictures!  They have an interview with a fan who went to the Grabbies and is going to give us the dirt and more pictures!  Which we promise we will post for all to see!! And coming soon are more interviews by Lawrence Roberts.  His interviews are all ways entertaining and informative!!  Whew busy, busy, busy Paulie and Evan are all ways working to inform, educate and titillate!! 
     This week is no exception!  Paulie and Evan talk all about what on their minds and in the news! Answer all your questions and emails.  Paulie talks about his favorite topic, Lube!! Cuz with lube anything is possible.  And Wet Lube is one of the best!  Evan reviews two DVDs this week and the first is a from our fans favorite studio Bel Ami.  It 'Rebel" which Evan rates 3 1/2" European spats!    The second is "Vinci Load 2"  by PZP Productions.  More hot Euro boys give this a solid 3 splats.  Evan's pick for his MTFT collection is a two fer.  Both Jonathan Coulton.  They are 'Ikea" and "Tom Cruise Crazy".  Be sure to give em a listen.   And don't forget to nominate US!!
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Gay Talk Podcast #104 6/2/07 - Bow your head. One of the Gay communities most famous and funny men has just passed away.  Charles Nelson Riley.  He lived his live with dignity and never hid who he was.  If only we all could live up to that ideal.  Paulie and Evan keep his memory going by living out, proud and making everyone laugh!  This weeks podcast is in tribute to Charles.
     Letters, email and calls.  Paulie and Evan answer them all with no holds barred responses to your questions and concerns. The news is never safe here on Gay Porn Talk. This is definitely not your nightly newscast.   
     Evan have some awesome new DVDs to review One getting a coveted 4 1/2 Splats!! only the second one ever given!! This DVD is named " "More of a Man" by All worlds.  The second DVD is no slouch coming in at 3 1/ splats, "Muscle Ranch" by Colt Studios.  Paulie reviews a hot new star dildo with the Tom Byron Realistic Cock.  It's almost as good as the real thing.  Lastly Evan's MTFT is from a bunch of Hotties.  These guys not only sing great but they are smokin' good lookin'!  Check out "My Love" by The Coolaid.
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Gay Talk Podcast #103

 Sorry for the bad audio from Paulie.  But we didn't want to hold up the podcast.  Next week will be better. 

The email lines have been burning up.  Paulie must stay.  No worries all you fans out there.  would never fire our loveable Paulie.  So never you fear as long as Paulie can keep testing new toys and making us laugh he will have a place online and in all of our hearts. 
     What to talk about this time?  How do you keep going week after week?  I comes naturally for Paulie and Evan.  As long as gays are in the news. and the keep making porn the well is forever full!  This week there's a passel of news from around the world.  And you guys keep writing in with more questions and comments!  Plenty of fodder for Paulie and Evan!! 
      Evan hit a new milestone this week,  more than 1400 DVDs in his porn collection and still growing.  This week the two he reviews are "Office Boy" by Eurocreme which he rates a stellar 3 1/2 splats.  The second is "Desires" by Jet Set which also gets 3 1/2 splats.  Two more great DVDs for you to rent.  Paulie gets all macho with his toy review for the week.  This time it's the Master's Sex Sling.  No home should be without one!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT tune "Spring is Here" by Idiots!

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Gay Talk Podcast #102 Ding dong the witch is dead!! Ok the bastard or whatever you want to call that piece of trash Jerry Falwell!! It's not usually nice to talk bad about the dead but I'll make an exception in this matter.  This man was one mean bigoted piece of shit and the world is better off without him. 
     But Don't let me get you all riled up.  Let Paulie and Evan bring you back to your happy place!  Paulie has found another hilarious You Tube clip for you.  Check out Japanese phenom 'Hard Gay".  This guy will have you rolling in the aisles.  Paulie thinks he's a lot like Hard Gay!  Well he's half right.  You pick the half. 
     Evan has two Movies to review this week.  The first is Falcon's Basic Plumbing 3 which he rates a dripping 3 1/2 splats!  The second is the new DVD by our buddy Lawrence Roberts "Buckback Mountain"  which Evan rates a   solid 3 splats.   Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT pick "Wow" by Vatican DC.
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Gay Talk Podcast #101 Whew it was quite a party for Paulie and Evans 100th episode.  Took a few extra days to get over that one.  Sorry the podcast is too so late.  Paulie and Evan tool a trip to Jamestown Va and I've poster a few pictures on the photo page for you.  Along with a few pics of the Atlantic City Trip.  Now you can get a little peak into Paulie and Evan's life outside of porn.  If there is such a thing.   
     Well its porn you came for and I don't want to disappoint.   Paulie and Evan have the usual set of likes and dislikes, email and news of the world.  This week its stars in court with Paris Hilton and George Michael.  Evan has two more DVDs for you with "The Road to Redneck Hollow" which he rates a kin pumping 4 splats!.  The second is "Full Throttle" which he rates 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie's toy s a fun new lube called Fruity Booty Anal Lube!  Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT for the week with "Whisper" by Friday Light.
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Gay Talk Podcast #100 Fan Fare Please!! Paulie and Evan have hit a milestone.  100 Podcasts.  Thank you to all of you devoted listeners who keep writing and calling.  You are the engine that keep Paulie and Evan running!  If you are new to the podcast well hang around and you are sure to get tons more laughs and information out of Paulie and Evan.  Porn is never ending and Paulie and Evan promise to do their best to research it all!!  So keep the cards and letters coming! 
     Speaking of cards and letters in celebration of their 100th podcast has offered a free bottle of Lube to the first 10 listeners to email GayPornTalk requesting a bottle.  BE sure to include your name and address.  Include naked pictures too.  These aren't required but Paulie loves getting them!
     This weeks podcast is chock full of fun and information.  Yea to New Hampshire, they just passed a civil union bill and the governor has promised to sign it into law!  We're making ground!! now if only the governator on the left coast would get the message!  Speaking of Politicians it looks like ex Mayor Giuliani is dumping his gay friends, let's make sure he doesn't get elected!! You Tube is Paulie and Evan's New favorite sire, after of course. Check out his two video picks of the week.  The first is Drunken Queen's Guards.  The second is is fave actress and D list star Kathy Griffin!  All of this and more in Paulie and Evans news and commentary.
     Now down to what you really listen for!  What toy is Paulie going to try next!! well he's found a awesome new masturbator! The Optimum Power Masturbator, With the pistol Grip controller Paulie is in heaven!!  Not to be outdone Evan reviews DVDs number 199 and 200!!  The first is "Roid Rage" by Raging Stallion which he rates a bulky 3 splats!! the second is "All Night Long" by Jocks which is rated a Nocturnal emission of 3 1/2 big splats!!  And now for the 100th addition in the long list of MTFT tunes.  This week its "Dead Penguin" by 3 blind mice!
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Gay Talk Podcast #99 Paulie and Evan took a trip to Atlantic city this weekend and Paulie did it again.  He lost his shirt... Pants...socks...underwear. And not from gambling!  He's gotta learn to bring a bag or something if he wants to run naked through the Trump Taj Mahal.  Luckily he's quick so he didn't get caught and could still put together a podcast for you all.
     This week in the news is another tidbit on Paulie's obsession with Tom Cruise.  Add in a few firemen and hmmm...  Paulie and Evan answer all your letters, likes and dislikes.  This week Evan reviews two more DVDs and gives out a rare 4 splat award.  This time it's for 'Dreams of Rafael' by Black Scorpion.  The second DVD 'Forced Entry' by Mustang studios is no slouch with a solid 3 splats.  Paulie goes both ways on his toy usage and reviews the Lex Steele Dual Dong.  Wrapping things up is MTFT tune 'Up to believe" by the Kellys.
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Gay Talk Podcast #98 IT's TAX day here in the States.  I hope everyone has given the government their due!  Now it's time for Paulie and Evan to pay the piper.  Let's hope they haven't taxes their mind's too much thinking up this weeks podcast.
     Paulie and Evan have done it again and posted another video on   This is the beginning of their hilarious Weenistown series.   This first one is Paulie in Drag teaching all how to do a little arts and crafts.
     This weeks podcast delves onto the Don Imus controversy plus more news from around the world.  Paulie and Evan also answer your questions and like ad dislikes!  Not forgetting his goal to watch more Gay porn than anyone else in the world Evan reviews two more DVDs.  This week they are "The Bigger the Better" by Lucas Entertainment which he rates 3 1/2 Splats and "Ride 'Em Rough" by Pacific Sun which is rated 3 splats.  Paulie reviews the perfect accessory for any wardrobe.  The Cockring Necklace!  Wrapping things up is Evan MTFT selection "You Brought It on Yourself" by Annex. 
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Gay Talk Podcast #97 Your all invited, come on in my friends, and sit at Paulie and Evan's table of fun.  Dine together on their humor.  No one is excluded, there's plenty of helpings of laughs and information for everyone.  So sit down pull up a chair and dig in.  Remember leave enough room for dessert! You never know what Paulie has baked up for you this week!   
     Hungry for news, well Paulie and Evan have a heaping spoonful of entertainment and international tidbits for you.  Is your mouth drooling for Paulie's tasty morsel of a review.  This week's review is a little squirt of the anal ese desensitizing spray.  Is your stomach growling for Evan's DVD reviews? Well get ready to push away from the table after filling up on these two hot DVD's by Falcon Studios.  The first is "Longboard" which he rates a solid 3 splats.  The second is a jocks re-release of "Ramcharger" which he rates 3 1/2 splats.   Sprinkle on a topping of letters, likes and dislikes and questions and you have a smorgasbord of delights and fun!  And for the after dinner mint listen to "People all over the World" by Queen's English.
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Gay Talk Podcast #96 I'm sorry to announce that this will be the last Podcast for Paulie and Evan.  OK April Fool's!  There's no way to shut these two up, believe me I've tried.  So you are guaranteed to have many more weeks of their hilarity and craziness!
         Evan has a treat for us this week he reviews the newest release form our pal Jett Blakk, 'How to Seduce a Straight Man' and he doesn't disappoint.  Be the first to get this outstanding movie.  Evan rates it an excellent 3 1/2 splats!  HIS second DVD is not far behind with Unzipped's 'Rein em in"  which he rates  a solid 3 splats.  Paulie reviews the Adam's Pleasure skin dildo.  Your sure to get pleasure out of this one!  
     This week's news is a star studded event.  Elton John celebrates his 60th Birthday and Dolly Parton loves her gays, a lot!  Listen for all the dish.  To wrap things up Evan redeems his last weeks pick with a nice tune form The Young Immortals called "The Fever".
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Gay Talk Podcast #95 Oh Anna Nicole.  You were more famous after your life ended than before.  I guess in the end you got the notoriety you wanted.  Paulie and Evan loved you and wish they had the half a Mil for your Diaries.  But alas all they have is Paulie's YouTube tribute to remember you by.  IHOP can forget Paulie's after club dining.  And they should forget yours too.  Find out why.  Campy Cops need not apply in the Philippines.  Paulie and Evan keep you informed and on top of all that's important.
     OF course they never forget their weekly reviews.  This week Paulie loves the new Mood Enhancer he got. With Vector X Shots you will smile too.  Evan has two more DVDs and one Gets a coveted 4 splats.   Bel Ami never disappoints with its Sexy fresh Czech boys and "Mating Season" keeps the track record going.  All Worlds new release "Crossing the Line" gets a solid 3 splats.  Evan add another tune to his MTFT collection with Welcome to Paradise by Killer Instinct.  Paulie disagrees.  What do you think?
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Gay Talk Podcast #94 Happy ST Patrick's day from Paulie and Evan.  I hope your wearing Green cuz Paulie loves to pinch hot guys asses.  You definitely gonna feel like you have the luck of the Irish in you when you listen in this week.  Paulie and Evan have dug some great news and reviews stories for you out of their pot o' Gold.
     Like you didn't know it all ready but studies prove all men like to check out other guys crotches. And what's up with General Pace calling Gays Immoral.  Listen to Paulie's outrage on this one!    A word of advise, if you are ever an Ambassador keep your sex life inside the compound walls or you might end up like this Israeli Ambassador.
      OK Idol Fans are you voting to keep Sanjay in the contest , you know he has the best hair!!  Or are you watching to see if Simon Outs any anyone else after outing Ryan Seacrest.  Or did you hear about Idol contestant Mario Vasquez and his roving hands and exposed personality! 
     ON to reviews.  Paulie had a new toy that is guaranteed to help you Explode a load.  Its the Colt Power Stroker.  Evan has two movies to review this week with "Trunks 3" by Hot House Entertainment which he rtes a drawer dropping 3 1/2 Splats.  The second is "Encounters 4 : On the Job" which he rates a working 3 splats.  Wrapping up this weeks podcast is Evan's MTFT tune with "Be Your Friend" by New Jersey band Platypus Complex.
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Gay Talk Podcast #93 Sorry we missed a week of podcasts.  Paulie was in Las Vegas Losing his shirt!  I'm not saying that he lost money he just loves to lose his shirt, and pants and socks and underwear.  Well you get the picture!  But ow he's back refreshed and ready to podcast his butt off!
     This weeks podcast is all about the weirdest strangest and most unusual.  Did someone really write in and ask about where he can get alien probed? what do you think.  Find out about this and more of Paulie and Evans strangest letters and questions.    Evan gets into the spirit and give his opinion on the weirdest yet sexy DVDs.  No rating but these win for Camp Appeal.  The first is 'Invaders from Uranus'.  The other is HOMOgenized with an emphasis on HOMO.  Both live up to their quirky names but still leave you satisfied.  Wrapping things up is the band that winds for the weirdest name.  Check out Frozen Popsicle Tampons with their tune "A very Fuck you Christmas"
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Gay Talk Podcast #92 Did you see Paulie's debut on You Tube as Anna Nicole?  If you didn't take the time it's worth it!  Then let us know if you want to see more. 
     This week Paulie and Evan discuss Tim Hardaway's response to his homophobia.  All I have to say is yeah right...  In entertainment news Michael Lucas is getting sued and Gay fave Cathy Griffin is hosting the big GAYVN awards this month.  Here's a new excuse for rape, blame don't ask don't tell!
     Evan reviews two more DVDs both from Falcon Studios.  Farmers Son which he rates3 1/2 Splats and the re-release of Possession which he rates 3 splats.  Paulie talks about's new addition of the Red Dawn Herbal Line.  This is a complete assortment of Herbal Aphrodisiacs and enhancers.  These are top of the line.  Check em out!  Wrapping things up is Evan's addition to his pantheon of music; Loop by Japanese band Plastic Soul Band!    
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Gay Tal POdcast #91 Paulie and Evan join the You TUBE generation!!  This is Paulie at his best!! Give him some Boone's Farm Wine and a dress and this is what comes out!  ANNA NICOLE SMITH for PRESIDENT.   OF course the topic of Anna Nicloe Smith dying toped the news this week.  But Paulie and Evan also have time to talk about Over the counter Viagra, and brave, classy Basketball star John Amaechi.  What a week in the gay news arena! 
     Our fans want to know how Paulie and Evan met, listen for the sordid details.   This and more answers to your probing (Paulie loves to be Probed) letters.  Then they get down to business with Paulie's review of the Boi Toys Bow Job Drops.  Sometimes a dick needs a little flavor!  Evan add two more titles to his pantheon of porn.  The first is Starting Young 2 which he rates a spry 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Private Low Life which gets your attention ad 3 1/2 splats!  Wrapping things up is Evans MTFT choice of the week, 'Listen Hard' by Entice
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Gay Talk Podcast #90  Letter and questions.  We get overwhelmed sometimes with all the questions you guys send us.  So this week we are going to catch up and answer all your letters and questions at once! News with an international flair what else would you expect from  famous Paulie and Evan.  The Podcast heard round the world.
      Paulie took a break this week and will be back next week with a Toy to review.  Evan on the other hand can't stop watching his DVDs in his quest to own more Gay DVDs than any one else in the world!  This week he reviews Two Falcon titles.  Falcon Classic re-release Mission Accomplished which he rates 3 Splats.  A Mustang re-release Rock Solid rated 2 1/2 splats.    Evan took the advice of one of our listeners and added the German Group Gay Fight Club to his MTFT collection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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Gay Talk Podcast #89 I hope your watching Janice Dickinson's TV show.  If you aren't you missed the coming out of Survivor Hottie JP Calderon.  OF course you would know that all ready because if you aren't watching Super Model Janice then you can't be gay!  
     Speaking of Gay the Gay Duo have gotten together another awesome podcast.  From international Marriage to local Strip clubs.  Paulie and Evan span the globe.  What are your turn ons and turn offs?  Paulie and Evan want to know.  Write or call in tell them what you think of their podcast!  If your lucky they might even read your letter on a future podcast! 
     Evan reviews a matched pair of DVDs this week.  Both by Buckshot Productions.  They are the Manly Heat pair "Scorched" and "Quenched" He rates them 3 1/2 and 4 splats!!  Paulie reviews Anal Glow.  This is perfect for the man who want to heat up the evening!  Wrapping things up is Evans weekly addition to his MTFT collections.  This week its  'Your so Sexual' by Christopher.
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Gay Talk Podcast #88 The second coming is here!! pack your bags, Tom Cruise has been declared the next Jesus Christ!  So he comes out as or savior, maybe he'll have his own personal second coming out!  This podcast has an international flair, Paulie and Evan discuss everything from  AIDs in England to Gropes in the Dakotas.  Since when is bigotry something you can go to rehab for.  Well Grey's anatomy most famous bigot Isaiah Washington is checking in to rehab for his Faggot remark.  Find Paulie and Evan's take on this along with much more Entertainment news.  Of course there's you letters and questions.
     Evan reviews two hot steamy DVDs this week.  The first is Lords of the Jungle by Raging Stallion which he rates 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Bronze by new  studio AMG.  This is also rated 3 1/2 slats.  Paulie decides that he wants to ride himself so he tales a test ride using the Mold a Willy kit.  We Wrap things up with this weeks MTFT tune Simplify by Radiofix.
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Gay Talk Podcast #87 Sorry we missed you last week but there was a nasty bug floating around DC and Evan was out for the count.  But he's back this week and he and Paulie dish out an exciting podcast.
     OK I admit I love American Idol, and so do Paulie and Evan and check out this clip of Paula Abdul.  Boy's that girl is seriously messed up!   But, we'll keep on watching and maybe Paulie and Evan will add their thoughts on who they think is the cutest (guy of course) and if any have that Gayken factor!  And you fans of the TV blockbuster Grey's Anatomy, Give a hand to T.R. Knight for his classy response on Ellen for being called a faggot by Isaiah Washington.  Washington at first denied he ever said it but is now apologizing.    Whew, that's enough for any podcast but Paulie and Evan don't want to stop there.  Add in all the regular segments and were bursting at the seams.
     OK, wait hold it, are you ready for it,  here it comes.  Evan breaks the 4 splay barrier with his review of the incredible new DVD 'La Dolce Vita" by Michael Lucas.  He rates this masterpiece 4 1/2 splats! Will he ever find the elusive 5 splat movie, inquiring minds want to know!?!  Paulie needs a wheel chair after testing his toy of the week.  It's part of the new Spike line.  This is not for the novice but Paulie is far from an amateur and the Crippler is the name of the toy he reviewed. Evan has found another addition to his MTFT series.  This week its "Robot De Baba" by Japanese band Frog & Trippers.
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Gay Talk Podcast #86 It's a beautiful weekend here in Washington DC and Paulie got to drive around in his big muscle car with the top down.  But we drug him in and made him do his podcast!  This week Paulie wonders whether Johnny Depp is man enough to play the incredible Freddy Mercury  of Queen.  This is of course if Pat Robertson's prediction of a nuclear attack doesn't happen first!  All this and more on their weekly take ion the events around the worked.  Paulie and Evan discuss your letters, likes and dislikes and questions.  And one of Evan's choices for MTFT is not happy.  I guess he a bit homophobic.
     Evan has two great DVDs for you this week. Both rated the highest rating he gives, 4 splats.   The first is "Masque" by our favorite director Jett Blakk  This is a must have DVD!  The second is "Pillow Talk 3" by Bel Ami.  Another awesome edition of sexy Euro Boys!!  Paulie reviews a new line of toys available a  The Spike line of toys.  Made for Men!  Woof!!.    Undeterred by the earlier Email Evan adds another tune to his MTFT collections.  This week it's "Another Way" by Rasa9 
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Gay Talk Podcast #85 Happy New Year! - Wow what a year 2006 was.  Scandals, Outings, Gay Marriage nd more!  Paulie and Evan talk about their favorite stories and podcasts of 2006.   Evan was told to come up with his favorite 10 DVDs but I guess he can't follow instructions.  He has 12!  All can be found on  Paulie lists his fave toys of the year.  All can also be found on (another shameless plug).  So sit back and listen to the gayest year in review! 
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