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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #116 Here we go from one Reality show to the next.  As soon as we are almost done with Big Brother here comes Survivor.  I have to say I have loved Survivor from the start and the new one will be in China and will include a Gay Mormon.  Paulie talks about this in his Blog.  This is just the start of a news packed Podcast.  We have politicians that want to suck cock because they are afraid of Black guys to mayors that join the homophobic right.  And another bigot joins Jerry Falwell, Leona Helmsley dies last week.  And closeted Mega rich Merv Griffin also passed away. 
     Of course even with all this news Evan still had time for two more Reviews.  The first is Jet Sets "Proven Straight" which Evan rates 3 splats.  The second is Titan Men's "Folsom Leather"  Which Evan rates a 3 1/2 splats SIR!!  Paulie is once again sitting down on the job this week it with Doc Johnson's new line of Butt Plugs, Vinyl Vengeance.  Closing the week is Evan's MTFT pick "Keep You Alive" by TitoFelix. 
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Gay Talk Podcast #115 Man it's hot here in DC!  And this time I'm not talking about the guys!   A great way to lower your temperature is download your favorite podcast, pour yourself a nice cold stiff drink and relax to the cool sounds of Paulie and Evan!
     This weeks podcast celebrates the first and only Gay fraternity's 20th anniversary.  They also have a great contest from AMG for you to check out.  Of course there's you likes, dislikes, letters and all the rest.  Paulie reviews the Tantus Silicone Cock Ring.  This is perfect for the rubber or latex allergies.  Evan reviews two great DVDS one new and the other a classic  The new DVD is Falcon Studios "Hustle and Cruise" which he rates a money earning 3 splats.  The second is a Chi Chi Larue Classic from Mustang Studios.  "Dirty Stories" earns a solid 3 splats.   We cant go with out a MTFT tune and this week we give you Today by Sean Lee.
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Gay Talk Podcast #114 Paulie and Evan are back from their trips and raring to go!! Nothing like a break to recharge the batteries.  And you know how Paulie goes through the Batteries.  He swears it's all for testing!
      It Firefighter appreciation week.  With the Guy's Gone Wild Firefighter.  And man what a fire hose he has.  Of course you can buy the DVD from    Add in letters of the week, likes and dislikes etc.   Of course Evan has two more hot DVDs for your consumption.  The first is "Obsession of D.O." which Evan rates 4 scorching splats!   The second is "Power Trip" by Studio 2000.  This is rated 3 smoking splats!  Paulie reviews the Boi Toyz Anal Plug w/ Finger Loop.  and declares it's analicious!    Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT of the week.   Take a listen to "Monkey on My Back" by Spratch; a quartet of burning hot guys!
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Gay Talk Podcast #113

Hey every one Paulie and Evan are taking a little break this week so Paulie can go on a little trip with his Hubbie (ME).  So we have put together the complete Lawrence Roberts Sexcapades interview.   Sit back relax and have a listen to this great series!

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