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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #88 The second coming is here!! pack your bags, Tom Cruise has been declared the next Jesus Christ!  So he comes out as or savior, maybe he'll have his own personal second coming out!  This podcast has an international flair, Paulie and Evan discuss everything from  AIDs in England to Gropes in the Dakotas.  Since when is bigotry something you can go to rehab for.  Well Grey's anatomy most famous bigot Isaiah Washington is checking in to rehab for his Faggot remark.  Find Paulie and Evan's take on this along with much more Entertainment news.  Of course there's you letters and questions.
     Evan reviews two hot steamy DVDs this week.  The first is Lords of the Jungle by Raging Stallion which he rates 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Bronze by new  studio AMG.  This is also rated 3 1/2 slats.  Paulie decides that he wants to ride himself so he tales a test ride using the Mold a Willy kit.  We Wrap things up with this weeks MTFT tune Simplify by Radiofix.
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Gay Talk Podcast #87 Sorry we missed you last week but there was a nasty bug floating around DC and Evan was out for the count.  But he's back this week and he and Paulie dish out an exciting podcast.
     OK I admit I love American Idol, and so do Paulie and Evan and check out this clip of Paula Abdul.  Boy's that girl is seriously messed up!   But, we'll keep on watching and maybe Paulie and Evan will add their thoughts on who they think is the cutest (guy of course) and if any have that Gayken factor!  And you fans of the TV blockbuster Grey's Anatomy, Give a hand to T.R. Knight for his classy response on Ellen for being called a faggot by Isaiah Washington.  Washington at first denied he ever said it but is now apologizing.    Whew, that's enough for any podcast but Paulie and Evan don't want to stop there.  Add in all the regular segments and were bursting at the seams.
     OK, wait hold it, are you ready for it,  here it comes.  Evan breaks the 4 splay barrier with his review of the incredible new DVD 'La Dolce Vita" by Michael Lucas.  He rates this masterpiece 4 1/2 splats! Will he ever find the elusive 5 splat movie, inquiring minds want to know!?!  Paulie needs a wheel chair after testing his toy of the week.  It's part of the new Spike line.  This is not for the novice but Paulie is far from an amateur and the Crippler is the name of the toy he reviewed. Evan has found another addition to his MTFT series.  This week its "Robot De Baba" by Japanese band Frog & Trippers.
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Gay Talk Podcast #86 It's a beautiful weekend here in Washington DC and Paulie got to drive around in his big muscle car with the top down.  But we drug him in and made him do his podcast!  This week Paulie wonders whether Johnny Depp is man enough to play the incredible Freddy Mercury  of Queen.  This is of course if Pat Robertson's prediction of a nuclear attack doesn't happen first!  All this and more on their weekly take ion the events around the worked.  Paulie and Evan discuss your letters, likes and dislikes and questions.  And one of Evan's choices for MTFT is not happy.  I guess he a bit homophobic.
     Evan has two great DVDs for you this week. Both rated the highest rating he gives, 4 splats.   The first is "Masque" by our favorite director Jett Blakk  This is a must have DVD!  The second is "Pillow Talk 3" by Bel Ami.  Another awesome edition of sexy Euro Boys!!  Paulie reviews a new line of toys available a  The Spike line of toys.  Made for Men!  Woof!!.    Undeterred by the earlier Email Evan adds another tune to his MTFT collections.  This week it's "Another Way" by Rasa9 
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Gay Talk Podcast #85 Happy New Year! - Wow what a year 2006 was.  Scandals, Outings, Gay Marriage nd more!  Paulie and Evan talk about their favorite stories and podcasts of 2006.   Evan was told to come up with his favorite 10 DVDs but I guess he can't follow instructions.  He has 12!  All can be found on  Paulie lists his fave toys of the year.  All can also be found on (another shameless plug).  So sit back and listen to the gayest year in review! 
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