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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #95 Oh Anna Nicole.  You were more famous after your life ended than before.  I guess in the end you got the notoriety you wanted.  Paulie and Evan loved you and wish they had the half a Mil for your Diaries.  But alas all they have is Paulie's YouTube tribute to remember you by.  IHOP can forget Paulie's after club dining.  And they should forget yours too.  Find out why.  Campy Cops need not apply in the Philippines.  Paulie and Evan keep you informed and on top of all that's important.
     OF course they never forget their weekly reviews.  This week Paulie loves the new Mood Enhancer he got. With Vector X Shots you will smile too.  Evan has two more DVDs and one Gets a coveted 4 splats.   Bel Ami never disappoints with its Sexy fresh Czech boys and "Mating Season" keeps the track record going.  All Worlds new release "Crossing the Line" gets a solid 3 splats.  Evan add another tune to his MTFT collection with Welcome to Paradise by Killer Instinct.  Paulie disagrees.  What do you think?
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Gay Talk Podcast #94 Happy ST Patrick's day from Paulie and Evan.  I hope your wearing Green cuz Paulie loves to pinch hot guys asses.  You definitely gonna feel like you have the luck of the Irish in you when you listen in this week.  Paulie and Evan have dug some great news and reviews stories for you out of their pot o' Gold.
     Like you didn't know it all ready but studies prove all men like to check out other guys crotches. And what's up with General Pace calling Gays Immoral.  Listen to Paulie's outrage on this one!    A word of advise, if you are ever an Ambassador keep your sex life inside the compound walls or you might end up like this Israeli Ambassador.
      OK Idol Fans are you voting to keep Sanjay in the contest , you know he has the best hair!!  Or are you watching to see if Simon Outs any anyone else after outing Ryan Seacrest.  Or did you hear about Idol contestant Mario Vasquez and his roving hands and exposed personality! 
     ON to reviews.  Paulie had a new toy that is guaranteed to help you Explode a load.  Its the Colt Power Stroker.  Evan has two movies to review this week with "Trunks 3" by Hot House Entertainment which he rtes a drawer dropping 3 1/2 Splats.  The second is "Encounters 4 : On the Job" which he rates a working 3 splats.  Wrapping up this weeks podcast is Evan's MTFT tune with "Be Your Friend" by New Jersey band Platypus Complex.
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Gay Talk Podcast #93 Sorry we missed a week of podcasts.  Paulie was in Las Vegas Losing his shirt!  I'm not saying that he lost money he just loves to lose his shirt, and pants and socks and underwear.  Well you get the picture!  But ow he's back refreshed and ready to podcast his butt off!
     This weeks podcast is all about the weirdest strangest and most unusual.  Did someone really write in and ask about where he can get alien probed? what do you think.  Find out about this and more of Paulie and Evans strangest letters and questions.    Evan gets into the spirit and give his opinion on the weirdest yet sexy DVDs.  No rating but these win for Camp Appeal.  The first is 'Invaders from Uranus'.  The other is HOMOgenized with an emphasis on HOMO.  Both live up to their quirky names but still leave you satisfied.  Wrapping things up is the band that winds for the weirdest name.  Check out Frozen Popsicle Tampons with their tune "A very Fuck you Christmas"
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