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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #231

Evan and Paulie are snowed in today, and Paulie is still waiting to get plowed. The boys have a second “Bitch Session” which is really just unscripted hilarity. We here at Gay Porn Talk wish every one the best holiday season, stay hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #230 This week the boys celebrate the first day of Hanukkah with reviews and more. They answer your question about personal sex videos and love Elton and Judy were voted top gay Icons. Paulie manscapes for us  with JO Shaving Cream Pulse Musk and ends up as smooth as a bottom (insert your joke here). Evan reviews the huge hit from Titan Men Media “Eye Contact” and not only loves the film at 4 splats, but is entranced with the extras, he also reviews Irons’ Men from Cocksure Men at 3 ½ splats. Paulie is not sure with this weeks MTFT Pro Audio “The King of Awkward Conversations”, but Evan seems to love it, you decide. They will be back next week with a “free form” of fun and antics, Stay Hard!
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Paulie and Evan discuss about the twin brothers fucking bareback this week, Paulie thinks if they had a baby it would be cute, even if it did have three arms. Evan reviews Eurocreme “Houseboy” and from Titan Men Fresh “Screen Test” which can view a video clip at Titan Men Online, both got a great 3 ½ splats. Paulie gets the medical attention he needs by trying the Dr. Joel Kaplan Anal Curve Kit, 3 P-Spot stimulators that you will love. The boys click their ruby hightops and listen to Sunspot “No Place Like Home” from Music Alley.
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GAy Talk Podcast #228 This week the boys ponder about the new Real World and House Wives of DC and the new Sarah Palin Dildo. Evan reviews Jet Set Productions “Carjackers” directed by Chris Steele and Collin O’Neal’s World of Men Turkey both got a 4 splat rating. Paulie gets down to the bone with the new Jack Ass Vortex FleshJack Masturbator. This Weeks MTFT is a cross between Hall & Oates and Nine Inch Nails, Jake Niemi “Anthem of the Zeroes”. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Stay Hard.
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Gay Talk Podcast #227 HTML clipboardThis week Paulie thinks there is a conspiracy and Evan is changing his voice to sound like Ray Romano on Acid… what can we say, he’s a little slow. Evan reviews two of the hottest videos, from Falcon “Roughin’ It” and Cazzo Films “Pizza Cazzone” both get high splats. Paulie reviews the Rascal Sex Toy Travel Kit, everything that you will need for a hot weekend in one nice travel bag. The MTFT is from The Bloodsugars “Light at the End of the Tunnel”. Hope everyone will have a great Thanksgiving, Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #226

This week the boys are in silly sprits and discus Ted Haggard and India’s third gender for voters. Evan reviews Hot House Video “Movers N Shakers” and Bel Ami “Watching Porn” both got high reviews with 3 ½ - 4 splats. Paulie loved the new TitanMen Tools “Big Stuff “and gives it a very nice review. They had a retro music moment with the MTFT music group Shotty “Not today, After Work” from Seattle. They love your turn on and offs and letters. Stay Hard!

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Gay Talk Podcast #225

Evan goes it alone ( I have a feeling it’s not the first time) with this weeks Podcast and Interviews the writer of the new Erotic book “Nightlife”,  Dale Lazarov (available at Evan asks the very deep probing questions with his hard penetrating questions to get at the bottom… I mean to the bottom of things.

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Gay Talk Podcast #224 Paulie gets a trick this week and treats Evan with his Hangover. Even reviews two very hot videos and loves them both, from AMG Brasil “Duro” which means Rock Hard in Portuguese and from Kristen Bjorn Video “Love Addiction”. Both videos have tons of sex toy play and great orgies. Paulie give you step by step instructions on how to make your own dildo with “Clone A Willy Kit”. They review the music from J.D. Slater “Western Skies and Eyes of Blue”, and are transported by the sounds. They also answer your questions on auto fellatio and about the mind numbing web page… Stay Hard!
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Happy Halloween for all the guys who want treats from the tricks. This week Evan reviews “Roman Holiday 2” from Falcon Video and the muscle bound “Folsom Maneuvers” from Titan Men and loved them both with 3 ½ splats. They answer all you questions about Glory Holes and read your mail. Paulie loved the “Tron” special effects his ass got with the new “Rascal Ream Beam Dildo”. They had different opinions about the MTFT this week from Joe Hero “Just Like Bruce Campbell Did”. Stay Hard
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Gay Talk Podcast #222

Paulie and Evan have a “Booty Call” this week via Skype, Evan likes to call it a “Bitch Session”. They discuss the recent F.T.C. rule that requires them to tell us that they get review copies, and the National Equality March. They also talk about Evan’s 31 reviews for October and the “10 things I hate about Porn”. They are thinking of what I like to call “Tweet the Twits with Twitter” where you are able to call or tweet your comments directly to a porncast. The boys will be together next week for a regular neurotic session… Stay Hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #221 his week the boys visit each other via Skype and discuss that you can’t turn a str8 guy gay and make him your boyfriend. Evan reviews Stag Fight from Raging Stallion and Daniel & His Buddies, both got a strong Rock Hard Spats. As always they have your letters, turn ons and MTFT. We hope everyone has a nice time at the Equality March this weekend. Stay Hard
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HTML clipboardPaulie and Evan are amused this week about a homeless doll that cost 100 bucks and the Housewives that are dumb as dirt. They answer question about friends that have sex and are feeling uncomfortable. Paulie reviews the new Adam Male cyberglass P Spot anal toy that rocked his world. Evan reviews two Videos he loved, Jet Set Men “Tackle” and from Buckshot Production “Curious” both got rock hard four splats. They both bopped to The Summer Set “Chelsea”. Stay Hard!
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This week Evan is feeling a little ill, and this time it not mental! This doesn’t keep these boys down, they bring you a funny show full of listeners letters, gay news and more! Evan reviews the HUGE Gunner World from Monster Bang / Raging Stallion Video 2 Disc Set and LOVES it at four Splats, also he reviews Roadtrip Vol 11 San Francisco from Jocks / Falcon Studio at 3 ½ splats. Paulie review all the new TitanMen Lubes and tell you which one is best for all kinds of sex, jerking off, anal sex both top and bottom you name it. Guess Evan picked “Dr. Doctor”  from Building Rome because he was sick, but it will sure to pick you up too.
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Gay Talk Podcast #218 This week’s podcast might be smaller, but brings you big laughs. Paulie and Evan do the podcast over skype this week do prior commitments (Paulie had to give hand-jobs to the hot geeks at the Renaissance Fair). This week the boys bring you the latest news as always with their off beat opinions. Stay Hard!
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This week the boys talk about Uncut Cocks and read your mail & answer your questions. Evan gives two videos he reviews 4 Big Splats, Titan Men “Flux” directed by Brian Mills and “Revenge” from Lucas Entertainment. Paulie reviews the sex toy from “Bottoms Up Finger Rammer” great for the anal novice and foreplay. The both get their headbang on with the music from Immune “3 Feet Deep”. Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #216 This week’s podcast the boys are saying good bye to summer with reviews of the epic Taken: To the Lowest Level 2 Disc Set by Rascal Video and From Bel Ami Intimate Liaisons the story of two Euro Twin Twinks that really show brotherly love. Paulie reviews the Rascal Ultra Powerful T-Bar EZ Bend and loves a listeners photo that pays homage to “Little Kitty”. They also discuss your letters and turns ons and off… Stay Hard.
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Gay Talk Podcast #215 This week the boys are up to their usual silliness and are enjoying the end of the summer. They share some opinions with an important question about dating and being transgender. Paulie did not like the toy he reviewed “Robo Suck”, maybe he thought he was going to do shock therapy… Again. Evan reviews the Blu-ray version and regular of Titan Men’s “Full Access”,  3 ½ splats and Falcon Studios “Dripping Wet 2”,  3 splats. Paulie thinks the MTFT group Megaphone looks like rough trade singing “Gravitate” voted Orlando’s best band. As always they have the latest News, Turn Ons, and Letters, make sure to check us out on Facebook, Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk podcast #214 Paulie was late for the podcast this week, so Evan tried to substitute with his partner Fang. Once you wake up from your nap, you know why we keep Paulie around. The boys chat about the latest gayest news and Evan reviews Lucas Entertainments “Men of Israel” at 4 juicy splats and Hot House “Head Hunters 2” with 3 splats. We couldn’t get Paulie off the new sex toys from Titan Men, The Intimidator Butt Plug where he asked “how low can you go”. Also they danced around to the tunes of Shattered Atom “Will you Call” from Mevio. Don’t forget to send in your personal JO Videos for a 25$ credit to Cheap Gay Toys. Don’t forget to vote for us at cybersocket for best blog and (Adonis Enterprises) for Adult Novelty Site, Stay Hard.
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Gay Talk Podcast #213 The boys are back from Vacation and raring to go, Paulie tries to trade Evan for the Cash for Clunkers program and Evan want to trade Paulie in for the “Cash for Suckers” program. This week they discuss the advantages to Blu-ray Porn and Review Drawn to Fuck from Spritzz and Bad Conduct from Titan Media both got a huge 4 splat rating. They both loved MTFT, The New Fidelity singing “2nd One in a Lifetime Girl” and get some great mail about doing Vidcast and their age (holding at 29 for the last few years). Have a great week and stay hard! 
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Gay Talk Podcast #212 Evan is prodding Paulie this week for a really excitable podcast… and talk about excitable… Evan reviews Raging Stallion's summer hit “The Visitor” with Logan McCree and dares you not to get beamed up with excitement with 4 Splats. Also reviewed for you twink lovers is Bel Ami’s “Sex Buddies” which got 3/12 splats. To make your summer even hotter, Paulie reviews the Vibrating Prostate Pro 5.2.  The MTFT this week, Hon, is from Balmer’, Promiselab “Where To Now” and will make you wish you had Maryland Crabs… not the kind with the shampoo. As always they have photos, news and more of their outrageous antics. Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #211 The Summer is in full gear and this week the boys get down with “Smurfing”, talk about the Cybersocket Web Awards and Joey Stefano’s vibrator they bought from his estate they made into a shrine. Evan reviews “Ringside” from Falcon Studios and Muscleheads from Colt both got a huge 31/2 splats. Paulie tells you how to give better and deeper head with the “Go Deep Oral Sex Spray”. Get ready to love the MTFT “Say You Will” from The Radiant, four hot guys from NY. Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #210 HTML clipboardOk Guys and Gals, You will have top bear with us this week.  This is the mystery podcast.  Paulie is having a few problems with his PC and lost all his notes!  But rest assured this will be another side splitting podcast.  You are sure to hear reviews,  letters, and mail and rants about what's going on on the world of gay porn and gay life.  So in other words same thing as ever.  Next week Paulie will relearn how to use pencil and paper so he won't lose his notes again! 
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Gay Talk Podcast #209 The boys had a week off due to some personal reasons (I think they got rid of them with that special shampoo and comb set) but are back and better, gayer than ever. Evan reviews the Kristen Bjorn porn-tacular Action Part 2 and gave it a whopping 4 ½ loads. He also reviewed Hothouse Backroom Exclusive Vol 13 and gave it 3 1/2. Paulie reviews the Blow Job helper, Ego Stroker CyberSkin Oral Sex Enhancer and guarantees big loads. They both like the MTFT Dog Bollocks with “Sex Made Me An Idol”. As always they have some listeners cock photos and your turn ons and offs and the latest news. Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #208 This week the boys are actually early with the Porncast (one of the signs of the apocalypse) and give you the most entertaining and current news around. Paulie goes old school and reviews the Falcon Buck Meadows Supercock Dildo and Falcon’s Leather Collection 3 Disc Set… needless to say he stretched to the occasion.  Evan Reviewed two of the hottest DVDs from Bel Ami “Night Out” and Raging Stallion Studios “Porn Stars in Love” both score a huge four splats. They also rocked out with the Gidgets Ga Ga “Baby You’re A Star” this weeks MTFT from Mevio, and read mail from listeners and Turn Ons and Offs. Make sure to comment on the Blogs New Face Lift.
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Gay Talk Podcast #207 Evan, Evan, Evan… where is George Glass when you need him (Brady Bunch reference) Well … it is the Just Evan show this week, Paulie was abducted by some hot carnies and made to do all kinds of circus acts (bet he loved it). Evan answers your sex questions and has lots of hot photos for the enhanced porncast. He reviews Dirty Bird Pictures “The Porne Identity” with the ever so fabulous Brent Corrigan and from Robert Van Damme Productions “Private Party 3” with our all time favorite Matthew Rush, get ready to flex your muscles for both theses big hits rated at 3 ½ splats. He also reviews the last of Gay Pride Month MTFT with the Handsome out and proud artist Levi Kreis with “Gonna Be All Right” Stay Hard.
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Gay Talk Podcast #206 The boys have photos of Baltimore “Hun” Festival on the enhanced podcast and love the beehive hairdos from this fun, fabulous time. Paulie reviews the Colt Big Vibe Dildo and got the ride of his life, Evan reviews Jet Set Men “Straight Edge vol 2” and Lucas Entertainment “Lost Diary of Giovanni” both got 3 ½ splats. Keeping with gay pride month they review open and out Brendan Velasquez “Fall for Me” check him out at As always they have some listener’s photos, questions and turn on and offs.
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Gay Talk Podcast #205  Come celebrate Pride month with two of the Funniest and Gayest Guys in DC. This week Paulie is obsessed with “Chaz” Bono’s sex change and if she will get a huge Cock, he’s hoping over 12”. Evan loves the letter from listener where a would be trick tried to convert him to an ex-gay. Paulie reviews the Blake Riley CyberSkin 7X Vibrating Ass and gave it one hard cock off (who thought he was such a top). Evan gets Dicktimized by the super hot and very long Jet Set Men’s Big Dick Society 2 (almost 3 hours of just porn, and hours of extras) and gave it a Rock Hard 4 splats and he also reviewed Titan’s Triage and loves it at 3 ½ splats. For Pride month Evan picks gay MTFT Yehonathan Gatro’s “My Turn” from Israel. One of our Listeners writes in and clues us on a funny site. Check out Lurid Digs (Horrifying Amateur interiors) and see that Paulie is not the only one who loves to look at bad décor.
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Gay Talk Podcast #204 Paulie and Evan are at the Gay Days in Disney this week and have a mini podcast for you. Make sure to check out the photos on the Enhanced podcast or you can click here to check them out. I don’t know if Mickey will ever be the same after the visit from these two.
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Gay Talk Podcast #203 This Week Evan interviews T.R. about his porn star filled trip to the Grabbys, find out which porn star he thinks is the closest to a Disney Cartoon Character (can you guess). If you haven’t seen his photos from the Grabbys make sure to check them out! Paulie gives the new Vibrating Colt Knocker Butt Plug a spin (we still hear him vibrate lately, so we think he is still taking it for a ride) and Evan reviews the new Falcon DVD “The Trainer” and from Colt “Beg for It” and loved them both with 3 ½ splats. Make sure to check them next week for “Gay Days” at Disney… Lets face it anytime they are anywhere together, it is a Big Gay Day!
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Gay Talk Podcast #202 What do you get when you mix lots of Drinking and late night partying… you get a pooped-out podcaster. But Paulie and Evan try to “Stay Hard” for a funny signature porncast. The boys discuss how young twinks can get a hold of some sex toys, Evan reviews Hot House “Locker Room” and from Channel 1, “Cream Filled Twinkys” and gave them both 3 ½ splats, a solid Rock Hard. Paulie reviews the new Masturbator “Handy Humper Vibrating Anus” that looks like its competition but for half the price. The M.T.F.T this week is Secret Pop Band (Paulie had a bad reaction to their Haircuts) with “Sort Rock, Pillow Talk”. As always they have photos from the listeners “Penis Gallery” and lots of photos on the Enhanced Podcast.
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Gay Talk Podcast #201 It’s the #201 Space Porn Oddity Show… or at least just the Oddity show with Paulie and Evan at the helm. Join the wild ride as the boys discuss the latest Gay News and go “Ga Ga over the new Kajagoogoo reunion, Listeners ,Letters with hot photos in the enhanced porncast. Evan creams about Kristen Bjorn “Action pt 1” and Titanmen's “Slow Heat in a Texas Town” and Paulie does strange things with is pubic hair with the “Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit”. They listen to Twink Music from Ryan Schmidt “Where You Are” and try to stay away about his penis size … Just in case he is “Chicken”.
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Gay Talk Podcast #200 Welcome to the 200th podcast… However Evan has a mini meltdown about Paulie not ready for the special Vlog so the boys agree to number this one 199a. (Welcome to my demented world). This week Paulie reviews “Fantasy Fetish 3 Hole Leather Hood” this way he doesn’t have to see his homelier tricks. Evan reviews Raging Stallion newest Latin Hit “Ereccion” and Michael Lucas “Wall Street” and loves them both with a 3 ½ splats. The boys get a taste of Sweden and listen to Sleeping Darvish sing “Skia” who can be found at and as always they read letters and Turn On’s from listeners and read Gay News. Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #199

Paulie and Evan’s #199 Podcast is via Phone / Skype this week, seems like Paulie is afraid of the “Piggy Flu” since Evan just got back from the West Coast. The boys discuss how to tell if your online tricks are telling the truth and review 2 hot videos Tinderbox from TitanMen and 5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy from Jet Set Men, Paulie and Evan have tried 4 out of 5 ways and gave both the flicks a “Rock Hard” rating. They both agree that New York Summer's song “Go” is MTFT.  As Always they read your comments, Turn On and Offs and have listener’s photos. Next Week they will be back in person with wine glasses in hand… Stay Hard.

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Gay Talk Podcast #198 This week the boys discuss “Doucheing” with Champagne (I bet they eat caviar at the same time) and Review Studio 2000 Bulls Eye and Lucas Entrapment both get four big splats! They listen to “Dangerbird” a great suggestion from Devin (the brother of the band) “fifteen” and to use Devin’s description “good for some fun, funny, ass smacking after a night of drinking whiskey fucking” and the boys agree full heartedly. Check them out at and let us know who has the biggest cock. Paulie reviews the “Backdoor Rotator”, it looks like a rocket and will send you to the moon. As always the podcast is filled with laughter and silliness that you will sure to enjoy!
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Gay Talk Podcast #197 HTML clipboardThe Dynamic Dudes take on your questions this week about oral sex and give expert opinions… you have never met two bigger cocksuckers ever. Evan reviews Jet Set’s long anticipated “Screwed” directed by Chris Steele and “Double Barrel” from Titanmen and Brian Mills and gives a rock hard to both.  Paulie reviews a sex toy from Titan Men Tools “The Ass Servant” butt plug, we couldn’t get him off the thing. They both got down and dirty to the sounds of the MTFT Electric Touch “Sounds from the Underground” from the podsafe music network. As always the podcast is filled with crazy, funny antic from DC’s drunkest gays.
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Gay Talk Podcast #196 - not really Happy Easter and Happy New Year (if you’re Buddhist… year of the Ox) This week the boys had technical difficulties and the podcast did not get recorded. I think it was the year of the Ox that got them so excited they forgot to hit record. Next week the boys will be back, bigger and louder than ever with 2 new video reviews and sex toy review… Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #195 his week the boys discuss your letters about ass hair, bear or bare, care to air? (Ok enough with the Dr. Seuss.  Also too (a tribute to Paulie) all the who-ha with the GayVn’s Lucas-vs-Corrigan. Evan reviews from Pantheon Productions “Brief Encounters” Matthew Rush’s first video after leaving Falcon and “Seize your Bottom” from Rascal Video with Benjamin Bradley, both got a “Rock Hard” rating. Paulie reviews “Aneros Peridise” from Aneros on of the must trusted names in prostate massagers. They loved the MTFT this week “Love Solution” 5 hot guys from Austin, TX called “Nelo” from the podsafe music network check out their site
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Gay Talk Podcast #194 This week the boys discuss Paulie’s favorite holiday “April Fools Day”. Evan try’s to tell Paulie that April Fools is not a federal holiday and why we all hide from him this week (don’t tell him where you live or you will have saran wrap on the toilet). If I get pee on my feet this year, I’m going to KILL HIM.
 Evan reviews two really hot DVDs, Boy Country from Buckshot / Colt Studios and Cockstalker from Lucas Entertainment. Paulie reviews his wild ride on the Cameron Marshall Sensafirm Dildo from Rascal Sex Toys. The M.T.F.T is Fugitive Souls “A Secret Weighs a Ton” that both our boys love and can be found at .
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Gay Talk Podcast #193 This week Paulie and Evan discuss a listener’s letter about being both drunk and crazy, we all know it’s only one of those (you have to pick which one).  Evan reviews  Titan Media’s “Playbook” and absolutely loved it with 4 big splats and Hot House  “Dickin’ Around” got 3 ½ Splats. Paulie reviewed “Rascal's Ass Rod Anal Training Kit” and loved it, set of 3 butt plugs that get bigger in size to get your ass trained for that marathon fuck. This week the boys get a little country with the MTFT, Peter Moon Band from Nashville, TN.. These boys will have the pick up truck rocking and your boots knocking.
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Gay Talk Podcast #192 It's almost ST. Patty's day and I am sure you are are in a hurry to dye your cocks green.  So I won't keep you waiting!  Here is another podcast by your hosts Paulie and Evan!
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Gay Talk Podcast #191 OK OK I know your biting at the bit waiting for the next podcast.  But Paulie and I were in the Caribbean on vacation soaking up the sun and the boys!  SO with out further ado here is the podcast!
     Evan's two DVD reviews are "Party Boy" by Eurocreme and "Road Trip #8" by Jocks.  Both meet Evan's grueling standards and get rated a solid 3 splays.  Paulie takes a ride on the triple satisfier and his quote is "AAHHHH" 'nuf said?  The MTFT of the week is "I want to kill my Boyfriend" by The 75s, and seriously who doesn't sometimes!  Don't worry the next podcast will be coming right down the pike and will get us back on track.  Stay Hard!
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Gay Talk Podcast #190 WOW March all ready! So hopefully the weather will heat up soon.  I'm tired of the cold!  One thing is for sure.  Paulie and Evan's podcasts are sure to heat you up.  They get all sexy and nasty and naked... Oh wait! That was after the podcast.  Well just take my word for it you would be seating too! 
     But don't worry they had the same passion when delivering your weekly podcast.  Steamy letters,  hot reviews, sexy news you can see why they couldn't hold back. And neither will you.  Listen with your boyfriend and then rip your clothes off!  But really this is another great, fun informative podcast from your pals Paulie and Evan,  Evan reviews two hot new DVDs the first is "Horse Club"  You know the phrase hung like a horse, well these didn't disappoint Evan and he rated this 3 1/2 horse sized splats!  The second DVD is Hot House Backroom #10.  Hot House always delivers the sexiest men and # 10 keep em coming or is that Cumming?  Well Evan agrees and rated this 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie loves his poppers and when the newest strongest came on the market he had to try.  and he says YES this is one power packed popper.  Check out  Jungle Juice Black Label for yourself.  OF course there's always a MTFT of the week for you music lovers.  This week it's "Break it Up " by Cyanide pills.
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Gay Talk Podcast #189 I am sure you all just loved TR's interview with Jeremy Hall last week.  Stay tuned for more from TR.  He will be on the road for us soon bringing us more awesome interviews and pictures from him.  This week Paulie and Evan get back to basics with there regular line up of humor and information.  News, letter and reviews.  A perfect trio.
     Evan has two great new DVDs for you this week.  The first is by fan favorite studio Bel Ami, with Love Affairs,  Evan rates this a heart throbbing 3 1/2 splats!  The second DVD is Countryside by Titanmen Fresh.  Young studs on their way to being full fledged Titan men!  Evan rates this a solid 3 1/2 splats.  Not that Paulie would ever need this, but he tries out the Ez Anal Desensitizing Spray.  This will calm your nerves and make even the tightest guy ready!  Lastly, the MTFT for the week is "the Faster the Treadmill" by I fight Dragons.
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Gay Talk Podcast #188 HTML clipboardHappy Presidents day here in the states.  As a holiday special Paulie and Evan have set their Cub reporter TR out to interview Porn Sex star Jeremy Hall.  This is one hot stud and TR does an awesome job with his first interview for Paulie and Evan.  I think we'll keep him around.  It doesn't hurt that TR is also a sexy guy.   Check out Jeremy at his Website  ClubJeremyHall.
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Gay Talk Podcast #187 HTML clipboardWhat a difference a week makes.  This weekend was a spectacular weekend.  The weather in DC this week.  was a balmy 60 degrees.  OF course we will be right back into the cold tomorrow but I'll take a warm day when I can get one.  The warm weather put Paulie and Evan in good spirits.  So sit back and get ready for a high energy laughter filled podcast.
     Paulie forgot his toy review this week so Evan filled in with a book review and also two hot DVDs.. The first DVD is Overdrive by Titan Media.  The guys in this DVD will definitely put you into overdrive too.  Evan rates this a revved up 4 splats.  The second DVD reviewed is "Inside Out" by  Colt Studio.  Another top notch movie which Evan rated 3 1/2 splats.  This weeks MTFT is "MalDia" by ArenAzul.
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Gay Talk Podcast #186 February is here in DC and the weather really sucks,.  It's cold and icy and wet and .. well you get the point/  But Paulie and Evan are heating up the airwaves by creating another scorching podcast for all their fans.  We need to know what you like and dislike so write in and tell  us.  Ask us your most embarrassing questions and Paulie and Evan will answer them.  Give us a scoop and Paulie and Evan will promote it!  This is you podcast so keep the cards and letters coming! 
     The news this week has Lesbian world leaders and Paulie's nemesis Pope Benedict Hitler, hmmm maybe he denies the holocaust too like the bishop he un excommunicated!  After al the heady and hilarious news are your letters and Evan's Porn reviews.  The first review is "Chris Steele Superstar" Evan agrees that Steele is one rock hard man and rates this 3 1/2 splats!  The second DVD is "Backdrop" by Falcon.  While no quite up to Falcon's level this is still better than most and very rentable.  Evans rates his s solid 3 splats.  Paulie keeps exploring the ever expanding Colt line of products with the Colt Beaded Stroker.  I mean how many different ways can you beat off, well Paulie has found a new way that you are sure to like!  The song title says it all, Evan has found another group of hot guys that know how to sing.  Check out Letters Burning singing "Strip me Down"
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Gay Talk Podcast #185 Ok it's my fault this time.  I totally spaced on putting up the podcast over the weekend.  So don't blame Paulie and Evan.  They were all together and ready.  And made you an awesome podcast
     Lots of news this week from the Supreme Court and porn to Tyra Banks and gay for pay!  You can't get a wider spectrum than that.  Of course your questions and letters too.  Evan reviews the hottest new DVD on the market with Chad Hunt's swan song with "End Game" by Dirty bird pictures And i tell you what this is one for the collection.  Jett Blakk is at his prime and Chad Hunt definitely saves the best for last!  Run out now and buy  this DVD from  Evan rated this a awesome 4 1/2 splats or near perfect!  The second DVD is also by Dirty bird pictures  featuring porn hottie Brent Corrigan in "Just the Sex".  Evan agrees the sex is good and rates this a solid 3 splats.  Paulie take the "Gapers butt plug" for a ride and give it his seal of approval.  Don't forget to take a listen to Evan's MTFT of the week with "Don't Say" by Fundamental Elements.
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Gay Talk Podcast #184  Only two days until Satan is no longer running the United States!  What a long hard trip it's been.  But we survived and now we move into the promised land. Except the promised land is broke!  But I have faith and we all have Paulie and Evan keeping our spirits up and if things don't get better at least you will be up to date on all of your porn news and have a bit of sunshine and humor to keep you going!
     This week Paulie and Evan discuss one of their favorite topics.  The Church of Scientology! Add all the other news of the week and your letters, questions and reviews and we have another presidential sized podcast!  And I can't tell you who yet but Paulie and Evan may have another interview for you with one of Paulie's Favorite stars!  Getting to reviews Evan has two hot DVDs for you.  The first is "Sex Hiker" by Black Scorpion.  You will wish you had pulled over and picked up this one!  Evan rates is a Thumb worthy 4 splats.  We've had 8 years of lemons so George Duroy gave us Bel Ami's "Lemonade".  Evan loved this and squeezed out 3 1/2 seedless splats!  Paulie reviews another hot new toy from the Titan Men line.  This week is the newest toy of the bunch, The Titanmen Wrecked'em Dildo.  You may wreck your rectum but you will love this toy!  a must for the titan man in you!  Evan wraps things up with the MTFT of the week "Honesty by Attack! Attack!
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Gay Talk Podcast #183 I must be in Disney because maybe wishes do come true!  Three weeks in a row in time!  Be still my beating heart!  This weeks podcast goes back to the traditional podcasts you love Reviews, letters, comments, news and fun! It's like comfort food for the ears!
     This week Evan reviews part one and part two if a new series destined to become a all time classic.  If they don't win the AVN award for best movie I don't know where they went wrong.  I'm talking about Raging Stallion studio's To the Last Man One and Two.  The are a tour de force in Gay porn and Evan rates them both a Chap smackin' 4 1/2 splats.  That's one big load of fun pardner.  Paulie review an item that's fun in every language and proves it!  the Colt Vibrating Cockring.   Evan's MTFT if a fave band of mine.  Plain White T's.
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Gay Talk Podcast #182 Here it is the first Podcast of the new year and Paulie and Evan are both making a resolution to get their podcasts up on time!  Ok actually I am saying that but it would be nice!  The do promise to continue to make you laugh and entertain you!
     This week Evan gives you his top ten review of DVDs and Songs.  Only the best will make the cut.  Paulie reviews another awesome toy for you to get to start off the year right.  This week it's Manbound Masters Restraint Wrap.  I think we are seeing a theme from Paulie!  Well get to listening and we will see you next week.
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