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Welcome to Gay Talk the first and original gay talk podcast. With hosts Paulie and The other one.. David . We hope to Inform, Entertain and Titillate. A little Nutty, and always slutty He's Paulie the Sexpert. A little political and always critical. He's David the Newscaster
Gay Talk Podcast #108

OK I'm in heaven.  The hottest guy on TV is gay.  Well maybe.  He denies it but I can only hope.  Of course I'm talking about Wentworth Miller the incredibly sexy star of Fox TVs Prison Break.   Finally Fox has something on I agree with. 
     Have you checked out our new Blog yet?  Paulie and Evan have posted there and there's more to come.  OF course this hasn't stopped them from making another action packed podcast.  We have part two of Lawrence Robert's interview with Sexcapades.  Of course we have all of the favorite segments you love.  Likes and dislikes, letters and news from around the world.   Paulie reviews something he never needs himself but some of you might want to try out Stamina Squared.  Evan reviews two more DVDs that will definitely get you hard.   The first is Big Dick Club #2 from Falcon Studios.  Which is rated a strong 3 1/2 splats.  The second is Paraiso by AMG brasil.  This gets rated a tropical 3 splats.  Wrapping things up is a new MTFT tune "What Happened" from sexy German band Peer Pressure

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Gay Talk Podcast #107 We have a treat for you this week.  We have the first of five installments of a great set of interviews by our pal Lawrence Roberts.  These are with Podcast Icon Sexcapades.  These are funny and informative as always.  Lawrence knows how to bring the best out of all of his interviewees.  The Interview is mixed in a part of our podcast. 
     We are starting a blog.  We just couldn't get everything we wanted to say into one podcast.  So we started our own blog where Paulie, Evan and a few select friends (even me) can write their thoughts.  This is sure to be a great new addition to the Gayporntalk family. 
      This doesn't stop Paulie and Evan from continuing the podcast insanity.  They answer your questions, read your letters and report the news in their unique style!  Of course Evan has two more DVDs to review this week and they are "Communion" by Hot House Video which Evan gives a redeeming 3 1/2 splats!  The second is "Hot Lunch" by  Titanmen.  Evan rates this a solid 3 splats.  Paulie finds a new line of toys to review.  These are for experienced Butt Plug aficionados.  They are the new Size Queenz line by pipe dreams.  Wrapping things up is Evan's Pick for his MTFT collection.  This week it's "Chaos Theory" by Lame Duck
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Gay Talk Podcast #106 Hey look at us!  We're Early this week with the podcast!! Gotta keep on your toes!  Don't forget it nomination time for  Cybersocket.  Please take a minute to nominate us and our sponsor for this award. 
     More pictures!! We have pictures from Evan's trip to Gay Days in Disney. Along with Pictures from our trip to Gay Pride in DC last weekend!  Check em out by clicking here.
       I think I want to join the Military now.  Just so they can test the new "Love Bomb on me!  What is the "Love Bomb?  Listen in to find out!  This is just one piece of The news Paulie and Evan talk about.  Of course all the regular segments aren't skimped on.  Evan has two more awesome DVDs to review.  And guess what?  Another 4 1/2 splat rating.  Is Evan getting soft or are the DVDs getting better?  DVD getting this honor is "Mirage" by Raging Stallion.     The second DVD is no slouch.  It's "Encounters" by Lucas Entertainment.  Evan rates this a well respected 3 1/2 splats.  Paulie takes his next review sitting down.  Right on top of the New Jumbo Vibrating Butt Plug by Doc Johnson.  HE rides this right into a rave review!  Wrapping things up is Evan's MTFT tune of the week, "Bright Idea" by Superbeing.  And don't forget to nominate us!
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Gay Talk Special - TR And The Grabbys Interview Oh how nice!! we had a fun outing last weekend and we made a special podcast all for you!  Our new Fave fan TR came out with out and sat in P ST park in DC and Chatted with us all about his trip to the Grabbys while we sat back and sipped Chocolate Martini's.  I look like Eva n may have a challenger to his Porn king title.  TR really knows his Gay Porn.  Listen in and let us know what you think!  He also gave us a bunch of photos to post.  Click here or on the photos link to see what he saw!
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Gay Talk SPecial - Grabby's Movie SPECIAL!!  we have a mini special for you.  One of our fave fans TR went to the Grabbys and took a few photos and and recorded a video of all the hot guys!.  Take some time and check out his video!  You'll wish you were there too!  I know we did.
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Gay Talk Podcast #105 Wow what a week!! Paris Hilton ends up in Jail, out of Jail and back in again!  Isaiah Washington loses his job on Grey's Anatomy!   Plus Paulie and Evan celebrate Pride Week!  lastly It's nomination time for the Cybersocket Best of the web contest.  If you like this podcast, and why wouldn't you!  Please go to Cybersocket and nominate this blog.  Also don't forget to nominate our sponsor for best adult toy site!  Help keep Paulie ass deep in toys to test! 
     Along with all this news Paulie and Evan are hitting the street this week to record Pride  and promise pictures!  They have an interview with a fan who went to the Grabbies and is going to give us the dirt and more pictures!  Which we promise we will post for all to see!! And coming soon are more interviews by Lawrence Roberts.  His interviews are all ways entertaining and informative!!  Whew busy, busy, busy Paulie and Evan are all ways working to inform, educate and titillate!! 
     This week is no exception!  Paulie and Evan talk all about what on their minds and in the news! Answer all your questions and emails.  Paulie talks about his favorite topic, Lube!! Cuz with lube anything is possible.  And Wet Lube is one of the best!  Evan reviews two DVDs this week and the first is a from our fans favorite studio Bel Ami.  It 'Rebel" which Evan rates 3 1/2" European spats!    The second is "Vinci Load 2"  by PZP Productions.  More hot Euro boys give this a solid 3 splats.  Evan's pick for his MTFT collection is a two fer.  Both Jonathan Coulton.  They are 'Ikea" and "Tom Cruise Crazy".  Be sure to give em a listen.   And don't forget to nominate US!!
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Gay Talk Podcast #104 6/2/07 - Bow your head. One of the Gay communities most famous and funny men has just passed away.  Charles Nelson Riley.  He lived his live with dignity and never hid who he was.  If only we all could live up to that ideal.  Paulie and Evan keep his memory going by living out, proud and making everyone laugh!  This weeks podcast is in tribute to Charles.
     Letters, email and calls.  Paulie and Evan answer them all with no holds barred responses to your questions and concerns. The news is never safe here on Gay Porn Talk. This is definitely not your nightly newscast.   
     Evan have some awesome new DVDs to review One getting a coveted 4 1/2 Splats!! only the second one ever given!! This DVD is named " "More of a Man" by All worlds.  The second DVD is no slouch coming in at 3 1/ splats, "Muscle Ranch" by Colt Studios.  Paulie reviews a hot new star dildo with the Tom Byron Realistic Cock.  It's almost as good as the real thing.  Lastly Evan's MTFT is from a bunch of Hotties.  These guys not only sing great but they are smokin' good lookin'!  Check out "My Love" by The Coolaid.
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